Vol. 23     Issue 47              October 4, 2017           Special Succos Edition
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This Week's Dvar Torah:
"The Fairest Of Them All"  
   The holiday of Sukkot has many elements to it. The most evident ones are the sukkah huts that commemorate Israel's sojourn in the desert, and their total dependence on God's benevolence.
   Second to that mitzvah is the mitzvah of the "four species." There are many specific explanations -- but there is an overriding theme that fits all explanations. It is a way of praising God with a "bouquet of beauty." Whether the individual elements symbolize different parts of God's name, or different organs of a person, or different elements of Israel -- the idea is that we praise God by offering Him this "bouquet" in gratitude and praise.
AMUD Insights 
Brachos 17b  Rabbi Yaakov Berkowitz
 "Learn. Unite. Grow"     
   This week we learned the final amud of the 2nd perek of Brachos and I would like to share heartfelt wishes of Mazel Tov to all the participants with a bracha that we should merit to celebrate many more such meaningful occasions together.
   On 17a, the gemara recounts the interactions that the Rabbis of Rav Ami's yeshiva used to have with each other when they were taking leave to return to their homes. They would bless each other by saying " olam'cha tir'eh b'chayecha ", literally, you shall see your world in your life.
This Week's "Amud-A-Week" News 
The Amud-a-Week program will have a brief hiatus over Succos to review.
We will be beginning the 3rd Perek of Brachos after Succos
Need a chavrusa? Contact Rabbi Yaakov Berkowitz as soon as
possible to secure your chavrusa before we begin the new perek!
Stay Tuned For The All-New "Amud-A-Week APP"
(and the kids at heart)
1.   What is so special about the mitzvah of sitting in a sukka?
2.   What two reasons are given for the mitzvah of sitting in a sukka?
3.   Why don't we celebrate Sukkos at Pesach time, since it is then when the miracle began to occur?
4.   How many walls must a sukka have?
5.   Which materials can be used for the walls of a sukka?
6.   What is the minimum height of a sukka?
7.   How much s'chach is needed?
8.   Who are the seven guests/ ushpizun who we invite to come visit us in the sukka?
9.   Why do we go around the Bima 7 times on Hoshana Rabba ?
10.   What do we celebrate on Simchas Torah?
11.   Why is there a
minhag to have three rings on a lulav?  

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Mah Jongg Madness Tournament
Sunday, October 29th 9am to 4:30pm
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Two Tablets-Jewish Medical Ethics Session
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Rabbi Yitzchak Kowalsky- Chair of the
Dr. J Lester Zeffren Chair of Jewish Medical Ethics, St. Louis Kollel
Thursday November 9th
6 pm-7 pm  
Details to follow.
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The OU in conjunction with the Community Initiative to
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"Shalom Bayis"
November 10-12, 2017
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