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Welcome to your very first newsletter! Lengthier than future newsletters since this is the first, expect these, created specifically for members, once a week while state legislatures are in session and then once a month (or more often as needed) to provide you with the very latest industry-specific news and information.
Organizational Updates: Kratom Trade Association, Previously the UKA
What’s in a Name?! We’re excited to share we’ve officially updated our
name from the United Kratom Association to the Kratom Trade Association (KTA). This better reflects our efforts as the one and only trade group for Kratom Vendors. While currently operating as a non-profit at the state level, KTA is in the process of seeking 501c(6) non-profit status from the IRS.* This will make us tax exempt (but not tax deductible due to our lobbying efforts).

KTA allows businesses and individuals in the Kratom industry to be a part of a coordinated effort to keep the product safe and legal and to improve the image and functionality of an industry (and product) under heavy, negative scrutiny right now. We plan to provide representation for members in any negotiations with regulatory agencies, and to be a hub, offering numerous services (included but not limited to lobbying, public relations, legal assistance, etc.) catered specifically to the business side of Kratom.

Our Vision? To protect KTA member importers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers from negative legislative and regulatory actions, to support members by helping grow their businesses through combined education and training programs, to improve our industry’s image and level of professionalism, to fund critical research needs, etc.

*from Wikipedia:
"A 501(c)(6) organization is a business league, chambers of commerce like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a real estate board, a board of trade, a professional football league or an organization like the Edison Electric Institute and the Security Industry Association, that are not organized for profit and no part of the net earnings goes to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual"
Legislative News
Federal Legislation

In the House of Representatives, H.R. 5298 , a bill intended to make any substance that acts as an mu opioid receptor agonist a schedule 1 drug, has been referred to both the Energy and Commerce and Judiciary Committees for consideration. A partial mu opioid receptor agonist, Kratom could be banned nation-wide using this bill. We are watching this bill closely with our law firm and policy experts at Holland and Knight, awaiting word on any action needed and will keep you posted.

State Legislation and Local Ordinances

Tennessee - URGENT
H.B. 1832  has passed into the Ways and Means Committee with language banning Kratom removed. However,  S.B. 2258  — the corresponding Senate bill — still has it slated to be a scheduled drug. Representative Mark Pody has introduced an amendment removing this language, but it has not been voted on. Tennessee residents are still needed to contact their Senators  and Governor ( ) and ask them to support S.B. 2258 with the Pody amendment removing Kratom. Rep. Pody has asked for positive testimonies to be sent STRAIGHT to him in the next 24 hours ( ). Find your TN Reps -

Kansas - URGENT
In the House,  S.B. 282   passed with an amendment removing Kratom from the bill which sent it to a Conference Committee charged with making the House and Senate bills match. This has been a huge uphill battle with the Committee fiercely divided on the issue. The bill must go BACK to both the House and the Senate chambers for floor votes before being signed into law, so Kansas residents are still needed to contact their Legislators   and Governor ( ). Ask that they vote for SB 282 as amended, removing kratom. KTA sent Dr. Murray Holcomb of TX to Topeka to testify and meet with legislators last month and made a huge, positive impact! Find your KS Reps -

H.R. 1160 passed out of the House with a floor vote of 142-11 and into the Senate, where it awaits committee assignment. This legislation would form a committee to study risks associated with Kratom — an approach that, because it focuses on the negative aspects of Kratom, has the potential to damage its legal status. We will monitor this process closely in attempts to ensure that outside, objective experts are able to provide testimony in favor of kratom.

Seminole City, Florida
After public outcry during a city council meeting on March 27, Kratom and Kava were removed from a prospective city ordinance ( Ordinance No. 07-2018 ) that would have banned them. Thanks to all the great work of local Kratom advocates for turning out en masse to oppose the ban! 

City of Alton, Illinois
Unfortunately the city council passed an ordinance banning Kratom without anyone in the community even knowing it was being considered. Efforts are underway to educate council members and seek a reversal. This highlights the importance of becoming civically engaged at the local level, watching meeting notices and agendas for your local municipality closely.

Senate Bill S.F. 2578 and House Bill S.F. 3479 which would have banned Kratom were both amended to keep it available to those 18 and over!

KTA is the only organization actively working in Indiana to reverse the current state ban. Language that would have reversed the ban was nearly amended into S.B. 74 , but opposition came from members who wanted the matter researched further in a summer study committee. This is still a very promising development, as it indicates that legislators are open to learning more about Kratom and, eventually, returning it to legal status! We will be engaged in the study committee process this summer.
KTA Responds to Salmonella “Outbreak”
Following the FDA recommendation for consumers “to avoid Kratom-containing products” because of allegations they “have been linked to a multistate outbreak of salmonellosis,” KTA released a statement outlining the high standards our members maintain to protect consumers relying on Kratom to manage their own health and well-being and enhance their way of life.

Have YOU been approached by the FDA about this issue or any other affecting your business? Our law firm, Holland and Knight is available to members at discounted rates. Contact us directly.
KTA Professional Teams - Hard at Work! 
KTA has been hard at work without many people knowing for the last several months and has hired some of the most highly regarded professional teams to improve our chances of success with a variety of undertakings. The following is a list of our teams and a quick glance at just a few things we’ve accomplished with their help:

Crisis Management Public Relations Team, Washington D.C.
Quickly pushing back on the mischaracterizations of Kratom and the Kratom Industry. With an objective to counter misstatements and begin to move the
needle toward greater public awareness and recognition of Kratom as safe and effective, and the industry as profesional, responsible and respected.

Highly recognized and experienced law and public policy firm, Washington, D.C.,
With extensive regulatory experience with agencies like the FDA, their team is working on a proactive plan for interaction with DEA, DOJ, HHS, FDA, NIDA, Congress, etc.. Facilitating the creation of industry standards and best practices, from labeling recommendations to legal challenges to any attempted agency actions, creating compliance materials and resources for members, PLUS information on what to do if the government arrives at your door.

Nationally respected Government Affairs Consulting Firm, Washington D.C.
With many years experience working specifically on the Kratom issue, NSI is monitoring and analyzing legislative policies at a national and state level and implementing a strategy with local lobbying professionals wherever needed. Through NSI’s guidance, we were able to get the state of IN to take the first step toward legalizing Kratom through the establishment of a study committee that will convene over the summer.

Association Management Company, Northern VA
Serving as a third-party firm running day to day operations, they’re handling overall financial management, membership processing, membership benefits, governance, help with organization meetings and more.

Stay tuned, there is so much more to come, including another conference call update with our experts soon!
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