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Au cours des dernières années, j'ai eu la chance de rencontrer Monseigneur Thomas Dowd, un évêque canadien de l'Église catholique romaine.  Nommé par le pape Benoît XVI, M. Dowd est présentement évêque auxiliaire au sein de l'archidiocèse de Montréal.
L'évêque Dowd a écrit un article qui parle de l'importance qu'il accorde à la sécurité dans un contexte de paroisse (église).  
Cet été, lorsque vous communiquerez avec les membres de votre communauté, nous vous encourageons à adopter ces valeurs en les intégrant dans vos programmes et évènements.  
Planifions pour protégerMC aimerait avoir l'occasion de vous aider à rédiger des politiques, à former votre personnel et vos bénévoles, et à vous aider à hausser la barre en matière de sécurité et de protection. 
Webinaires en anglais ce mois-ci

Plan to Protect ® Refresher
Jeudi., Juillet 19 (20h00-21h30)
Plan to Protect ® Orientation
Sat., Juillet 21 (13h00-15h30pm)
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de rabais

25 % de rabais sur une révision de politique

Commencez l'année fraichement en incluant une révision de votre politique.  Nous identifierons les lacunes de votre politique et vous recommanderons d'autres formulations.
COÛT : 374.25 $ + taxes (d'une valeur de 499 $)
Envoyez un courriel à info@planifionspourproteger.com pour profiter de cette offre!

L'offre expire le 31 Juillet 2018.
Planifions pour ProtégerMC

Highlights from the English Newsletter

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Self-Paced On-Line Certification Training with Video Seminars 

We've been working non-stop to bring you our most requested service yet!

We are so proud of the work we have put together, and
we're confident you're going to love it too!  

Self-paced, On-Line Certification Training is now available for
Administrator/Leader and Train the Trainer, Level 1 & 2 courses.


 "This was one of the better online courses I have taken. This program was well adapted to an electronic format. Thank you for doing all this work. I would say it is definitely valuable, and anyone in a leadership position which includes over-sight to workers with youth, kids, or vulnerable adults should take this course." - Thomas Verboom, Train the Trainer Level 1
Most valuable component of the course? "The assignments. Taking what I learned and reviewed from the videos and making it practical through assignments."  - Angela Hoffman, Administrator/Leader Level 2

"This training was interactive, engaging, and it motivated me to provide my organization with effective training. I feel prepared!"
- Jessica Debanne, Train the Trainer Level 2

"Excellent way to re-certify! The training was concise, valuable, and easy to follow along. A great way to update my course material and re-energize me for the my next round of training events." - Pam Loeppky, Train the Trainer Level 2

"Taking the Administration Online Course has allowed me to keep up to date with any changes that are occurring so that our application of this program is relevant and applicable. I have enjoyed this online format as it permits me to work it into a busy schedule,  submit my assignments at an appropriate time for me and yet receive feedback that contributes to further honing my skills." - Sara Myers , Administrator/Leader Level 2
"This course is thorough and much appreciated for those of us who do not live in cities where Plan to Protect® is provided in person.
 - Nancy Craig, Train the Trainer Level 2
"My favourite part is listening to you. Everything is going well - this is my third week. I'm really really preparing for my practicum. I was a teacher in Kenya, I know the methods of teaching here are the same and yet different. I am going through everything and I want to present my Practicum with the right methodology. Bridget has been really good and helpful. I am so excited about Plan to Protect - everything is really good. The manual is really good and an eye opener as well. I'm having a really good time being back at school. There is no reason I shouldn't do well. I really, really appreciate it. It's very clear. The way she explains every topic is very understandable and not complicated. I'm able to digest and comprehend. Keep up the great work. I'm very grateful for Plan to Protect®." - Becky Owende, Train the Trainer Level 1
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What You're Missing on the Member Section
Recorded Webinar:
Caring for Survivors of Abuse  
In June, we recorded a Special Interest Webinar called "Caring for Survivors of Abuse".  
This is available to you on the Plan to Protect® School. 
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Special Interest Webinar: Mentoring and Counselling   

July 18, 2018
12pm - 1pm ET
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Are we allowed to do one-on-one mentoring and counselling? Can we pick up participants and drive them in our car? Does gender matter? Can I get a parent's permission over the phone? Can I use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or other social media for mentoring and counselling? Let's Plan to Protect® during mentoring and counselling!

This webinar is designed for volunteers or staff offering mentoring/counselling services and the program leaders/supervisors who oversee them. We will address potential risks associated with mentoring and counselling activities and how to prevent them. Victoria Bissell, OCT. and Director of Training at Plan to Protect®, will discuss how we can protect the children, youth or vulnerable adults we are working with and how we can protect ourselves in these situations. We will cover ethics in counselling, specific age-related issues, and how to respond and intervene in a crisis. Let's raise the bar on protection!
Plan to Protect®