Dear Parents,

With the school year well underway and the hints of fall all around, it is time to look forward to Parents’ Weekend as it approaches on Oct. 19-20, 2018 . We look forward to your presence on campus bringing the ability for you to connect strongly and directly with both the people and the place shaping your child’s experience at Lawrence Academy. As the time to organize ourselves for the event approaches, we will maintain good communication and organization with you, with this email and this linked PDF serving as a general introduction.

Parents’ Weekend emphasizes the tone and spirit of all our engagement with parents: we welcome your presence, your cooperation and your partnership as we share enthusiasm for the growth and flourishing of your child. Parents’ Weekend helps to ground our relationship, providing the opportunity to meet with teachers and advisors individually while experiencing the classes and programs your children experience. Most importantly, we want you to feel the quality and pace of life that gives LA its vibrancy.

There are two particular opportunities I want to draw your attention to over the course of the weekend’s program: the assembly Friday at 1:00 and the Parents’ Association Programming Friday at 2:00 and Saturday at 9:30. These points in the schedule will allow parents the opportunity to hear about both the immediate and long-range priorities the school has developed to serve our students well. These messages will reinforce our approach not only to the crucial issues in the lives of high school students today, but to the broader ways a school can help shape and influence culture over time. We hope you will highlight those times in your schedule.

Please stay tuned for further information regarding the logistics and mechanisms supporting the places and times identified in our schedule. Actual sign-ups for times with advisors and teachers will open on October 8 (closing Oct.15) . We will enjoy each other’s company soon, and we can’t wait to welcome you all, starting at 8:00 in assembly Friday morning, October 19th and extending over the weekend!

Until then, warm regards,

Dan Scheibe
Head Of School
Lawrence Academy