KTA representatives staffing an exhibitor booth at the 3-day CHAMPS Trade Show in Las Vegas.
The CHAMPS Trade Show in Las Vegas provided KTA with an excellent platform for outreach, education, and membership recruitment. Pictured here, our representatives (center and right) staffed an exhibitor booth made possible with help from CHAMPS’ leadership, and met with dozens of current and potential Kratom vendors.

Our discussions highlighted the critical role only a trade association can fill in a business community challenged by DEA and FDA overreach and negative, misleading publicity. Our ultimate goals of legitimizing the image of Kratom and the Kratom industry and bringing new consumers into the market were met with wide support and enthusiasm.

Grateful for this opportunity, we thank and congratulate CHAMPS’ organizers on a successful show and will be participating in similar events in the future!
Federal Legislative Update
KTA continues to lobby Congress in support of appropriate regulation of Kratom, thereby protecting consumer access. Specifically, we are educating lawmakers about Kratom’s widespread and longstanding use to improve people’s well-being and explain why it would be inappropriate for this natural plant to become a scheduled drug. 

These discussions are couched primarily in the context of federal legislation intended to address the opioid crisis. Prospects for the passage of opioid legislation is unclear at this time , as Congress is focused on funding bills and the Senate is preparing to debate Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS candidacy this fall. 

 Several industry insiders in the health care sector believe Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) could delay a vote on legislation tackling the opioid crisis because passage would give vulnerable red-state Democrats an accomplishment to campaign on back home.
Engaging State Lawmakers
Next stop, National Conference of State Legislators’ Legislative Summit in Los Angeles! KTA staff will be joined by our State Government Affairs Team members from D.C., maximizing opportunities to engage with and educate legislators and policymakers with facts and the many compelling reasons Kratom should remain a natural choice for their constituents. Look for updates on social media and in August’s newsletter!
New Research Supports Kratom
New research provides further evidence that Kratom is not a narcotic-like opioid, despite what the FDA and DEA claim. Check out our latest blog post to learn more.
We are dedicated to protecting member importers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers from negative legislative and regulatory actions, and supporting KTA members by helping grow their businesses through educational programs and training.