Kol Kehilla
November 2018
The Newsletter of Kehilla Community Synagogue
Dear Friends,

Welcome to the November issue of  Kol Kehilla , our monthly newsletter. 
Coming Together in the Shadow of the Tree of Life
by Rabbi Dev Noily
We are shaken and grieving, each of us in our own ways, all of us together. We know more now about the people whose lives have been lost and shattered. We know more about the three Jewish communities who shared a building - Tree of Life, Dor Hadash and New Light. We are learning about the web of connections that binds us to the people in Pittsburgh. And we know that just a few days before 11 Jews were killed in their synagogue, two African Americans were shot at a Kentucky supermarket, after the shooter tried and failed to enter the 1st Baptist Church of Jeffersontown. Our prayers and love go out to the families and close ones of these 13 people, to the injured, and to their communities. Continue reading .
A Word from the Board
A new monthly column by Kehilla's board
Welcome to this new column about the life of the Kehilla Board of Trustees. We hope to keep the congregation informed about what our Board does to support and sustain our wonderful community.

In our first column, we’d like to introduce the work of the Board towards uncentering whiteness and advancing racial justice. In tandem with the Kehilla Belonging and Allyship Project, the Board is itself examining the “white as the norm” paradigm that permeates both our society and Jewish institutions.
What’s Up with Our Jails?
by Jeanne Finberg and Richard Speiglman
Holding Alameda County’s Sheriff Accountable —
Report and Rally
In a rousing rally and demonstration on Oct 2, 2018, Jose Bernal from the Ella Baker Center emceed an event in front of the Glenn Dyer Detention Facility on 6th Street in Oakland, decrying the harsh conditions and human rights violations rampant in the Alameda County Jails. An Oakland Community Organizations (OCO) report... Continue reading .
Open Hearts/Open Minds Exploring Class Dynamics in Our Kehilla Community Workshop—Report Back
by the Working Class/Low Income Group (wclig)
We want to thank everyone who came to the workshop. It is really revolutionary for people in a synagogue to sit and talk about the dynamics of class. We recognize that class is rarely talked about in our society, let alone in our Jewish communities. We are very grateful that this conversation has begun, and we look forward to further discussion and interactions about class in our community.
An Update to Kehilla’s Process For Responding to Abuse
by Rabbi Dev Noily
Keeping our community one that is safe for everyone, and where people facing abuse can find support, is a priority for Kehilla. Our Board recently reviewed and revised our policy for responding to abuse. The purpose of this article is to share some of Kehilla’s history around responding to abuse, and to explain the change in our policy. Though I’m not addressing it directly here, I’m holding the pain and rage that so many of us are experiencing in response to the #MeToo movement... Continue reading .
The Jewish Roots of Kehilla’s Values:
Martin Buber, Part 4
by Rabbi Burt Jacobson
Martin Buber’s parents divorced when he was quite young, and he grew up living on a farm with his paternal grandparents. The boy would also visit and spend time with his father. One time his father took him to a small Hasidic synagogue for worship on the Sabbath, and there he experienced his first encounter with a rebbe. He later wrote... Continue reading .
Talmud and Transformation:
Come Learn with Us
by Rabbi Gray Myserth
...These are challenging times to be alive, in oh so many ways. It is also true that when I consider the astonishing gift of learning with each other and with our young people, I feel resolute and often even hopeful. There is no other time in Jewish history during which I could be an openly queer, transgender rabbi who not only studies Talmud.... Continue reading .
An Interview with Kehilla Congregant Satya Zamudio
by Bill Lazarus
When Satya Zamudio turned 11 she moved back to the Bay Area with her mom Brooke Lober. Her dad, Joaquin Zamudio Garcia, lived four blocks away.

