Si informa che l’edizione annuale della Guida Eduitalia- Study in Italy è introdotta dalla preziosa testimonianza dell’Ambasciatrice d’Italia a Washington S.E. Mariangela Zappia.

Guida Eduitalia che –come comunicato recentemente- ha l’onore di essere introdotta anche dalla presentazione del Sottosegretario del Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale Benedetto Della Vedova.
L’Ambasciatrice ha dedicato un pensiero speciale agli studenti e a quel loro sacrificio, che durante la pandemia, si è saputo trasformare in resilienza, capacità e passione per lo studio. “in the words of one of the 21 winners of the IX edition of the Eduitalia Award Ceremony: "Being able to speak Italian is a way to better understand the world of Italian art, and having now won a scholarship in Italy fills me with happiness". This message resonated strongly with all those involved, not only because it recognizes the importance of the Italian language, but all the more so as it came from students who were deeply affected by the pandemic crisis. Indeed, with the interruption of in-person lessons, replaced by distance learning, they had to work even harder, hand-in-hand with their teachers, showing not only great resilience, but an ability and will to continue learning our language with commitment - and passion.”.
Il 2022 è l’anno della X^ edizione della Eduitalia Award Ceremony, sinergia di successo, che lega Eduitalia all’Ambasciata “Through its 113 associated institutions, -prosegue nella presentazione l’Ambasciatrice- and in accordance with the National Observatory of the Italian Language strategic plan, for the ninth consecutive year Eduitalia has succeeded in supporting and encouraging the study of the Italian language.” It has done so by offering students the opportunity to spend three to five weeks in Italy, in one of the training centers located in some of our Country's most beautiful cities, rich in history, art and culture, and providing these young people the opportunity to practice Italian as a "living language".
“The sheer number of AP Italian exams taken (2,102) - the certification which recognizes proficiency of Italian in the US - as well as the number of schools involved (401) testifies to the fact that the passion for the Italian language has been even stronger during the pandemic.