Dearest Topangans and LA County Recipients of This Email;

Hopefully you all received the en mass email I put this morning with an update on our lawsuit and a link to the letter I sent to LA County on our behalf today.  If not please let me know and I will add you.   
This morning we officially put LA County on notice to cease and desist all 4 and 5G installations and propagation. 

Earlier this morning I sent that same letter to our attorney for his approval and to be sent out on his letterhead, but he was too busy to drop everything and look at it right now, although he will most likely get to it this week or by next week for sure.  But because of the rapidity with which we know the wireless industry is rolling out the "upgrade" to 5G, I went ahead and sent the letter myself today, to be followed up on by our attorney should there be any corrections necessary.
Here is a link to a generalized copy of the letter that went out this morning to LA County BOS, Sheila Kuehl, BOS counsel, and LA County Planning Dept. heads.  I  just wanted to let you know what was going on.  I am also going to send this to all of the other Supervisors in LA County right now.    
It is temporary, but it is a stay on any further 4 or 5G small cell installations until we are able to get a full on injunction through our legal actions.  And yes, Julie has insisted that there are separate legal actions being filed on this.  Thus they will not necessarily be identical.
In case you would like to donate, here is our Go Fund Me page and video

Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone you know either in LA County or beyond, as this legal action stands for the entire country!  Just people don't know about it yet!  Let's get the word out!!  :) 

With love, light and gratitude,

Liz Barris (google has also deleted most of my pages from their search engine)