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December 23, 2013

In a battle of good versus evil, evocative of the immortalized biblical story "David and Goliath", Kwame Fosu won the first round in a crucial legal battle against USAID/CDC/Bill & Melinda Gates. USAID et al. are intermediaries and partners with drug maker Pfizer, and are involved in the unethical distribution and promotion of a deadly contractive Depo Provera by concealing lethal side effects and Black-Box Warnings detailed by the FDA. Depo Provera is aggressively promoted by Melinda Gates, Planned Parenthood and USAID in "family planning depopulation programs" in Africa, the United States and emerging markets targeting low income women and women of color.


Publishing legal expert Nicholas Tardif, a Partner representing Elsevier on behalf USAID & CDC, submitted a legal complaint to Rebecca Project's Website Provider detailing a copyright infringement regarding a leaked document authored by Chelsea Polis (USAID) and Kathryn Curtis (CDC), which is imbedded on page-12 of  Rebecca Project's definitive policy report: Depo-Provera: Deadly Reproductive Violence Against Women.


In his complaint Nicholas Tardif alleged that Depo-Provera: Deadly Reproductive Violence Against Women  violates copyright infringement laws contained in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Therefore,  on December 17, 2013 Rebecca Project was ordered by its Website Provider to remove the following images/links containing infringing material from their website: 1)  ; and 2)


Women's Rights expert Kwame Fosu, author of the Depo Provera report and Policy Director for the Rebecca Project for Human Rights responded and refuted Nicholas Tardif's legal complaint. Fosu wrote,  "Human rights organizations and educational institutions that provide information on their online library of documents to save and protect lives of children and vulnerable populations have special exceptions under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA); because without our documented information that is now a subject of Congressional hearings/investigations, and future Department of Justice (DOJ) investigations, to protect and save thousands of vulnerable children, girls and women, there shall be irreparable harm to those vulnerable communities."  Fosu additionally stated that attorneys such as Tardif cannot make copyright infringement claims to cover-up alleged human rights abuses that involve their clients.


The Website Provider agreed and sided with Kwame Fosu's argument, withdrew its order against the Rebecca Project for Human Rights, and subsequently ordered Nicholas Tardif to seek a full hearing in a court of law to resolve this matter. Ironically Depo Provera backers and U.S. Funders such as Shira Saperstein of the Moriah Fund, who support Melinda Gates and Planned Parenthood's callous promotion of the deadly contraceptive to depopulate communities of color in the U.S. and Africa, have funded several Jewish human rights groups to ban Depo Provera in her ancestral home of Israel.  Fosu stated, "We cannot have two separate and unequal family-planning depopulation policies emanating and operating from this great country. The United States is viewed across the world as a beacon of justice & human rights; a country that honors the courageous battles of Martin Luther King, Thurgood Marshall, Robert Kennedy and Nelson Mandela. It is time Congress strictly regulated or ended funding for Depo Provera, by adopting Israel's Model, to protect the rights women targeted in unethical U.S. funded family-planning depopulation schemes."


Kwame Fosu stated, "We ask that God bless and protect our great continent of Africa with our rich heritage and vast lands. I have complete faith that we shall continue to soundly win every legal argument using FDA, USAID, CDC, NIH and the Gates Foundation's own research documents, and using their own researchers and doctors who have leaked information and generously educated the public about Depo Provera's deadly harm."  Fosu further stated, "In a public relations battle, Planned Parenthood and Funders certainly have the money to influence, co-opt or corrupt my former Rebecca Project colleagues directors; however, in a legal battle, in a court of law, they cannot spin unequivocal scientific facts presented as evidence to support Rebecca Project's claims of Depo Provera's lethal harm to women. We are also thankful that Willie Gary has decided to take on this difficult task to file a class action on behalf of harmed women in the United States and I especially thank Elaine Riddick for coordinating this herculean effort, as the Rebecca Project simultaneously seeks a policy solution in Congress."


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