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Congratulations David Goodman! 


Congratulations and thank you to David Goodman for 10 years of exceptional service to our manufacturers and customers!  Great job David!!!






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Konvekta LogoGrowing list of successful projects


Amherst College,  Amherst MA

UMass Boston, Boston MA
Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY
William & Mary College, Williamsburg VA
Hudson Valley Community College, Troy NY
Mass State Laboratory,  Jamaica Plain MA
Valley Hospital,  Ridgewood NJ
Novartis, Cambridge MA
Regeneron Pharmaceutical, Mt. Pleasant NY  

Thermo-Composite Panels 


Annexair Composite HRU

Just a heads up.  Annexair's new thermo-composite panel units are now available for production for indoor units and outdoor units.  We are shipping several projects this summer.  Some of the features are:

  • Lifetime warranty on casing against corrosion
  • No price add - same price as G90 steel
  • 30-40% lighter than G90 steel unit
  • 2" R14 polystyrene foam is Greenguard certified
  • Includes Ziehl-Abegg energy-efficient composite plenum fans ... Continue Reading



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Konvekta is the only supplier of high efficiency pumped glycol run-around energy recovery systems in the world.  They have been in the business of pumped glycol energy recovery  since 1949.  That's all they do.  Konvekta offers complete systems - high ... Continue reading




Case Study:  Swegon Chilled Beams | Astra Zeneca, Waltham MA


Swegon teams with Astra Zeneca to create a showcase project.    A PARASOL case study where the many advantages of four-way air distribution convinced AstraZeneca to go for our ground-breaking comfort modules instead of the conventional two-way air distribution of ... Continue reading




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