Kol Kehilla
February 2019
The Newsletter of Kehilla Community Synagogue
Norah Needs You!
Norah is an expert joke-teller, modern-dancer, ice cream-licker, and loving big
sister. At five years old, she takes her jobs pretty seriously.
Norah was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Fanconi Anemia (FA). Essentially, FA interferes with her body’s ability to properly repair its DNA. If untreated, it increases her risk of leukemia or bone marrow failure to 90%.
Norah will need a bone marrow transplant. Unfortunately, none of Norah's family members are a match for her. Norah has a donor match out there – it could be YOU. Join the “Be The Match” registry with a simple, painless cheek swab to help save Norah’s life. Adding donors to the registry increases the likelihood of finding a life-saving match for Norah and others in need.
Dear Friends,
Welcome to the February
issue of  Kol Kehilla , our monthly newsletter. 
Executively Speaking: Growing our Foundation
by Michael Saxe Taller, Executive Director
It was culture shock. Julie and I had just moved to New York City (Brooklyn to be specific) for her to begin Rabbinical School and we had gone to the local supermarket to buy food. What we found was a small produce section where the fruits and vegetables were not fresh and many were individually wrapped in Styrofoam and cellophane. We were not in Berkeley anymore and we knew we needed another alternative.

The Jewish Roots of Kehilla’s Values:
Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Part 2
by Rabbi Burt Jacobson
When I first met Rabbi Zalman Schachter in the mid-1960s he certainly looked like an orthodox Jew, sporting a beard and sidelocks, and dressed in black. But even with his loyalty to the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and his strict adherence to Jewish law, he was not a conventional hasid. In subsequent years Reb Zalman went through a host of inner changes, eventually bringing him to a place where he became the primary founder of the Jewish renewal movement. Reb Zalman’s break with orthodoxy came in large part out of his friendships with Christian, Muslim, and Eastern spiritual teachers. As he became intimate with these spiritual leaders he found that they were as deeply concerned about the Spirit as he was, and this opened his heart to a more universalistic understanding religion.

Kehilla Has Plot 70 in Mountain View Cemetery, Oakland

Dear Kehilla Community Synagogue congregants, it is with great pleasure that I write this article for the Kol Kehilla. As many of you already know, we have embarked upon an effort to secure a burial site for our synagogue members. With unexpected success, all of you who secured a grave did so in the introductory offer period and thus bought your graves at a remarkable savings. Additionally, enough of you did so that we have already met our obligation to Mt. View to secure this particular area for us. This is a monumental evolution in our life as a congregation. It also meets a significant tenet in Jewish tradition. Historically, when a Jewish community moved, the first act of obligation, even before having a synagogue, was to establish its’ cemetery. We live in modernity now and some facets of our lives are markedly different than in years past. But, we do have strong, powerful, and meaningful traditions and rituals around the end of life and death and dying. Kehilla is embracing this facet of our lives as a collective whole and aiding in our maturation as a congregation.

Click here for a full list of great oportunities to get involved in the amazing work being done by our Immigration Committee

As the EJC launches work on a Criminal Justice Reform Initiative, we would like to invite Kehilla members to join us in understanding this highly pertinent and timely set of issues.

Over the last decade, massive organizing efforts, led especially by black and brown activists and their allies, are shining a harsh light on America’s deeply unjust criminal justice system. To better understand the scope and history of the problem, EJC members came together in December to watch and discuss Ava DuVernay’s award-winning 2016 documentary, 13th. 

by Lili Shidlovski
Like you, I have been heartbroken about about our country’s immigration policies. Having grown up as an refugee child myself, doing whatever I can for today’s immigrants feels necessary and so centering for me.

An Interview with Glitter Kehilla Leader Jacob Klein
by Bill Lazarus
After graduating from college at UCLA with a degree in creative writing and English literature, Jacob Klein moved to the Bay Area in August 2014, hooking onto an internship in Berkeley at Tikkun magazine. They went on to a part-time gig at Laurel Bookstore and a position in San Francisco office of Keshet , a national nonprofit that works for full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Jews in Jewish life. It also serves those who consider themselves queerish and Jewish and seeks to build alliances with friends who do not identify themselves as LGBTQ.

On December 28, 2018, thirty five volunteers from four faith communities – Kehilla, Temple Sinai, the Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California and Montclair Presbyterian Church – worked for several hours bagging fruit at the Alameda County Community Food Bank. 


Looking for ways to fulfill your ten hour commitment?

Visit our volunteer page for all the current opportunities to build community and help Kehilla rock on!

The Kitchen Angels are Back!
We’re excited to be working on getting Kehilla’s kitchen more organized and to build community in that space once again! Interested in joining the effort?
We’d love to have you! It’s a great way to meet your Avodah commitment. Email  kitchenangels@kehillasynagogue.org  to get information about our next meeting!
Over the coming months, we will be cataloguing, organizing and moving our books to the Emma Goldman room, the new home of our abundant and rich but sometimes under-used Synagogue library.

