Kristallnacht and Veterans Day 2017
This Thursday, November 9, will mark the 79th year since the infamous night of Kristallnacht, the night that in Germany, the Nazis and their many supporters, all with the support of the government, torched and burned synagogues and Jewish businesses, and imprisoned in concentration camps many Jewish men, my father among them. The term Kristallnacht refers to the many broken and smashed windows which almost looked like crystal with the light of the many fires shinning on the shattered glass.  

Yes, 79 years ago was a long time ago, but it foreshadowed an even more terrible destruction and loss of life time ahead with the ensuing Holocaust.
It was this past Sunday when Nathaniel & I previewed a screening of Redemption Blues, a Holocaust documentary by Peter Stastny. I am one of the participants in the film, but the poignancy of time revealed itself as one of the other participants did not live to see himself on film. We Holocaust survivors are quickly vanishing from the scene.  That is why I run as fast as I can, to tell younger generations of that terrible and dark time in human history. And, to tell them why it is so important to be good to one another, regardless of the religious belief, color of the skin or national origin.
The other important date coming up only a few days later, on Saturday, November 11, is Veterans Day. The photos shown are ones that Nathaniel took a few years back when in Normandy - Utah and Omaha Beachheads, and the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial with close to 10,000 graves. 
May they all rest in peace.

Let us pause on that day to honor our men and women who have served and continue to serve our country to protect our freedom and our way of life.

Hugs, Marion

Marion Blumenthal Lazan
Four Perfect Pebbles
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