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Dear All;

We have a few items of special interest today.  I wanted to get this news letter to you last week, but am moving much slower these days...

1) Legal Action Against LA County Appealing Installation of LA RICS Tower,what is LA RICS and First Net and why you should care.   

2) Zoom call with attorney, Andrew Campanelli, 6 PM PST, This Mon. Eve, Oct. 19th, to:
  • clarify Qs on Northern District Plaintiff requirements re: ADA/Fair Housing Act/5G/small cell  
  • answer First Net National 5G, IoT, Military and Surveillance tower roll out qs. and Clarify Qs on Northern District Plaintiff requirements re: ADA/Fair Housing Act/5G/small cell and 
  • any of your other Qs

3) Survey Results Plus Your Comments

4) Telecom Insider Tactics: Industry shill/city council cell site advisor "Dr." Jonathan Kramer Gives Presentation On How to Get Your 5G/Small Cell Antennas Pushed Through Despite Public Backlash

5) A Bit of EMF News
6) Free petition/auto-dialer gets RESULTS still available for a limited time to anyone who wishes to keep the contact info of their 5G petition sign-ees and use the auto dial, auto email and auto Tweet system.
7) Some extremely important videos (but old if you've already seen them) on Covid 19 "vaccine" 

Here we go...

1) Legal Action Against LA County, What is First Net and LA RICS and Why You Should Care
Last week, our Planning Department rejected the communities desire not to be irradiated by 2 new super high powered, "built for distance with military applications" 5G, IoT, surveillance towers, voted against our health and well being and voted for the industries profits and the military's new deadly toy under the guise of "necessary for emergency services".  This being the latest lie we are told to get the public to willingly accept 24/7 surveillance, have our every move including meta and granular data tracked, harvested and sold, involuntarily participate in the IoT (internet of things) and of course be experimented on, or actual targets of the latest in high powered, low latency, weaponized communications systems.   We are appealing this misguided decision.
You may or may not have heard of First Net, the national 5G, IoT, weaponized surveillance system.  It is important that you know what it is, as it is going to be rolled out in your area if you do nothing to stop it.  It uses different names depending on the area, for instance we are LA RICS (Los Angeles Interoperability Communications System)  Here is an article that will help explain what First Net is, what LA RICS is, why you should care and why not to believe what you are being told about these deadly, IoT, surveillance towers.

Here is also a vid I made 5 years ago on LA RIC and First Net when these towers were rightfully blocked in LA County by the Board of Supervisors.
We still need to raise funds for this legal action (which is different than the suit with the Brockovich law firm that we have yet to file and for which we are seeking our Northern District Plaintiff), please donate what you can.to our legal action to block First Net/LA RICS.  Please note that should this appeal against LA RICS/First Net be rejected and we file a lawsuit and prevail, it will be a first of its kind win against the federal government on this issue.  Very special thanks to 5GFreeCalifornia and City Hearts, for their generous support of this legal action against First Net and LA RICS.
2) Zoom call with attorney, Andrew Campanelli, 6 PM PST, This Mon. Eve, Oct. 19th, to:
  • answer First Net National 5G, IoT, Military and Surveillance tower roll out qs.,
  • clarify Qs on Northern District Plaintiff requirements re: ADA/Fair Housing Act/5G/small cell
  • and take your other Qs

There has been a lot of confusion about what our attorney is looking for in the Plaintiff/s for the suit we must file in the Northern District Court of CA, not to mention the wrench of Covid 19 lock down thrown in.  We wish to clear up the confusion, obtain the best plaintiff we can from the this jurisdiction, file our lawsuit and join any other suits to this one should we have other cases in other CA jurisdictions.  Our lead attorney, Andrew Campanelli has graciously agreed to answer any and all qs pertaining to exactly what we are seeking with regards to our Northern District Plaintiff (30 day shot clock no longer required) and answer  any of your qs on First Net towers and how to take legal action to stop them and any other questions on 5G and wireless infrastructure you might have.   


Please join us on our Zoom video call with  attorney Andrew Campanelli, Tues. evening Oct. 30th @ 6 PM PST. 

Advance registration is mandatory for this meeting, please register here:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.  See you then! 


