May 1st, 2020
By Jeff Adair, Editor

I s your vending machine stuck in the 1990s and only able to accept payment via cash or coin? If so, Kuario can help! The Netherlands based company specializes in offering a convenient way for vending machine owners to convert their “old school” vending machines into machines that can accept multiple forms of payment thanks to their Smart Connector.

What Can Smart Connector Do For A Vending Machine?

With Smart Connector, a vending machine owner can offer their customers the ability to pay for items with more than just cash or coin. Customers can use any of their favorite types of mobile payment methods. 

This will help a vending owner’s business to grow, instead of losing potential customers because their vending machine only accepts one form of payment, they can now have confidence that their vending machines can offer customers multiple ways to pay and never risk losing a sale.

What’s even better about Smart Connector is that this device also has a cloud-based portal that enables owners to see how their machines are performing on a daily or weekly basis and they will be able to make adjustments to their machines or fix problems when they occur. 

Digital Media Vending International LLC has introduced a PPE vending machine that dispenses travel-size hygiene essentials, including hand sanitizers and masks, to ensure the hygiene protection of your employees, customers, and guests.

In March, the World Health Organization  declared  the novel coronavirus a pandemic, and since then, the potentially deadly virus has spread to almost every country in the world. Because of the highly infectious nature of the virus, businesses have been taking protective measures to deter the spread of the disease, while medical facilities have been working to detect, isolate, and treat the infection.

Employees are being advised to practice good personal and respiratory hygiene to keep themselves safe from the novel coronavirus.

According to health experts, almost 80 percent of the world’s diseases are spread through touch and proximity, which means the chances of getting the virus from the workplace or public spaces are very high. This is why DMVI is attempting to cultivate a safer environment with  PPE vending machines

Miami-based Gilly Vending is making TrulyTouchless vending machines micro market solutions as well as the newly released Touchless Medical machines by   Betson and AMS Vendors  to its accounts.

The touchless technologies powered by Vagabond enable consumers at any vīv-enabled machine or vīv Market to view menu options and product nutritional information remotely before securely purchasing items using the vīv app on a smartphone. If the vīv sale point is a vending machine or micro market kiosk, the item will dispense without consumers needing to touch the machine.

Five lock control patents to ensure the safety, security and protection of unsupervised markets and micro markets have been issued to TriTeq Lock and Security . The technology covered by the patents are in the FreshIQ health timer lock, FreshTraq remote cooler/ freezer monitoring system and the FreshPay web payment and lock system. Patents run through 2023 and a related Canadian patent extends to 2033. At least four additional US and Canadian patents are pending, the company said. 

William Dennison, CEO of TriTeq, said the patents comprise novel lock control aspects that allow consumers access to foods and drinks that are safe to consume and deny access to any potentially spoiled and/or contaminated items. “These newly innovative monitoring mechanisms and electronic controls prioritize the safety of the customer and consumer,” Dennison said.  

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