Share One, Inc. | June 2020
Share One Values Contract Renewals
Share One's management and staff are thankful for the opportunity to continue serving LA Healthcare who recently renewed their contract with Share One, Inc.

LA Healthcare Federal Credit Union, Los Angeles, CA Annice Kim, President/CEO
Assets: $17M, Client Since: 2013
Thank you, LA Healthcare Federal Credit Union!
Loans Coded as "Affected by Natural Disaster" Should Be Processed with Mass Fix to Avoid Reporting Mistakes
In order for loans coded as "Affected by Natural Disaster" for COVID-19 to be reported as deferred payment instead of past due, credit unions must run a Mass Fix (linked below) as part of their end of month/quarter process.

Some credit unions are missing this Mass Fix. If this is not run correctly, the credit union will have to correct the error using "e-OSCAR" for the member's report to be updated. Adding the Mass Fix will prevent future issues from incorrect reporting.

Note from page 11 on the document: A mass fix will need to be run after DHUpdate (Delinquency History Update) and before CBReporting. It will need to update CB Payment_History 24-month table for the correct settings. This will remove the current month off the Payment_History field and insert a "D" and a space for the current month. The Metro 2 program should read this and report it as is.

This mass fix can be found on Share One's Microsoft Teams Group called Skip-A-Payment Collaboration, NSQuery Mass Fix Channel, or by contacting Support at 800-888-0766, option 1.
Employee News
Lena Baioni joins the Development team as a Programmer Analyst I. She recently graduated from Mississippi State University with a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. Lena's experience and interests include a previous internship with Milwaukee Tools, helping design and race an off-road vehicle, and learning new things.
SYNC 2020: Together Toward Tomorrow
Virtual Edition - October 20, 2020
Our “physical” conference at the Peabody in Memphis is postponed until October 2021, when we hope to clear the hurdle of the current Pandemic.
We are planning to host our first ever “virtual conference" and are busy putting together a webinar designed to network, share, and learn with SYNC 2020 – Together Towards Tomorrow.

We will have more information and registration as soon as we map out our agenda.
Cloudflare Installation for NSHome/NSMobile Set for July 1
Cloudflare is best described as insurance for your digital networks. This protection will be applied to NSHome and NSMobile for all clients on July 1, 2020.

This robust security software is essentially a filter for your internet connections and can detect serious threats aiming to infiltrate your secure connections.

Now, more than ever, the internet is mission-critical to share data, to solve challenges, and to stay connected. But as the internet increases in importance, you're confronting higher network demand, a rapid acceleration in remote work, and an intensifying risk of cyber threats.

Cloudflare offers best in class network DDoS protection, is entirely software-defined, and is vetted by large corporations like IBM, Shopify, and others boasting a proven track record of protecting web applications, infrastructure, and remote workforce reliability.

Contact your National Account Executives, Michael Curtis , Eric Conrad , and Laura Stewart with any questions.
Share One Retires Website Hosting/Design Services
Share One's core processing software, NewSolutions, and our NS3 digital solutions (Internet and mobile banking - NSHome and NSMobile) are our primary business focus and our greatest commitment to you and your members.

With careful analysis, we determined the web hosting/design service is not fiscally responsible for our CUSO. Therefore, we made the difficult decision to sunset this service. For our credit union clients, that means your credit union's custom website, which was created and is hosted and maintained by Share One, will be discontinued on September 1, 2020.

Your credit union will need to retain a third-party provider to host and maintain your website.

This change will not affect your credit union's NSHome internet banking product by Share One. We will work with your new provider to accommodate that interface.

Beginning July 1, 2020, new guidelines will apply to changes and alterations to your current website, due to limited staffing resources.

We will no longer be able to create new pages, or add new categories or selections. Existing COVID-19 pages and sections cannot continue to be maintained. For COVID-19 updates we can build a link to a PDF document from your homepage. We can update that document until your site is transferred.

Interest rate updates are limited to two per month.

One complimentary Pull request is extended to each credit union. Pull is the process of preparation needed to transfer existing websites to a new vendor. Any additional Pull requests are billable.

The following partners (currently being used by some Share One clients) can provide a quote to transfer/host your existing site, build and/or maintain, and host a new website but you are not limited to these providers:
CU Solutions Group - Tim Bohlman , 800-262-6285
OMNICAMANDER - Randall Ashley , 800-807-3109

We appreciate your understanding with this transition and pledge to continue to refine our services for our outstanding core platform, NewSolutions, and our next generation NS3 suite of digital services: NSHome, NSMobile, NSJoin, NSLoan.
Reminder: Changes to Password Minimum Requirements for Citrix/Portal Credentials
On June 2, 2020, password requirements for Citrix and Customer Portal credentials were changed to include:

1 . Passwords must be at least eight characters.

2 . Include three of the following four characters:
  • Uppercase Letter
  • Lowercase Letter
  • Number
  • Special Character

3 . New passwords cannot be one of the last four passwords used.
Regulatory Guidance and Compliance
Follow the links below for full articles regarding regulatory guidance and compliance:

  • With the increase in federal disbursements relating to economic relief, Customer Support has received inquiries about identifying specific Originators and the number of transactions received.

Educational Services Webinar Schedule
All Webinars are free, recorded, and
available on the Customer Portal.

Live Webinars listed below are in Central Time.
Release Notes
Please utilize the upgrade scheduling tool on the Customer Portal Release Notes page
  • Major program enhancements include FICS, Contact Management, Password Hashing, and Member Profiles.

  • Additional enhancements include Appearance, Batch, CD Secured VRL, Dormancy, EFT Notification Enhancements, Enterprise for EFT Endpoint Definition, Insurance Automation, Loan Origination, Insurance, Teller, and Add-On Products.

Disaster Recovery Test Schedule
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