 3) Survey Results Plus Your Comments 
Above is the survey we sent out 2 weeks ago re: our lawsuit on ADA/Fair Housing Act/Telecom Act/Constitution.  
The majority of you felt we should wait for the Northern District Plaintiff (as opposed to filing in a different court) but NOT keep waiting til we get someone within their 30 day shot clock.  Thank you for voting.  We are going to move forward based on the above majority votes. 
I was going to post your questions from the comments section and answer them here, but instead I ask that you be on the above Zoom call with our attorney next Tues. evening so he can answer them directly and to your satisfaction.
To view the comments section of the survey please click here.  We anonymized all of the comments even if you identified yourself, since we are making them public.  
Some people did not ask qs but gave suggestions for actions.  We want to thank you for that and let you know we are seriously considering taking action on some of your suggestions.

4) Presentation by "Dr." Jonathan Kramer, City Consultant on small cell deployments with BIG conflict of interest.   
The below video made my blood boil, but I forced myself to watch it just to learn the tricks of this deceitful trade that Dr. Jonathan Kramer has decided to make his lifes work...tricking city councils into thinking they have to accept 5G, small cells or any cellular infrastructure.  Now what could POSSIBLY be the motivation for "Dr." Kramer behind this deadly work?  I'll give you one guess...if you thought "money", why you'd be right!  Please check out this letter written by Susan Foster where she calls out "Dr." Kramers company that makes money from the placement of antennas.  Then to help your small (or big) cell blocking efforts at your city council, watch "Dr." Kramers video to shed some light on "insider" industry tactics used to win over your city council and accept this deadly infrastructure.  One of a long list of disturbing comments he makes...
"Your duty is not to the community, it's to the carrier, your duty is to your shareholders".   This is the person hired by cities all across the state of CA to help them determine if a small cell should go in or not.... 

5) A Bit of EMF News (there is too much to track now so I leave that to others)
Eddie Van Halen used a metal pick which he would hold in his mouth in EMF saturated studies all day, every day.  EMFs interact with metal and magnify it.  This was the spot where his cancer was found, which spread despite surgery and chemo and ultimately lead to his death.
This is music to my eyes...
As you are probably aware by now, our petition to WHO/IARC to make wireless radiation Class 1 was de-platformed based on the lie that our science lacked credibility, which led us to start our own petition campaign without depending on private companies that offer people "free" petition platforms but then remove the petition when you are close to delivery because they disagree with your anti EMF, forced vaccination or other such message, which brings us to item 6...

6) Free petition/auto-dialer gets RESULTS still available for a limited time to anyone who wishes to keep the contact info of their 5G petition sign-ees and use the auto dial, auto email and auto Tweet system.
We are finding great success with communities that have decided to take us up on our offer of this free platform.  They have been building their email list virtually effortlessly while simultaneously communicating their needs on 5G to their reps.  We are also open to people wanting to do anti forced vaccination, etc.  Please click here for details. 
7) Some Very Important Films (but old if you've already seen them) on Covid 19 "Vaccine"    
The issue of mandatory vaccines, global power grab/ takeover, pandemic exploited in lock down to take away citizens rights and chipping people via "vaccination" and monetary reset in order to keep those at the top in power sounds incredulous but is quite real and upon us.  I am going to be peppering this news letter with credible articles and videos on this subject moving forward, to do our part to raise your awareness in the hopes that you will share this information with others who may not yet be informed.
But what does this have to do with EMFs you ask?  A LOT.  This scenario would not be possible without the global 5G infrastructure in place and of course the chipping and tracking of citizens wouldn't either.  Please view the following videos with an open mind and do your own research but don't use Google, use Duck Duck Go.  Google has been burying genuine search results, replacing them with what they want you to see and removing content they "don't approve of".  
Hospital receives $13,000 for admitting patient under Covid 19 and another $39,000 if they put patient on ventilator...
Please watch Plandemic 1 one of the most important films of the decade (along with Plandemic 2) if you have not already.  If you already have seen it please pass it on to others.  Here is also Plandemic 2, the other most important film of the decade.  Please pass these films on to as many people as you can.  These films were banned from Google and You Tube due to their conflict of interest with ownership of a vaccine.     
To our collective great success in this battle for our basic rights, health and life,