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Kol Hatnua

June 2023

The Voice of the Movement

Shalom Young Judaea!

Welcome to this edition of “the Kol.” The Kol Hatuna (Voice of the Movement) is a newsletter carefully constructed by a team of Mazkirut members and Judaeans who all want their voices to be heard. As you read, be on the lookout for our national convention recap, interviews, what's going on in Young Judaea's future, and much more! 

Here are some of our highlights from this year:

  • In October, National Mazkirut members had an amazing time at the Young Judaea Gala, schmoozing and eating the night away while also hearing from movement leaders such as our National Mazkira Baylee Krulewitz and Director of Camp Tel Yehudah, David Weinstein.

  • During Hanukkah, we attended the Shine a Light rally in Times Square where Judaeans came together with the broader Jewish community to participate in showing their Jewish pride for Jews around New York to see.

  • Over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, we held our National Convention at Camp Twin Lakes in Winder, Georgia. There, Judaeans had the opportunity to contribute to a period product drive in honor of our national initiative for women's rights as well as discuss pertinent topics such as free speech and antisemitism.

  • On a regional level, Midwest Convention was held in March outside Chicago and focused on community building. 

  • The Northeast regions had several exciting events, from learning about women’s rights through cupcakes, to ice skating, to Hannukah-themed bowling. 

  • In April, YJ teens partnered with Hadassah to host an outing in DC focused on our National Initiative. Teens were able to investigate internal biases while learning about women’s rights in the Constitution and in Jewish law. 

Coming soon, we are looking forward to seeing you all at the Celebrate Israel Parade in NYC!

As the summer approaches, the National Mazkirut is looking forward to being back at Tel Yehudah. Hundreds of chanichim will be attending Young Judaea camps across the country and our teens will also be going to Israel this summer with our Gesher program!

The National Mazkirut is so grateful for all the participation and support we have received this year. We’ve had the most amazing time working to lead Young Judaea’s teens and creating exciting programs for all to participate in. While we are extremely sad that our term is soon coming to a close, we wanted to thank everyone for a great year.

We are thrilled to see what the coming years bring for Young Judaea! L’dor v’dor!

The Scoop

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Meet the New National Maz!

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One Year Coursers Experience of Politics in Israel

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My College Essay

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Texas Year in Review

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Israel Parade + Northeast Aespha

 in NYC!

THIS Sunday! June 4, 2023

New York City

Northeast YJ teens: Join us THIS Sunday to march with Young Judaea in the Celebrate Israel Parade, and later virtually elect your 2023-2024 Northeast Mazkirut!

Info and Registration

Judaeans for Generations

An interview between Stu Stein and Gabriella Stein

Stu Stein was a chanich at CYJ Sprout Lake and Tel  Yehudah. He has been the Kitchen Manager at Tel Yehudah since 1894.

Gabriella Stein is from Long Island and was a chanicha at CYJ Sprout Lake and Tel  Yehudah. She served as the Long Island/New York City Borgrim Programmer and is the current Chavurah Programmer on National Mazkirut.

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National Convention Recap

National Convention this year was so much fun! Not only was I able to see all of my friends from camp, but I also feel like I was able to learn from the peulot and discussions. I loved being in a discussion group with a variety of people and being able to learn from them and their perspectives. The issues we covered included Israel, antisemitism, and many facets of the national initiative, women’s rights, were relevant. The activities we took part in to better understand the issues were interesting and engaging. Asepha (elections) was fun, but more importantly meaningful because it represented the intricacies and traditions of Young Judaea. This allowed me to remember that I am part of the next generation of Young Judaea and I am so grateful to be a part of the YJ family. I feel lucky I was able to participate in this amazing weekend and experience.

-Mia Finestone

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