Vol. 24  Issue 10         December 23, 2017            Parshas Vayigash
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This Week's Dvar Torah:  
"Piecing Together The Puzzle" 
   This week's Parsha continues the gripping narrative of Yosef as he continues the drama of targeting his brothers as dishonest people, threatening to take Binyomin hostage in a trumped-up charge that he stole the viceroy's special goblet.
   The story reaches a climax when the brothers plead desperately with Yosef for Binyomin's release. Finally, when tension has reached the breaking point, Yosef lowers the veil of the unrelenting ruler and reveals his true identity, announcing, "I am Yosef, who you sold as a slave to Egypt." The brothers are dumbfounded. Suddenly, understanding dawns. The string of bizarre events befalling them in Egypt makes sense.
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Jewish Unity Live 2018
Sunday, February 18th
Sheraton Westport Chalet Hotel
Participate in an exciting live panel discussion featuring three of today's most influential community leaders as they discuss the future of our Jewish community. 
With a live feed, you can ask questions, post comments, and join in on the discussion!

Mr. Mark Bane
President of OU (Orthodox Union)

Rabbi Aaron Kotler
CEO Beth Medrash Govoha (Lakewood Yeshiva)
Mr. Howard Tzvi Friedman
Past President of AIPAC
AMUD Insights 
Brachos 22b
"Prayer In Purity" 
Rabbi Mendy Rosner
Tefillah is something which is such an essential part of our daily lives. While we can recognize and value the special opportunity given to us to have an audience with Hakadosh Baruch Hu, the frequency of our davening can also cause a measure of flatness and monotony to creep in. Our appreciation is dulled and our enthusiasm wanes. Yet if we look to the words of Chazal and see how they view the tefillah experience, perhaps this will help open our own eyes to the loftiness of what we are doing.

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Mesilas Yesharim Women's Series
Self-growth through the study of Mussar
with Mrs. Toby Goldman
Sunday Evening, December 24th at 8:15pm
Hosted by Mrs. Debbie Jacob
873 Greenshire Court
Suggested Donation: $5
Evening Parenting Workshop with Yael Kula
The trials and triumphs of raising children.
For moms of kids 5th grade and older.
Last one in the series...Don't Miss It!
Monday, December 25th at 8:45PM
Hosted by Chana Bregman 8028 Gannon
Suggested donation: $5

Tomer Devorah

Lunch & Learn
With Rabbi Gidon Nitsun
"Following The Leader:
Walking In The Ways Of Hashem"
Meets Every Other Monday
Next Class Meets Monday, January 1st 
Join Us For Lunch at 12:30 PM ~ Class Begins at 1PM
All Classes At U City Shul 700 North & South
Lunch & Learn With Rabbi Gidon Nitsun
"Follow The Leader: Walking In The Ways Of Hashem"
No charge for lunch but RSVP required by Monday morning at 10am.Call Kollel 314 726-6047 or email office@stlkollel.com
Sunday, December 31st ~ 5:00pm - 7:00pm
All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Buffet
Pizza, pasta, salad, garlic bread, dessert and beverage. Plus a movie for the kids! Place carry-out orders by 10 am Sunday morning. Email orders preferred to jeff@nhbz.org Pick up time for carry out pizzas is 4:30-4:45 p.m. Food prepared under the supervision of Rabbi Ze'ev Smason
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St. Louis Kollel's Newest Division
Senior Kollel
Is Up & Running
If you're 50 or above, Senior Kollel is for YOU!
Jewish Learning ~ Memory Strengthening ~ Wellness Programs
Classes, programs and events to nurture your Mind, Body & Spirit
*   Mussar and Gemara for Men Monday thru Thursday mornings with Rabbi Nitsun 10:15am to 12:15pm
*   "What If?" Contemporary Jewish Issues of the day for
Men and Women with Rabbi Nitsun Tuesdays 1pm to 2pm
*   Monthly Two Tablets Medical Ethics at St. Mary's
*   Private Text-Based Learning Opportunities for Women
Have an idea for a program? Would like us to add your name to our Senior Kollel mailing list and email list?
Call 314 726-6047 or email office@stlkollel.com
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