LAA News
December 2018
Important Information

Now is the time to renew your membership for 2019.
The new 2019 application is now available online. There have been some changes, so please read carefully.  And don't forget to make your volunteer choices. We need everyone's help to keep LAA vibrant. 
It's easy to renew. Go to Landingsart.com, the membership tab is at the top of the page and from the dropdown box choose forms.  You can complete the application and pay online or print the application and mail with a check to the address at the bottom of the form. Whichever way works best for you, do it before the holidays and avoid the after December 31 late fee.
Questions? drpamr@gmail.com
Pam Reynolds, Membership Chair


Petite Holiday Gift Gallery 2018


Each month, Sound View Wealth Advisors give an award to one of LAA's outstanding artists. Margaret Toth was the recipient of this honor for the month of November.
A long-time member of the LAA and The Landings, Margaret's primary subjects are people with her strength being pencil portraits where she succeeds in capturing the personality of her subject.
An artist who works within various mediums such as watercolor and acrylic, she quite recently began experimenting with various mixed media techniques. She utilizes vintage photos, as well as her own photographs of family, friends, and the environment. Margaret then paints in the picture and background onto a wood block and finishes the whole process with several layers of varnish. Through her years of experience within the field of art, she is able to create pieces that are haunting with their ethereal perspectives.
Along with a winning ribbon and articles in area publications, the award artist will receive a check for $100. For information on how to exhibit your art in the LAA/Sound View Member Gallery, please contact Gallery Chair, Marie Tomlinson at mt10@optonline.net  


Put your creative thinking caps on and begin considering art work ideas to coincide with this enticing theme. Many thanks to Phyllis Tildes for coming up with such a varied topic.
During the month of June, our entire Gallery will behold pieces (2D and 3D) portraying this theme.
Contact Gallery Chair, Marie Tomlinson, at mt10@optonline.net for additional information.

Please note that during this Holiday Season, there will NOT be a General Membership Meeting during the month of December. Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 6:30 at the Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church.

December Artists of the Month

The Landings Art Association
Announces its
December 2018 Art Exhibit
featuring the works of

Nancy Lieb
Liz McAdams
Robert Wright

LAA Plantation Gallery
December 6 - January 1

Opening Reception Thursday, December 6, 2018
5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Throughout December, The Landings Art Association will present three Artists of the Month for a show you won't want to miss. Beginning with a reception at 5:00 p.m. on December 6, The Plantation Club will be adorned with the paintings of watercolorists Nancy Lieb, and Liz McAdams, along withthe work of knife maker Robert Wright, whose custom-made knives will be on view in the display case. 

Both teachers throughout their careers, Nancy Lieb and Liz McAdams had always been creative. In their spare time, Nancy painted with oils and pastels, and Liz loved to draw, design needlepoint canvases, sew and knit. When they retired and moved to the Landings, these new friends decided to study traditional watercolor painting with Rebecca Kahrs Willis. 

Together through seven years of instruction, a lot of trial and error, successes and failures, Liz and Nancy have grown into skilled artists with very different approaches. Liz enjoys the solitude of painting and takes her time with her pieces. Her style has evolved to reflect her strong attention to detail, and an appreciation of neutral colors. Nancy, on the other hand, works quickly and has developed a loose, flowing, more abstract style featuring bright, bold colors. 

Liz fell in love with the transparent beauty of watercolors, finding the process of painting challenging but also restful and relaxing. For Liz, "Every project presents a different way of looking at a subject and a different technique. For me the hardest element is capturing the right colors... the ones that are in my mind." Some of Liz's most compelling works, like the painting of the railroad tie shown here, are detailed close-ups of hidden views most people would just pass by. 

Nancy enjoys exploring and experimenting with a variety of watercolor materials. " I love using brilliant colors in the 
watercolor spectru m, especially when painting it on a
gel medium or on Yupo paper, because I can paint directly with fresh colors that can be lifted" Yupo paper is a non-porous, water-resistant paper that allows the artist to experiment with interesting textures and effects. 

Nancy and Liz enjoy serving on the Landings Art Association Board as creators of the newsletter, as well as participating in a painting group that meets bi-monthly at St. Peter's Episcopal Church. 
A retired forester from Union Camp and International Paper Co., Robert Wright moved with his family to Savannah in 1981, and has lived at The Landings since 1990. He began making knives in the mid-1980's after watching a program on Georgia Public Television featuring custom engraver and knife maker, Jim Small.

