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July 30th thru August 5, 2020
Sunday Worship Services
Services will be streamed on Facebook and posted to YouTube until further notice
Sunday, August 2, 2020

Join us virtually at 10am on Facebook
Services are available to view on YouTube later in the day

Philippians 4:4-9

“Happy and Holy"

Come to the Water! Join us for a new sermon series as we "travel" the lands of Paul's new Testament letters with six weeks of destinations with Pastor Stella.

NEW TIME for online worship: 10 AM

We are working to prepare the Family Life Center for in person live worship (as well as online). Keep connected as we determine when it is safe and ready.
What's Going on in the United Methodist Church?

Annual Conference Scheduled for Saturday, October 3

The pandemic has shut down every major gathering on our radar this spring and summer, including the global and regional gatherings of the United Methodist Church. These gatherings have been especially newsworthy given a possible vote on a division of the church.

The General Conference, a gathering of Methodists that meets every four years, is the only body that is able to make policy for the church. This meeting has been postponed until August 2021.

The Annual Conference, a yearly gathering of Methodists in our area, was set to take place over several days in June, but will now be a one-day virtual gathering on Saturday, October 3. Our pastor and delegate Sean Claes will represent KUMC and the public may observe. A clergy session was held in June and the conference reappointed Pastor Stella to KUMC for another year.
Front Porch Communion

We will be offering front porch communion once again in August.

Come gather in front of the church at 8am on Sunday, August 2 at 8am and share in Holy Communion. We will handle the bread and juice with care in this time of Covid, but you may bring your own bread/crackers and juice if you prefer.

We will have three home locations in Kyle later that morning, so please watch for an announcement in next week's newsletter for those times.
Hi Church,

We are considering adding another Blessings Box on the East side of I-35 near Fuentes Elementary. This came up as a request from a couple of people in the community, and I'm trying to gauge interest.

While the intent is for the community to help stock it as well as take what they need from it, we know that in the beginning it will need the support of the church to help keep it stocked. This doesn't mean bringing food to the church; rather, we prefer that if you're interested in supporting this, you put food directly into the Blessings Box.

Before we go through finding a place and getting it built, I'd like to see who would contribute. If you are on the East side of 35 and would like to commit to stocking the Blessings Box once or twice a month, please let me know.

This is not something we're committing to yet. Before we commit, I'd like to make sure we'll have enough participation to keep it afloat. If you'd like to be a part of this, please just let me know at

Thank you! ~ Shannon Taylor
Bring your own coffee and lawn chair and join us for Coffee Under the Tree on Tuesday, August 4th at 9:30am.
Online Giving Opportunities

Your online giving remains critical for our continued ministry. We know this is a time of financial stress, but please give to your church electronically or by mail if you are able. Help us continue to be the church for a community in need.

Online: Click the button below or go to and click the green online giving button at the bottom of the home page.

By Mail: PO Box 69, Kyle, Texas 78640
*We will not be in the office regularly at this time.

Please leave a message on the office phone at 512-268-2331 or email

You may contact Pastor Stella at 512-415-6708 or

Children and Youth Ministry Director Alissa Villarreal is available
at 361-441-4206 or
During this time of sheltering in place, we have all longed for a touching connection with our world, our faith and our friends.

With this in mind, Kyle UMW is offering a weekly devotional to be emailed, texted or mailed directly to you. You don’t have to be a member of Kyle United Methodist Church to receive it.

Just contact Lynne Kyle at 775-338-2014 (mobile) or 512-504-3888 (home) or
Bible on Tap is now meeting in person and virtually!

Join the group on Monday evenings at 7pm via Zoom for a casual bible study! Both options are available!

Contact Krystyn Jensen at for the link to join!
All Sunday School and children's ministry activities are currently suspended until further notice. But this is a great opportunity to build that family faith formation at home! Check our KUMC Children's Ministry Facebook page for resources!

Check Facebook for Children's time videos, Sunday School Lessons, bible story videos and craft ideas!
We are going to start providing monthly Sunday School/activity bags for the kids full of coloring pages,games, treats, etc- fun things to keep them occupied!
Learn about the Fruit of the Spirit this Summer!

View the Sunday School videos on our Children's Ministry Facebook page and follow along with the activities!

Supplies for Sunday School are provided in the monthly activity bags! We're making a collaborative art project too--make sure to complete your fruit mosaic and drop it off at the church!

End of Summer Youth challenges posted to FB and in your game night bags! There's pizza and other prizes at stake!

Also I'm bored these days... send me your challenge photos to make life more interesting! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Virtual Youth Group-

We want to keep our Youth healthy and Safe! We will not meet in person until further notice. Check our KUMC Youth Facebook or Instagram for faith formation activities you can do at home!

We are doing Sunday School, Youth Group Game night and Thursday Night Check in by Zoom meeting. Check Facebook for the links to the meetings!
Join us for Sunday School Sundays at 10am and for games Sunday and Thursday nights at 7pm! Zoom links on FB and Instagram!
Our purpose is to serve God by dedicating ourselves to pray each day for each person, need and concern as listed in both the confidential prayer list and the persons named in the church bulletin and newsletter. We welcome anyone who would like to join us. For more on joining, contact Natha Caldwell.

Prayer request slips are available in the sanctuary pews and may be placed in the offering plate on Sunday to be given to the pastor. Persons may also contact Natha Caldwell (512-618-3908) , Joann Runkle (832-741-7237) or Pastor Stella Burkhalter (512-415-6708) with requests (please include both email and phone info for us).

P rayers for Our Homebound
Craig Christiansen, Alice Herzog,
Jack Nipper

For All God’s People
Erik Curtis, Melanie Tiemann,
Margaret McGuiness, Cody Childress,
Jean Moser, Lorene Whitten, Lisa Starlin, Natha Caldwell, Olga Parker, Kathryn Roark, Addison Johnson,
Dave Brown, Shirley LaFleur,
Curtis Rosenthal, Alva Baker,
Jean Bahney's sister Mary,
Simone Schrott,
Heather Schnabl, Sarah Chavis' mom
Tiffany Rabb

Prayers for Military
Andrew Klemme, Jon Vahl
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