Happy New Year, L'Shana Tova and Eid Mubarak 
from all of us at Givat Haviva!
Happy New Year!
From all of us at Givat Haviva
Shana Tova Hamsa Givat Haviva has had a productive and challenging year, marked by many successes and important moments of growth. This year alone we have touched over 300,000 Israeli Arab and Jewish community members, collaborated with 35 Arab Israeli mayors, taught 2,754 Arab students practical Hebrew skills, facilitated intensive encounters between more than 582 Jewish and Arab teens, and brought together 8 leading NGOs in the field to establish a Joint Vision for Shared Society with President Reuven Rivlin at our Third Annual Shared Society Conference.

This upcoming year begins with the kick-off of our newest program - Bara'em Hi-Tech, which gives under-privileged Arab Israeli students the opportunity to learn college level hi-tech and computer engineering courses on our campus.  

We would like to thank all of our supporters for your generous commitment and dedication to our work and mission of creating a Shared Society in Israel. The new year will be sure to bring us new challenges, as well as success, and we look forward to tackling those together in 5776.  L'Shana Tova!
Educators for a Shared Society
Regional Teachers' Conference
Educators for a Shared Society is a program to train and connect Jewish and Arab teachers in preparation for the implementation of joint educational programs designed to promote a Shared Society among Jews and Arabs in Israel. The initiative aims to build the capacity of teachers to lead transformational processes in the classroom through Givat Haviva Shared Society educational programs, planned to take place between 10 pairs of Jewish & Arab schools following the training period. This program will be implemented within Givat Haviva's strategic programmatic framework entitled Shared Communities - where pairs of neighboring Jewish and Arab communities engage in mutually beneficial cooperation supported by municipal leaders that activate cross-sector civil society cooperation among Jewish and Arab populations. Shared Communities currently operates among three municipal pairs in the Wadi Ara region of Israel, adjacent to Givat Haviva and comprising a large concentration of Jewish and Arab communities. Educators for a Shared Society will provide teachers from this strategic region with a unique opportunity to acquire skills and tools through which they can impart shared society educational programs to their students. 

In August, Givat Haviva hosted our first Regional Teachers' Conference. The first of its kind, the Conference brought together over 400 Jewish and Arab teachers, school administrators and municipal educational professionals from middle schools and high schools of the Wadi Ara region. The Conference was an opportunity to sensitize stakeholders to the shared society education perspective and present best practices of successful collaboration.

TOE Group with Perry & Gladys at the Puffin Cultural Forum
Another Great Year of Through Others' Eyes Exhibitions

Each year GHEF hosts the participants of the Through Others' Eyes program, a year long photography based dialogue project that engages high-school aged Israeli Jewish and Arab youth in cross-cultural experiences. This year we had two wonderful exhibitions at the Puffin Cultural Forum and the 14th Street Y. Check out the photographs from the exhibit and more information about this year's Four Elements Theme here .

The next stop for this exhibition will be at the Other Israel Film Festival at the JCC of Manhattan from November 5th to the 12th. Be sure to check them out!

Save the Date for this Year's Other Israel Film Festival!
Stay tuned for more information about Givat Haviva's participation and sponsorship of the Other Israel Film Festival.
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