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Librarian to Business: A Note from Beth Clower

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Upcoming Programs
Non-Profit Roundtable
Thursday, October 3 | Noon-1:30 pm
Discuss the issues and challenges in working at and running a non-profit in this bring-your-own lunchtime roundtable discussion sponsored by SCORE. This month's topic: Legal and organizational issues to consider with charities. Reserve your spot for Non-Profit Roundtable .
Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities, Explained
Tuesday, October 15 | 6:30-7:30 pm
What's your reality? Virtual, augmented, mixed - learn the difference. Reserve your spot for Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Realities, Explained .
Business Mentoring
Wednesday, October 16 | 6:30-7:30 or 7:30-8:30 pm
Make a list of the business questions keeping you up at night and discuss them one-on-one with a SCORE business mentor. Reserve your spot for Business Mentoring .
Microsoft Excel 101
Thursday, October 17 | 6:30-7:30 pm
Learn to create, edit, and save Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Join the waitlist for Microsoft Excel 101 .
Do You Know? The Likelihood of a Cyber Attack
The cyber threat businesses face is an evolving menace in today’s digital ecosystem. And this is why you have to continually evaluate the readiness of your organization in dealing with this threat. Because the attacks are relentless and ever-changing.

How Do You? Avoid Getting Into Hot Water with Google
Digitalmarketing.com  states that Search Engine Optimization – known as SEO – involves implementing content development and website design strategies that lead to higher search engine (otherwise known as “Google”) rankings. While there are abundant methods a business might use to facilitate SEO, from link-building to maintaining a blog, there are two overarching types of SEO strategies: white hat and black hat.

Social Me dia: Advertising on Facebook
Whether you’re a seasoned Facebook advertiser or a paid social newb, let’s chat about a few things you should be doing in order to maximize results and make the most of your Facebook campaigns, shall we?

Non-Profit Focus: Leveraging the Cloud
By integrating these cloud technologies, nonprofits are able to save both time and money. Here's how.

Article of the M onth: Leadership for the 21st century
We see leadership pipelines and development at a crossroads at which organizations must focus on both the traditional and the new. Organizations know that they must develop leaders for perennial leadership... And they know that they must also develop leaders for the capabilities needed for the demands of the rapidly evolving, technology-driven business environment...

Leadership for the 21st century, from Deloitte Trends
Magazine of the Month: Harvard Business Review
If strategy is the blueprint for building an organization, metrics are the concrete, wood, drywall, and bricks. But there’s a hidden trap in this organizational architecture: A company can easily lose sight of its strategy and instead focus strictly on the metrics that are meant to represent it. For an extreme example of this problem, look to Wells Fargo...Every day, across almost every organization, strategy is being hijacked by numbers, just as it was at Wells Fargo. It turns out that the tendency to mentally replace strategy with metrics – called surrogation – is quite pervasive. And it can destroy company value.

Read the rest of the September/October 2019 Harvard Business Review article, Don’t Let Metrics Undermine Your Business, at the library.
Business App of the Month: IFTTT (If-This-Then-That)
IFTTT helps you simplify and automate everyday tasks between apps by creating custom recipes with "if this, then that" statements. Text yourself if rain is forecast for tomorrow, save a news story once it posts, or share a photo the instant you snap it. With more than 65 supported apps and services, you can customize a seemingly endless number of powerful connections.
Online Digital Resource: A to Z for Sales Leads
Learn how to find New Homeowner Sales Leads & Mailing Lists in A to Z, an online digital resource.

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Do You Know How? Make your LinkedIn Profile Pop
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