All children wanted to accept Jesus into their hearts!
Of course they did! Because our team told them about God's love and showed them His love !!! Team from my church - 5 girls and boys and youth leaders Victoria and Alexander - went on a mission to Ulyanovsk region the village of Krasnoborsk. We have village church there. First day 5 children came to our day camp but the next day children from the whole village already were waiting for us at the church building. ))) Our team played with them, did different crafts and ate and had tea with them . Hugged them and told them about Jesus .
All of them were very open and asked questions and all of them wanted to respond to God's love ! They all gave their hearts to Jesus ! The most important thing was that all children felt very special and were loved! I think this is what Jesus would do! He would become friends with those precious little people!!!
Day misnitry to children but night ministry to village youth !!!
Young people saw in Alexander a good example of how to be a man!
All of the young people grow up in the families where men drink and often are violent! so it was such a especial time of God's visitation when our team made friends with them and treated village young people as created in God's image and high value and dignity!
We preached the Gospel to local youth and became friends with them!
This young man told to Alexander - " I have never seen such a different christian like you! Stay longer with us! Visit us more often!
Our team exchanged contacts with village youth and stays in contacts with them.
Sunday service !!!
During Sunday service two young couples accepted Jesus into their hearts!
One couple are married with the child. And other couple were just living together and after they accepted Jesus they told everybody that they want to do it right and will marry and want Jesus to be the main figure in their family!!!
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