In prior homes in Tucson and LA, they had not been particularly religious. But Brooke, an activist in Jewish Voice for Peace and the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, had long heard of Kehilla and “wanted me to get my Jewish education here.” Continue reading .
Kabbalat Shabbat: Liturgically Traditional, Radically Inclusive
Friday, November 9, 7-9pm
With Arielle Tonkin, Julie Aronowitz, and Frances Kreimer, Fireside Room. A more traditional davenning style of Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma’ariv, the Shabbat evening service, songful and in Hebrew, following the full liturgy. Kiddush and light oneg after the service. Sponsored by Kehilla and Glitter Kehilla. Learn more here.
B’nei Mitzvah on the Horizon!
You are invited to join us at the following shabbat morning services as these amazing 7th graders become Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
November 10: Ruby Burg-Naughton
Tikkun Ha-Nefesh (Repair of the Soul) Healing Racism, Unpacking White Privilege – Affinity Group
Beginning Sunday, November 11th, 10am-12pm
This group will meet for two hours once a month for a year beginning November 11th and then the 3rd Sunday of every month after that. The group is part of the community’s larger project of addressing racism and de-centering whiteness within and beyond our congregation. It is an outgrowth of Kehilla’s affinity group for those who identify as white or as benefitting from white privilege. This will be a safe space in which to engage in the emotional and spiritual journey of healing and repairing the soul around these critical issues. You do not have to participate in the larger affinity group in order to attend these sessions, and you are welcome to come to as many or as few sessions as will facilitate your healing journey. Learn more here.
Teens and Adults, let’s do this, one aliyah at a time.
Join us for Shabbat morning services and share
your skills and love of leynen with our community.
Hazzan Shulamit is eager to support you along the way!
Decoding Hebrew
Taught by Bracha Stone.
Begins Sunday, November 11th
Bracha will present an effective way for adults to learn our amazing language –
with patience, song, community and BOOKS! This class is for everyone, and especially
recommended for participants in the conversion and adult b’nai mitzvah programs. Learn more & register here.
October Book Discussion Group:
All The Rivers by Dorit Rabinyan
Monday, November 12, 7-9pm
All Kehilla members are welcome to join us for our customary meetings on the second Monday of the month at 7pm. See our selections for our upcoming 2018-19 meetings here .
For more information about the Book Group, contact Terry at mcglynnmandel@gmail.com. Learn more here.
Celebration of Life in loving memory of Ariel Hershcopf
Sunday, November 18, 4:30-7:30pm
You are cordially invited to a memorial in loving memory of Ariel Hershcopf. Doors open at 4:00 and the Service begins promptly at 4:30 PM. A reception will follow hosted by Naomi Baran and Major Jones. Please RSVP to NaomiBaran@gmail.com. In the Sanctuary.
Arts and Crafts Fair to Benefit Immigrants
Thursday, November 29th, 3:30-6:30pm 
in the lobby at Kehilla (During Kehilla school) &
Saturday, December 8th, 6:30-9:30pm
(during the Hanukkah Party) in the Fireside Room.
Many beautiful, small, handmade gift items, perfect for the holidays. ($10-100 each). All proceeds will go to meet the urgent needs of immigrant and refugee families supported by Kehilla accompaniment teams (such as legal and housing costs). To donate crafts to be sold, contact: carolrothman@gmail.com to arrange drop off/pickup as soon as possible, and/or bring to box in Kehilla office during open hours.
Sponsored by Kehilla andlla.  Learn more here.
A Long Walk With Many Views: An Art Exhibit by Barbara Haber
Opening: December 8
Reception with Artist: January 6
We are pleased to announce the opening of a new art exhibit in the Fireside Room, created by Kehilla artist Barbara Haber. The show will be on view beginning Saturday, December 8. Please join us for the artist’s reception on Sunday, January 6, 2019, 3-5pm.
Barbara writes: All of my art starts with walking. Hiking in the Sierras or by the ocean, I am awed by the grandeur... Learn more here.
Donate Supplies to Help
People Experiencing Homelessness
Please help Tayla Husbands-Hankin support our homeless population by donating tents, blankets, tarps & socks! A large box is located by the sanctuary door at Kehilla. Please fill it with listed items only. Talya will pick up the items periodically and deliver them to people who need them. Pickup is on pause until Tuesday morning. Questions? Contact Jeanne Finberg, jeanne.finberg@gmail.com. Thank you!
Thank You for Your Generosity   
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