JUNE 2017

  • You can now meet all of your licensing needs through eCLIPSE!

      The eCLIPSE trade license launch in March was a great success. More than 40% of trade license holders have already taken advantage of online renewal through eCLIPSE And 60% of business license holders have renewed a 2017 license using our online eCLIPSE system.

      If you haven’t signed up yet for eCLIPSE, you will get the identification code you need to register online with your 2017 trade  license renewal invoice. Don’t want to wait? Call 311 and request your eCLIPSE registration identification code.

    • What’s next for eCLIPSE? We are working to create an online permitting process in eCLIPSE. We need your help to make sure that  eCLIPSE’s online permitting system will meet YOUR needs. Please look out for surveys and focus group opportunities,  coming soon!

      Please help us spread the word – getting a new or renewal license online through eCLIPSE means that you wait less so that you can do more!

    • L&I has earned accreditation – certification that the Department meets best practice quality standards -- from the International Accreditation Society. Philadelphia is the largest of the 21 cities and counties nationwide that have met the standards for building department accreditation.  The accreditation process is very intense and we look forward to using what we learned from the experience to help us get to the next level of service and safety. 

    • City Council has approved new fees for L&I permits and licenses to go into effect on July 1, 2017.   Fees have not changed for 17 years, while inflation has risen around 40% over that same time period. The new fees, which on average are 18% higher than in 2000, will fund additional plan examiners, customer service representatives, and building inspectors, as well as other customer service and safety improvements. 

    • In response to your requests, we have developed an amended permit fact sheet. The fact sheet provides guidelines on when you need to amend a permit and how to do so.

    • In partnership with the Commerce Department, L&I taking steps to make the sign permitting process clearer and more simple. A sign permit fact sheet, now available on the L&I website, outlines the  building permit application requirements, relevant Code provisions, and when you need PA Professional Engineer to seal associated plans. 

      Look for live information sessions and other clarification efforts to come.  

    • Applications for permits for the complete demolition of a structure filed on or after June 12, 2017 must comply with Bill No. 170091. The Bill requires more extensive site safety plans and special inspections for some demolitions.


    • As described above, eCLIPSE can now meet all of your licensing needs – business, trade, new and renewals!

    • Special inspection agency and special inspector registrations will become available in October 2017 and will be required starting January 1, 2018.

      Effective January 1, 2018, the Department will no longer accept license applications or renewals via postal mail. After that time, all applications must be submitted through eCLIPSE or in person at the Public Services Concourse of the Municipal Services Building. 

    • The Department is developing a “web-based queuing” solution to long waits in the Concourse  This system will allow customers the flexibility to go online to schedule a convenient appointment for plans submission. 

    • L&I is partnering with 311 to be more responsive to help requests.  All eCLIPSE and general permit/ license inquiries now go through 311 to be tracked and sent to the appropriate L&I representative. This will help us get a handle on the volume and type of help requests, and on response times and customer satisfaction. Having better data on will help us identify the gaps in our system how best to address those gaps. 

    Thank you for the valuable feedback – both positive and negative - regarding your experiences  with permitting and licensing at L&I. Your feedback is playing a crucial role in shaping our plans as we work to improve customer service.  Please continue to provide your excellent feedback through our Online Survey.

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