Vol. 24  Issue 6            Nov. 25, 2017            Parshas Vayeitzei
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This Week's Dvar Torah:  
"A Torah True Education" 
   Rashi points out for us in the beginning of this week's parsha (really at the conclusion of last week's parsha) that Yaakov stopped at the study house of Shem and Ever for fourteen years on his flight from Eisav to his uncle's house in Aram.
   This seems to be a strange stopover at first glance. How will the instruction that he received in the school established by Shem and Ever contribute to his survival and success at the house of Lavan, the master conniver and duplicitous character?
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AMUD Insights 
Brachos 20b
"Above and Beyond"  
Rabbi Yaakov Berkowitz
 Never play favorites. That is rule number one for parents and teachers...and is also one that is seldom kept. The truth is, this directive is one which G-d Himself abides by. It is written in Deuteronomy (Ch. 10 v. 17) "[I am God] that does not favor nor accepts bribes". Hashem doesn't show favoritism. For this reason, the gemara in this week's amud tells us that the angels filed a complaint with Hashem. In the Priestly Blessing we are blessed by the Kohanim "The Lord shall show his favor towards you" (Numbers Ch. 6 v. 26). The angels asked, "how can You fulfill this blessing when You had already committed and declared that You do not favor [anyone] nor accept bribes"? 
"Selected Halachos Regarding Weddings" (continued)
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Special Shiur For Men
This  Sunday, November 26th
9:45am to 10:30  am Agudas Israel
"The Ethical Will of Rav Yehuda HaChasid"
Given by Rabbi Yitzchak Kowalsky

Morning Parenting Workshop
by Yael Kula, LCSW
The trials and triumphs of raising
preteen and teenage children.
Recommended for moms of kids
5th grade and older.
Wednesdays at 9:30 am
November 29th and December 13th
Hosted by Shaindy Lefton 933 Golf Course Drive
Suggested Donation: $10 for two sessions
Tomer Devorah

Lunch & Learn
With Rabbi Gidon Nitsun
"Following The Leader:
Walking In The Ways Of Hashem"
Class Meets Every Other Monday
Next Class Meets DECEMBER 4TH 
            U City Shul 
Join Us For Lunch at 12:30pm     Class Begins at 1pm
An intriguing text in the mussar tradition, with a focus on the individual cultivation of character. If you would like to order lunch, please call (314) 314 726-6047 or email office@stlkollel.com no later than Sunday evening. No charge for admission but donations and sponsorships are welcome.

St. Louis Boys' Choir is back!
(For boys in 4th grade and up)
Sing in a professional recording studio,
perform in music videos and at concerts!
To schedule an audition and for more information call or text Avraham Klein at 314 603-0920
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Jewish Learning ~ Memory Strengthening ~ Wellness Programs
Classes, programs and events to nurture your Mind, Body & Spirit
*   Mussar and Gemara for Men Monday thru Thursday mornings with Rabbi Nitsun 10:15am to 12:15pm
*   "What If?" Contemporary Jewish Issues of the day for
Men and Women with Rabbi Nitsun Tuesdays 1pm to 2pm
*   Monthly Two Tablets Medical Ethics at St. Mary's
*   Private Text-Based Learning Opportunities for Women
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