(virtual brown bag) Quality Enrichment Circles
Quality Enrichment Circles (QECs), otherwise known as “communities of practice” are a group of people who share a common concern or a passion for something they do and they want to learn how to do it better. Even though we are facing unprecedented times and will be unable to meet in person this year, IHSA is committed to bringing you QECs for the 12th straight year! Just because we can’t meet in person doesn’t mean our conversations and relationships are any different. In fact, the need for QEC meetings is more important now than ever! During the meetings we will talk and share ideas, insights and strategies to help each other solve problems and  develop a common practice or approach to your content area. The agenda will be designed by you and what you need from the meeting. While COVID-19 will be front and center of most discussions, we will be including additional important topical areas that also need to be discussed.

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Details, Dates & Times:
This year there are EIGHT QEC content areas: 1. Education & Coaching

QECs #1—#5 will continue to meet regionally in groups in South, Central & North/Chicago.

The brand new QECs # 6, #7 & #8 will not meet in groups regionally, but instead meet together in one group.

Each QEC group will be held virtually FOUR times during the 2020-2021 calendar year. See dates below.

All QEC meetings will be held from 10:00am—1:00pm with the exception of the Site Directors QEC which will meet from 3:00-5:00pm.

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Please contact Michelle Iocca at miocca@ilheadstart.org with any questions. Once registered there is a no cancellation policy. For all important and current information and to see all IHSA events, please visit the IHSA website at www.ilheadstart.org