February Newsletter

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New addition to the Krozel Capital Family!

Concepcion Katherine Cosio Agito, EA MBA

She goes by Katherine for short! Katherine is a driven tax professional with a strong background in preparing diverse tax returns for individuals, small businesses and corporations. Katherine received her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in the Philippines, and graduated with honors from the Keller Graduate School of Management with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with concentration in Taxation. Katherine is an Enrolled Agent license to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. 

We are so excited to have Katherine join Krozel Capital!
Upcoming Tax Filing Deadlines

The April 15th deadline is fast approaching! In order for us to have adequate time to complete your taxes, we need all of your info by  March 15th

If you live overseas, you can still file by April 15th, but do have an automatic filing extension until June 15th if needed. If you plan to file by the June deadline, we will need all of your info to get started by  May 10th .

Ready to get started?  Visit our website here , click on the Client Center button, and see steps to get started towards the bottom of the page.

Do you need an extension?  We can file an extension, but do need your signed engagement letter and retainer payment to do so. Visit the 'Client Center' on our website to esign the engagement letter and make your retainer payment.
'Filing' in Love

In the spirit of true love, Valentine’s Day and tax season, Krozel Capital answered some questions you may have on filing your taxes jointly versus filing separately. Click here to read our latest blog post!
Married to the Military
New Law Helps Lift Tax Burden For Military Spouses

I love being a military spouse. 
There are so many perks -- the friendships, the Homecomings, the ability to travel the world. But of course, there are pitfalls too. The deployment of our spouse, living away from family, and one more that has been plaguing military families for quite some time: STATE TAXES...

Take a Peek at the 2019 Tax Rates

2018 IRA Contributions Due by April 15th
Save for retirement! You can still make a 2018 Roth or Traditional IRA contribution by April 15th 2019.

Roth IRA Facts

  • Income limitations apply! See link

  • Contributions are not tax deductible.

  • Earnings grow tax deferred.

  • When you retire, distributions are not taxable.

  • No required minimum distributions when you turn 70.5.

Traditional IRA Facts

  • No income limitations to make contributions.

  • Tax deduction may be limited if you have a retirement plan through your employer.

  • Earnings grow tax deferred.

  • If you live abroad, exceed the Roth income limitations and are not participating in a US retirement plan, this is a great option that can reduce your taxes.

  • Contributions are taxed when you pull the money in retirement.

  • You must start taking required minimum distributions at age 70.5.
How to Reach Us
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