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Kwik Kafe Co. Inc., a Bluefield, Va.-based vending and refreshment services provider, faced a challenge when a customer in a remote area wanted a micro market. The location needed reliable, affordable Internet connectivity. Kwik Kafe realized right away they needed to provide a reliable, secure Internet connection to authorize card purchases and support a video surveillance camera.  The longtime customer wanted to provide its employees a micro market so they could enjoy the increased product variety that a micro market can offer.  "When our customer first told us that we would have to find our own way to get Internet, I was pretty freaked out, especially with there being no landline Internet services at all in that area," says   D.J. Campion, Kwik Kafe's systems administrator.

By Elliot Maras

How fast can you buy a soda from a vending machine? A group of digital currency enthusiasts have developed a beverage vending machine that accepts digital currency. The machine, called Dash N' Drink, can confirm a transaction almost instantaneously. The customer can scan a QR code on the machine's screen to pay for a product and activate a vend from the machine.

The machine's main purpose is to demonstrate instant send technology developed by Dash, a digital currency. Dash is currently the seventh largest digital currency with a market capitalization of more than $46 million in early July. Bitcoin is the largest digital currency with a market capitalization of more than $10 billion.

Dash enthusiasts believe the instant transaction and confirmation feature holds great potential for point-of-sale retailers.

InOne Techonology Retrofit Door

InOne Technology has introduced a retrofit door with all the features of a brand new machine for a fraction of the cost - the AllInOneDoor. The door, manufactured and assembled in America, offers a complete technology upgrade. 

The AllInOneDoor provides a new machine drop bin complete with OEM mounted sensors, equipped with InOne boards, LEDs and drop sensors and is cashless/telemetry ready. 
Enhanced upgrades offered include MDB coin mechs; bill acceptors; cashless/telemetry systems;  DEX' a 2-line organic LED bright, easy-to-read 7-inch touchscreen display; a customer motion sensor (PIR) to turn on lights with programmable lighting brightness. 
The AllInOneDoor is ADA compliant and features a one-year warranty.  

Vendo Labs Touch Screen Wall Mount Vending Machine
Vengo Labs, a New York, N.Y.-based manufacturer of wall-mounted, cashless vending machines that sport digital advertising, has partnered with Vistar Media, a software provider for out-of-home and a programmatic advertising platform for digital out-of-home media. The partnership, coupled with Vengo Labs' recent growth to 300 machines, is expected to strengthen the Vengo Labs digital advertising offering and provide more opportunities to vending operators to leverage their machines' advertising capabilities
Vengo Labs machines have interactive, 21.5-inch touchscreens that feature consumer advertising supplied by digital advertising networks. 

Parlevel Systems for Micro Markets

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