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February 2019
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Membership Renewal

If you haven't renewed your membership for 2019 this will be your last newsletter .  So don't delay, renew today! Unpaid members will be removed from the roster in February and will no longer receive email newsletters. 


Pam Reynolds 
Membership Chair

General Meeting February 19 at 6:30
Jim Guerard: Ready For His Close-up

Carol Otto Cole
It's said that a single photograph of Yosemite Park started the ball rolling for a U.S.  National Park Service in 1916.  A century later, advanced image-capturing technologies have created  amateur photographers and possible media darlings out of  anyone with a smart phone.  Still, comparing that minimal effort with the plodding patience of the scholastic photographer who hiked -- or paddled, dived, snowshoed, flew or climbed-  to get that nanosecond of perfect lighting and action is like comparing DaVinci's  Last Supper  to a pug dressed in a tuxedo.  Just as Ansel Adams's work beckoned travelers toward Yosemite,  Landings resident Jim Guerard's breathtaking photography of Skidaway Island deals the island a rich hand as a travel destination or a relocation possibility.
Chances are you're already familiar with Guerard's work from his showing at the Plantation Club in January. Before relocating to the Landings in 2013 from California, where he retired from Adobe Systems, Inc. as a VP and General Manager of Adobe's Creative Cloud, his career took him to Europe and Asia-where he learned to combine his love of nature and varying cultures with his quickly developing interest in photography. He became so camera-proficient that the art form is now the cause, rather than the effect, of his travels.   Yellowstone, Siberia, the Arctic Circle and less remote areas of Europe and Africa are planned for this coming year. Guerard hopes through his photos to bring awareness of these timeless panoramas and vanishing cultures, sharing with his observers a tangible extension of the same elation he experiences while being in these special places. Each of Guerard's images captured sensitively and majestically, yet each tells its own inspirational story.
A Google search quickly brings up Guerard's Flickr account, specifically, www.flickr.com/photos/jimguerard.  Classified by areas such as Patagonia, Southern Greenland, New Zealand, and of course, Skidaway Island, a cursory glance leads to a more absorbing, trance-like saunter through some of the most hauntingly beautiful places in the world. Guerard's subject categories are equally capable of stirring a visceral response in the viewer:  his "African Wild Dogs", while magnificent, are suspensefully exact,  and his "Mama and the 3 Cubs"  (pictured is one from this series) rocks you back to warm and fuzzy.  Nature lovers, armchair travelers and photography enthusiasts, check out this visual tour of the world through Guerard's passionate perspective and experience a call to peace and quietness and that will settle your harried spirit.  If you are a Landings resident,  the Skidaway Island album will move you  with its aerial Landings Club and marina vistas and balmy tidal and marsh views.  Non-residents will be moved also - to the Landings Company for a sales agent.
See you at Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church, where we will virtually visit Tanzania, Iceland, Myanmar and other exotica through Jim Guerard's awe-inspiring photos.  The general meeting  begins at 7 , or come  at 6:30  to munch and mingle ($3 guest fee for non-members). For information about the LAA, visit www.landingsart.com or contact Pam Reynolds, membership chair at drpamr@gmail.com.         

 The LAA/Sound View Wealth Advisors 
at The Plantation Club

INTAKE & PICK-UP THIS MONTH IS ON WEDNESDAY, February 6th FROM 9-11 AM. Please remember to pick up your pieces from January!

IMPORTANT: If you did not renew your LAA membership for 2019, your piece cannot be displayed, so please make sure your membership is current if you wish to hang a piece in February.

NEW! Oversized artwork (larger than 30"x30" framed) will now be accepted with a prior reservation on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum size for oversized art is 36" LONG X 36" WIDE. This includes the frame. For all other artwork, the maximum size remains at 30" X 30" framed (with hanging wire) and, as usual, NO reservation is required.

If you have an oversized piece you would like hung, email Marie Tomlinson at inkstresse@gmail.com between the 1 st and 15 th of the month for the following month. Please include the exact measurements including the frame. You will receive an email back indicating whether or not you can be accommodated that month. REMEMBER, due to space constraints, we can only accept a limited number of oversized art each month, to be determined by the size of the art.  Reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis based on when emails are received.  