Have you ever visited Kehilla’s Fireside room and noticed the beautiful art on the walls? Have you felt inspired to get more involved in Kehilla and haven’t known what form that might take? How about bringing your appreciation of art and desire for deeper connection to Kehilla by joining Kehilla’s Art Committee? It’s a great way to become involved in this vibrant community! Learn more here.
Welcoming the Stranger: A Call for Kehilla Sanctuary & Shelter Volunteers
Sunday, February 3, 4-6pm
Come to hear testimony from immigrant families about why people seek sanctuary and how congregations can best support those in sanctuary. Learn what tasks will need to be done once we have a sanctuary guest and how volunteers will be organized. Sign up to help, and let us know what your special skills are!
We will need many volunteers! Please RSVP to  sanctuary@kehillasynagogue.org.
Kabbalat Shabbat: Liturgically Traditional, Radically Inclusive
Friday, February 8, 6pm
Join us for a more traditional davenning style of Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma'ariv, the Shabbat evening service, songful and in Hebrew, following the full liturgy. ALL are welcome to come pray, sing, hum, clap and celebrate building our beloved community. Kiddush and light oneg (ritual snacks) after the service. Cosponsored by Kehilla and Glitter Kehilla. Learn more here.
December & January Book Discussion Group:
Mondays, February 11 , 7-9pm
Paris in the Present Tense by Mark Helprin
All Kehilla members are welcome to join us for our customary meetings on the second Monday of the month at 7pm. See our selections for our upcoming 2018-19 meetings here .
For more information about the Book Group, contact Terry at mcglynnmandel@gmail.com. Learn more here.
Kehilla Sings!
Tuesdays starting February 12, 7-8:30 pm

A new monthly gathering with Hazzan Shulamit to circle round and sing together. We’ll nourish our bodies, minds, and spirits with nigunuim (wordless melodies), new tunes for ancient prayers, and songs to take out into the streets.

Teens and Adults, let’s do this, one aliyah at a time 🙂 Join us for Shabbat morning services and share your skills and love of leynen with our community. If you’re interested but have never chanted torah before, or if it’s been a long time and you expect to need significant support, please contact Hazzan Shulamit first– shulamit@kehillasynagogue.org .
Tikkun Ha-Nefesh (Repair of the Soul) Healing Racism, Unpacking White Privilege – Affinity Group
Sunday, February 17, 10am-12pm
This group is part of the community’s larger project of addressing racism and de-centering whiteness within and beyond our congregation. It is an outgrowth of Kehilla’s affinity group for those who identify as white or as benefitting from white privilege. This will be a safe space in which to engage in the emotional and spiritual journey of healing and repairing the soul around these critical issues. You do not have to participate in the larger affinity group in order to attend these sessions, and you are welcome to come to as many or as few sessions as will facilitate your healing journey. Learn more here.
Monday, February 18
Kehilla Administrative Offices Closed Presidents' Day
Sunday, February 24 at Kehilla

3 :30-5pm
We will hear from Matthew about his 24-hour experience in border patrol detention and from other Kehilla members who participated in the action.

Join us to welcome new immigrants who have been part of our accompaniment program over the past several years, along with their teams, hosts and sponsors.

Artists Reception – Photography by Glenn Shor & Mixed Media & More by Lynn Lazarus
Sunday, March 3 , 3-5pm
We are pleased to announce the opening of a new art exhibit, featuring the photography of Glenn Shor and mixed media and more by Lynn Lazarus. Save the date and please join us for a reception to meet the artists!
Move Your Money: Reduce Climate Risk in Your Investments
Thursday, March 7, 7-9pm
Whether you’re just starting to evaluate your banking and investment choices or have been wrestling with these issues for years, you can get information and support for moving your money out of polluting banks and investments and into the clean energy economy.
This event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.
An informal group of Kehilla men have been coming together as a monthly men’s group. A major focus has been creating relatively unstructured intimate space for sharing and listening. We also discuss topics generated by the group. We welcome participation from Kehilla men who would be interested in checking out the group. Learn more here.
If you are experiencing abuse in an intimate relationship,
please be in touch with one of our clergy members (Rabbi Dev, Hazzan Shulamit, Rabbi Gray, Rabbi David or Rabbi Burt), or with one of these organizations:
www.thehotline.org - National Domestic Violence Hotline 1−800−799−7233
www.shalom-bayit.org   - Shalom Bayit (East Bay) 866-SHALOM-7 /
or (510) 845-SAFE
www.thehotline.org/help/for-abusive-partners/ - National Domestic Violence Hotline (for abusive partners)
Donate Supplies to Help
People Experiencing Homelessness
Please help Tayla Husbands-Hankin support our homeless population by donating tents, blankets, tarps & socks! A large box is located by the sanctuary door at Kehilla. Please fill it with listed items only. Talya will pick up the items periodically and deliver them to people who need them. Pickup is on pause until Tuesday morning. Questions? Contact Jeanne Finberg, jeanne.finberg@gmail.com. Thank you!
SAVE THE DATE! Erev Purim at Urban Adamah
Wednesday, March 20, 6:00 pm
Put on your costume, and join Kehilla with our friends from Chochmat HaLev and Urban Adamah at the UA Farm for our annual Purim Megillah and blowout. Programming for all ages, from Jen Miriam and Alon’s musical puppet show, to a full Megillah reading with radical, creative interpretations, to a dance party with live music! More information coming soon :)
Are you a family with young children interested in joining a threegeneration chavurah?

Do you have grandparenttype energy that you would love to bring to a threegeneration chavurah?

Thank You for Your Generosity   
So many of you give to Kehilla - you give money, you give time, you give love and community in a wide variety of ways.

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