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Hello All,

In an incredible show of support for human health and life, Los Angeles Police yesterday stood together with fire fighters to get LA City Council (different than LA County Board of Sups.) in a 12 -0 unanimous NO for vote against LA RICS federal cell tower roll out!!  We must get ALL cities and counties in the state and the US to follow their lead!  Precedent has been set, this is DO-ABLE!  Please see 12 year veteran, ex-Fire Captain, Don Wallace's note and please forward this email!!... 



Sending this out to sort of closes this file but throw nothing away!  I hope that the actual Council motion is the last communication required in this saga.  

Thank you very much for your successful advocacy against LARics as foisted on an unaware community and unaware Firefighters by giant corporations hungry for profit and determined to avoid environmental scrutiny; abetted by Fire Chiefs lured by "our own free radio system" without a thought or care for the health and welfare of their brothers, never bothered to read the conflicting science on electromagnetic radiation and blithely encouraged the army of corporate consultants with their endorsement of this scam.  Thanks to the political acumen of the City and County Firefighters and the REVOLT IN TOPANGA among the citizenry which generated the involvement of the Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation and the ensuing REVOLT IN CORNELL we were able to prevail...?   It is amazing what the community and the firefighters are able to accomplish together.

Hopefully the consultants will slink away to the dark hole from whence they spawned... but vast quantities of money are involved.  The key word below is "suspend"   THEY'LL BE BAAAAACK!







Bulletin 14-15 Unanimous City Council Vote to Suspend         LA-RICS Cell Tower Project
For several years now, the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications (LA-RICS) Joint Powers Authority has been planning an interoperable communications program for public safety agencies in the Los Angeles region.  This project included the placement of as many as 34 cell towers at LAFD fire stations  and the United Firefighters of Los Angeles  City (UFLAC)  made our opposition to LA-RICS well known throughout the process.


Today, we are proud to tell you that t he Los Angeles City Council took  a unanimous 12 to 0 vote mandating that the LA-RICS Joint Powers Authority immediately stop all plans to construct cell towers at LAFD fire stations and reassess the project. This is a huge win for our members and the communities that we serve.

U FLAC would like to give  thanks to our brothers and sisters at Los Angeles County Fire Local 1014. Their strong opposition to the LA-RICS p roject helped to protect  our Firefighters and community by convincing the LA County Board of Su pervisors to suspend the placement of cell towers on LA County fire station properties . We also give special thanks to LA City Councilman Mitch Englander, who had the courage to put forward the City of  Los Angeles motion today to suspend  the project in our City. Finally,  we want to thank the  UFLAC members who took the time to come to City Council today to support our efforts. Your presence was felt and made a tremendous difference.

  The United Firefighters of Los Angele s City  was the only labor group in the City of Los Angeles to initially take a position of opposition to the placement of these cell towers on LA property. The Los Angeles County Firefighters Local 1014 was the only labor association in the County of LA to take a similar early position against the placement of cell towers on County property. Today, we were proud to be joined by the Los Angeles  Police Protective League (LAPPL) who recently took a position of opposition to the LA-RICS project and spoke in fav or of the Englander motion  to suspend the construction of the cell towers. It is always great when Firefighters and Police Officers work together for the common good of our members and the community as a whole.


The United Firefighters of Los Angeles City , our Executive Board, and our Political Action Committee  will continue to advocate for safe working conditions for all of our members.  Thanks to the strong relationships that we have developed in the City Council, we now have elected leaders who care about our issues and support our Firefighters. 


We thank of the members of UFLAC Local 112 for your support on this important issue. 
Yours in Solidarity,



Watch My Video on LA RICS and First Net

...The Federal Source of Tax Payer Funding for These Deadly and Invasive Cell Towers...




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