November 2016    

Product Highlights:

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Pumped Glycol:  New default for energy recovery in critical exhaust environments 

Konvekta - Pumping Package
DAC Sales engineers have been designing energy recovery systems for the past 25 years.  We have seen and used all types of systems; plate exchangers, heat pipes and energy wheels.  It's amazing to say that pumped glycol, one of the oldest technologies, has now moved to be the first choice for this type of design application.  How did this happen?  Three key features led to the rise of pumped glycol:
  1. Konvekta builds a complete system with energy savings of 70% 
  2. Pumped glycol is easier to design and much more flexible
  3. Pumped glycol is the safest types of all systems. 
Thanks!  You have made New England the largest user of Konvekta in north America.  

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Local Matters:  Cambridgeport Air Handling Units - Custom built right here in New England 

Cambridgeport - It's a local company with a strong local presence.

Why Local AHUs?

Local Engineering
  • Meet on site to review project constraints
  • Review installation challenges
  • Develop creative solutions
Best Field Erected Solutions
  • Tight, complicated fit is their specialty!
Faster Delivery
  • Quick turn around
  • Quick ship options
Local Installation support
  • Best factory support available
Avoid installation issues and lost time - Buy Local with Custom Air Solutions by Cambridgeport.

Contact us for your local support; DAC Sales
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New from Swegon:  

Swegon Gold - DOAS units now coupled with VRF Systems:

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