A holiday message from Kehillah President Rich Goldman:


As the Jewish New Year 5779 approaches, I want to express my pleasure at the thought of celebrating it together with our Kehillah family. This past year has been one of enormous and positive transformational change for us. I believe the saying, "the best is yet to come," describes how much we have to look forward to.

Wishing all of you L'Shana Tovah and looking forward to seeing you and your families during this meaningful time.

Rich Goldman
L'Shana Tovah from Congregation Kehillah  

Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman
Renee Joffe, Administrator 
Rich Goldman, President
Gil Blumenthal, Immediate Past President
Rich Fox, Member at Large and Men of Kehillah President
David Goldfarb, Member at Large and Building Chair
Leslie Goldman, Programming Chair
Arlene Maletta, Hospitality Co-Chair
Ilene Malka, Education Chair
Jane Neely, Hospitality Co-Chair and High Holy Days Chair
  Paul Stein, Member at Large
We wish you a New Year filled with connection, joy,
good health, sweetness, and abundant love!

      Rabbi Bonnie Sharfman and Roger Morris
May you and your loved ones be blessed with good health, joy and peace in 5779 .
Karen and Alan Thursby
Dor v'dor, may we all have good health and happiness in 5779.
Marsha Joffe, Renee Joffe & Tom Hrlevich
To my dear family and members of my Kehillah family,
May you and your loved ones be blessed with good health, peace and contentment and much happiness and love in the New Year.
L'Shanah Tovah!

Barbara Sharfman
L'Shana Tovah!  
Francine Ebersman 
Kehillah welcomes the following new members  
who joined since High Holy Days last year.  
We look forward to getting to know you better!
Jon & Ellen Andes
Bob & Amy Bessen
Jean Greenberg
Russ & Karyn Hendricksen, and children Stella & Alexa
Rachel Isgar, and children Ally & Caroline
Steve & Bari Kanefsky, and daughter Eva
David & Dory Mawyer
Marc & Debbie Melhado, and daughter Ally
Rob & Jodi Sandler, and children Ethan & Mia 
Annette Sarrazine
Barbara Siegel, and grandchildren Britany and Sierra Hammock
William & Elisa Snyder, and children Isaac & Miriam
Mark & Barbara Solow
Steve & Margie Palay, and children Max & Madalyn
Felicia Van Deman
Justin & Tiffany Whalen, and children Finley & Lily  

We apologize for any names inadvertently left off this list.