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 Weekly News
January 8th thru January 15th, 2020
Sunday Worship Services
9:00am in the Sanctuary

11:15am in the Sanctuary
Choir and Praise Band practice Sunday mornings before each service.

Sunday, January 12th, 2020

 Isaiah 41:1-9
Matthew 3:13-17

"Go Time"

January Dinner Church will be Wednesday, January 8th in the Family Life Center. Soup meal will be served starting at 5:30pm followed by a message, music and table discussion starting at 6pm. Contact Pastor Stella at if you'd like to help or provide food for the meal.

Grocery Distribution for those in need starts at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall. Contact Shannon Taylor at if you can pick up food from the Foodbank that day or help with the distribution.

The Congregational Care Team will be holding their annual training meeting on Monday, January 13 th at 12:30pm in the Family Life Center .

The Congregational Care mission to nurture and visit is a very rewarding one. We all say that we receive more than we give, but it truly is a blessing to each heart that receives and gives. We welcome you to come and hear more about this wonderful mission for the church as we love and serve our congregation and our Lord. 

Please contact Lynne Kyle at 512-504-3888 with any questions. 
Donuts and Fellowship

*We are in need of someone to take over Donut Coordinator job for Jayme for 2020! If you are interested in scheduling the donuts, please contact the office or Jayme Bryson.

Let's start the new year with donuts/goodies every week. Time to sign up! The list is in the Fellowship Hall on the table next to the blue donation box. This way, everybody gets to participate!

Please sign up in the Fellowship Hall or talk to Jayme Bryson about how you can get involved!

Church Workday and Leadership Retreat

Join the trustees Saturday morning, January 25 for a work day at the church.  
That afternoon, the church council will gather at the parsonage for visioning and planning for 2020. Prayer stations will be available from 12 until 2 and discussions will start at 2 pm. Dinner will be provided for those wishing to stay. All who are interested are welcome to participate. The parsonage is at 103 Wallace.
Thank you, KUMC, for your generosity! Your Fill the Stable gifts raised close to $1200 for Heifer International. We were able to provide 1 llama, 1 sheep, 1 goat, 2 trios of rabbits, 6 hives of bees, 3 flocks of ducks, 8 flocks of chickens, and 2 flocks of geese. We also provided 2 shares of a heifer, 4 shares of a water buffalo, 3 shares of a llama, 2 shares of a sheep, 7 shares of a goat and 1 share of a pig.

Your gift is multiplied through Heifer's principle of Passing on of the Gift in which each recipient must pass on to others some of the offspring of the farm animals they receive. This practice ensures that each participant in the program becomes a donor, enhancing dignity and participation in each project. Passing on the Gift also helps communities to become self-sustaining.
Bible on Tap

Bible on Tap meets every Monday, 7:00pm at Ilario's Italian Restaurant for an hour long bible study, which covers a current event topic that provides countless opportunities for discussion and biblical reference! All are welcome, not just members or people who attend KUMC! No bible needed and no homework/materials to prepare ahead of each meeting. 

Come join this wonderful group of non-perfect Christians who get together each week to support each other as they explore, learn, and go deeper into their faith. 

Faithful Heart Yoga

Instructor: Krystyn Jensen, 200-hr certification

Fourth Sunday of the Month
12:30pm – 1:30pm

KUMC Family Life Center

Open to anyone who wants to feel a Christian connection while working to heal and/or strengthen your body while building your connection to Christ!

COST: $5/person (for family rates, contact Krystyn Jensen, ); 10% of all monies collected will be donated to KUMC!
The members of the Living the Questions Adult Sunday School class invite you to join in a study of John Wesley and Methodists, the beliefs and actions that started the group of believers called Methodists.

The class will consist of some readings, some presentations, and an extended dialogue about what it means to us today. Travel with us from Epworth, Lincolnshire in 1703 through time attending Oxford, during ordination in the Anglican church, on a trip to the New World in 1735 to preach in Georgia, and onward to return to England, Aldergate Street, and the continued the development of a group of Methodists, in both England and America, as Methodism was born. Live the Questions with us in the faith journey.

We invite you to join us at 10:00 on Sunday mornings in the Wallace Classroom.
United Methodist Women News

We invite anyone interested in learning more about what we do to in service and to share in God’s love to please come and visit our Circles. We welcome new faces and new ideas. We enjoy working on our ministries and helping support local charities; focusing on women and children’s needs. 


Happy New Year!! The next Cheer Circle meeting will be held on Monday, January 13 th at 11am in the FLC corner Classroom.

The Cheer Circle meets on the second Monday of each month at the time and location above. We share a monthly devotional, prayers, fellowship, friendship and a light lunch.

If you want to learn more about this wonderful opportunity of faith and service, please call Circle Leader Lynne Kyle at 512-504-3888. We can provide a ride too.
Sunday Night Youth Group

We will have our Lock-in at Epic Fun Friday, December 20th and then take a break for Christmas. Youth Group will start back up on January 12th.
Who wants to come hang out with some awesome youth?!? We are in need of adults to help with Youth Group. Can't help every Sunday? That's ok! Help when you're able. We have to have a minimum of 2 adults each Sunday for Safe Gatherings ratio so that gives us an opportunity to have lots of adults impact the lives of the kids in our growing youth group!

Can't help on Sundays? You can support our youth by providing meals and snacks.
If you'd like to volunteer or want more information, please contact Alissa Villarreal at or 361-441-4206.
Our purpose is to serve God by dedicating ourselves to pray each day for each person, need and concern as listed in both the confidential prayer list and the persons named in the church bulletin and newsletter. We welcome anyone who would like to join us. For more on joining, contact Natha Caldwell.

Prayer request slips are available in the sanctuary pews and may be placed in the offering plate on Sunday to be given to the pastor. Persons may also contact Natha Caldwell (512-618-3908) , Joann Runkle (832-741-7237) or Pastor Stella Burkhalter (512-415-6708) with requests (please include both email and phone info for us).

Current Prayer List

P rayers for Our Homebound
Craig Christiansen, Alice Herzog,
Jack Nipper

For All God’s People
Erik Curtis, Melanie Tiemann,
Margaret McGuiness, 
Cody Childress, Jean Moser,
Lorene Whitten, Lisa Starlin

Prayers for Military
Andrew Klemme, Jon Vahl

Please visit and click on "ONLINE GIVING/E_TITHE at the top of the screen to get started. 

Directions on how to do this are located in the Front of the Sanctuary or in the Fellowship Hall.
 Tuesday- Thursday from 9am–2pm.
Appointments can be made by calling 512-268-2331
or Pastor Stella at 512-415-6708.

Jan 12th- Youth Group, 6-8pm, FLC
Jan 13th- Cheer Circle Meeting, 11am, FLC
Jan 13th- Bible on Tap, 7:00pm, Ilario’s, Kyle
Jan 14th- Coffee Hour, 9:30am, Starbucks in Target
Jan 14th- Prayer Ministry, 1:30pm, Sanctuary
Jan 25th- Church Work Day, 9am-12pm
Jan 25th- Church Leadership Retreat, 1pm-6pm, parsonage
If you would like to submit something for the weekly newsletter, you need to submit on Mondays, so we can send it out by Wednesdays. 

Here is the information/suggestions we need:
What is happening?
What committee or group is doing it?
What day? Time? Location? Deadline?
Who to contact (name, phone, email)

Please send submissions to
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