Later, hunters would bring Robert deer antlers requesting knives made using the antlers for the handles. Over the years, he expanded his skill and expertise by spending time with other knife makers and reading books a nd magazines about knife making. 
All of Robert's knives are made completely by hand, using only the best quality materials purchased from reputable suppliers. Heat t reating of blades is performed by professional heat-treating companies such as Peters Heat Treating Co. of PA. "It takes from 20 to 40 hours for me to make a knife by h and. I do not use any kits, nor do I take any short cuts." 

The steel types Robert uses are high quality CPMS30V, 440C stainless, D-2 tool and Damascus. Handle materials consist of deer antler, exotic and North American hardwoods, Micarta, sheep horn, buffalo horn and gem materials. Robert makes all kinds of knives including hunting, skinning, fighting, oyster and chef knives. He enjoys making custom knives designed by or with the input of the customer. "Many people do not understand that knife making is as much an art as it is a cra ft. Manufactured knives are often mass produced using poor quality steel and materials, and are not even heat treated to hold a good cutting edge. Good knives, like good art, require care and maintenance."

Don't miss the Opening Reception 
Thursday, December 6 from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
(Public Welcome/Refreshments Available)

Save the Date

SAVE THE DATE and be a STAR at the 

Landings Art Association Spring Art Show:  Monday April 15, 2019

Intake: Sunday afternoon, April 14
Show:  Monday, April 15
We're looking for volunteers to help with this great annual event.  If you are interested, call Nancy Lieb 598-4509   Liebnancy55@gmail.com

Donation Wanted

The library has space to display art and would love to have a few donations to hang in prominent places.  The money from the sale of the art goes to the library.      As you know The Village Library is self funded and run by volunteers so your donation would help a lot!
If you have art to donate please contact Liz McAdams at 598-9266.
Thank you.

Plantation Gallery News

 The LAA/Sound View Wealth Advisors 
at The Plantation Club

The name is not the only thing that has changed! Read on (carefully) ...

  1. Beginning this month, members of Soundview Wealth Advisors, our new gallery partners, will choose a 1st Place Winner AND an Honorable Mention from among the artwork at Plantation. Both pieces will have ribbons of recognition hung next to them for the month, and the 1st Place winner will receive a $100 check, as well as widespread publicity, courtesy of the LAA and Soundview Wealth Advisors. The ribbons will be on display beginning the day after intake at the Thursday evening reception each month.

Congratulations to Margaret Toth, the 1 st Place winner of the LAA/Soundview Artist's Award for November!

  1. Intake and Pick Up at Plantation will remain the 1st Wednesday of each month, from 9AM to 11AM. One piece per artist will be accepted. Art must be picked up even if you are not dropping off a new piece! PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

REMINDER: IF YOU BRING IN A PIECE OF ART TO DISPLAY, IT MUST REMAIN ON THE WALL FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OR BE REPLACED BY ANOTHER PIECE OF SIMILAR SIZE. You are also responsible for contacting Marie Tomlinson ( inkstresse@gmail.com) and for replacing the label.

  1. Beginning with January intake, oversized artwork (larger than 30"x30" framed) will be accepted with a reservation on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum size for oversized art is 36" LONG X 36" WIDE. This includes the frame. 
If you have an oversized piece you would like hung, email Marie Tomlinson at inkstresse@gmail.com between the 1 st and 15 th of the month for the following month. Please include the exact measurements including the frame. You will receive an email back indicating whether or not you can be accommodated that month. REMEMBER, due to space constraints, we can only accept a limited number of oversized art each month, to be determined by the size of the art.  Reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis based on when the emails are received.  

Since this new change will take place beginning in January, reservations will be accepted from December 1 st to December 15 th for January intake. Please do not request a reservation until the 1 st of each month for the following month.

For all other artwork, the maximum size remains at 30" X 30" framed (with hanging wire) and, as usual, NO reservation is required.


Now hiring!

We are looking for volunteers to help hang artwork at Plantation and/or create labels for a few hours (only 3 or 4 times) in 2019.

Hours are 9 - 11:15 AM at intake on the first Wednesday of the month. Label makers' hours vary slightly. This year we had 3 teams of 3 that were scheduled once every 3 months. If there are more volunteers, you would work even less than that.

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! You will be shown exactly what to do. So grab a few of your friends to form a team or sign up individually. Contact Marie Tomlinson at inkstresse@gmail.com if you would be willing to help!!!

It's never too early to start planning...

The LAA MEMBER THEME SHOW will be held during the month of June, 2019 and will encompass the entire Plantation gallery (case and walls). The theme will be "Around the World in 30 Days". 

Renew now...
You must be an LAA member to display. RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW FOR 2019!

For further information, please contact our LAA/Soundview Gallery at Plantation Coordinator, Marie Tomlinson, at inkstresse@gmail.com.