Vol. 24  Issue 16         February 3, 2018            Parshas Yisro
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This Week's Dvar Torah:  
"Choosing To Be Chosen..."  
Yisro is the portion in which the Children of Israel arrive at their spiritual, intellectual, and moral destination. It is the portion in which the former Hebrew slaves choose to become the Chosen People....

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This Week's Amud Schedule


Mesilas Yesharim Women's Series
In partnership with Missouri Torah Institute
With Mrs. Toby Goldman
Wednesday, February 7th 9:30 AM
Location to be determined.
Wednesday, February 7th 8:15 PM
Hosted by Pnina Glassman 7937 Teasdale Ct

Missouri Torah Institute
Invites The Entire Community To
"An Evening of Learning, Song & Inspiration"
In Memory of Greg Fox A"H
Wednesday evening, February 21st
* Community Learning Session *
* World-renowned lecturer
Rabbi Zecharia Wallerstein
* Kumsitz with Eitan Katz
1809 Clarkson Road ~ Chesterfield (Time to be announced

Pick-up from 2:30 to 3:30 pm   
Walk-ins please allow 30 minutes  
Food prepared under the supervision of Rabbi Ze'ev Smason



Tomer Devorah
Lunch & Learn  
With Rabbi Gidon Nitsun
Next Class Meets Monday, February 12th    
Join Us For Lunch at 12:30 PM   
Class Begins at 1PM
All Classes At U City Shul 700 North & South
No charge for lunch but RSVP required by Monday morning at 10am.Call Kollel  
314 726-6047 or email office@stlkollel.com

St. Louis Kollel Presents
Winter Yarchei Kallah
In-Depth Talmud Learning,
Mussar Insights And Socializing
February 8th through February 11th
"A Closer Look at the Laws of Birchas Hamazon"
Distinguished Scholar-In-Residence
Rabbi Dovid Elias
Founder and Dean of Kollel Keser Torah-Montreal
Son of Rabbi Joseph Elias o.b.m. , the well-known master educator and principal of Breuers Seminary
Find answers to these questions & more...
How much must one eat to be required to say birchas hamazon? If someone is full, but didn't eat the necessary amount (e.g. intravenously), is he still obligated to bentch? How would it be possible for someone to be obligated to say the birchas hamazon a second time after having already done so,
and not having skipped any of the required additions? 
Thursday, February 8th
Learning session at Agudas Israel 8pm * Ma'ariv 9:45pm  * Mussar Vaad 10pm
Friday, February 9th  
Oneg Hosted by Jonathan and Channie Spetner
8360 Balson 63132 
Shabbos, February 10th  
Shalosh Seudos Talk @ Agudas Israel
Sunday, February 11th
Shacharis at Agudah 8 am followed by 
HOT  breakfast
Learning session 9:15 am followed by in-depth Shiur
For more info and to RSVP please contact
Rabbi Yaakov Berkowitz

Yarchei Kallah Women's Event
Featuring Mrs. Chaya Elias
Motzei Shabbos February 10th 8:30PM
"I am I" The Purpose And Greatness
Of Each Person's Uniqueness
Location to be announced. For more information,
Contact Chana Bregman cbregman@stlkollel.com

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