Each month, Soundview Wealth Advisors, our new gallery partners, will choose a 1
st Place Winner from among the artwork at Plantation. The winning piece will have a ribbon of recognition hung next to it for the month, and will receive a $100 check, as well as widespread publicity, courtesy of the LAA and Soundview Wealth Advisors. An Honorable Mention ribbon will also be awarded. The ribbons will be on display beginning the day after intake at the Thursday evening reception each month.

Congratulations to Gail Quinn, the 1 st Place winner of the LAA/Soundview Artist's Award for January and Liz McAdams, Honorable Mention winner!


The LAA MEMBER THEME SHOW will be held during the month of June, 2019 and will encompass the entire Plantation gallery (case and walls). The theme will be "Around the World in 30 Days". 

For further information, please contact our LAA/Soundview Gallery at Plantation Coordinator, Marie Tomlinson, at inkstresse@gmail.com.


February Artists of the Month

The Landings Art Association
Announces its
February 2019 Art Exhibit
featuring the works of

Penny Thompson
Pepi Streiff

LAA Plantation Gallery
February 7 - March 5

Opening Reception Thursday, February 7, 2019
5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

The Landings Art Association has a cure for your winter doldrums. Join Artists of the Month Penny Thompson and Pepi Streiff at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, February 7 for a reception in The Plantation Club gallery and celebrate the unveiling of their latest creations.  

A lifelong resident of Long Island, Penny Thompson is a talented and prolific artist. When she moved to The Landings ten years ago, she was immediately struck by the beauty of her new low country home. From the gorgeous coastal landscapes and glorious wildlife to the historic charm of downtown Savannah, she couldn't wait to get it all down on canvas. A self-taught artist, Penny finds inspiration in all the things around her, from birds and other wildlife to flowers, coastal scenery and people. 

Happy to share her talent and knowledge with others, Penny has taught other aspiring artists for years. When teaching, her goal is to get the artist to take an average scene and "embellish it with their own palette using light and color, patterns of shadows, varying tonal values and glints of sunlight" until they become striking features. She teaches her students to look at things differently and understand how to create exceptional landscape paintings.

Penny's watercolor paintings capture the intrinsic beauty of the area, bursting with vibrant color and radiant light. She has branched out into other fields of art including acrylic paintings and paper collages, two of which recently won first place in the judged spring shows. 

When she is not painting, Penny is traveling, golfing, boating, gardening, biking, playing pickle ball or enjoying the company of her husband and friends. She can be reached at 912-344-4149 or ppandjt@comcast.net.   

Pepi Streiff, whose work will be featured in the display case, is also a native New Yorker. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Pepi entered NYU with a plan to study theatre arts
and star on stage and in film. Her plans changed, however, when she fell in love with mathematics and Irwin Streiff, her husband of 55 years. A math teacher for 30 years, Pepi retired in 2002 and started making jewelry as a hobby, giving much of it away to her friends. Pepi started experimenting with better materials such as cultured pearls, amethyst, jet, crystal, and rose quartz, and developed a fondness for vintage and imported European clasps. Eventually, her hobby became expensive enough that she began to sell her jewelry. She now sells most of her pieces, and continues to frequent the jewelry districts of New York and Miami to buy more beautiful stones and pearls with which to work.

Pepi's jewelry follows her philosophy of dress. Jewelry should not overwhelm. Necklaces and earrings should frame a woman's face, not draw attention away from her. Jewelry is not sculpture; it does not stand alone, but rather enhances the wearer. Jewelry should whisper, not shout. The woman should get the attention. 

When she is not making jewelry, Pepi is busy acting on television and in films. She lives with her husband and their big fluffy dog, Smoky, on Burnside Island. Pepi can be reached at pepiandirwin@yahoo.com or 912-659-0339.

Don't miss the Opening Reception 
Thursday, February 7 from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.
(Public Welcome/Refreshments Available)

Save the Date

SAVE THE DATE and be a STAR at the 

Landings Art Association Spring Art Show:  Monday April 15, 2019

Intake: Sunday afternoon, April 14
Show:  Monday, April 15
We're looking for volunteers to help with this great annual event.  If you are interested, call Nancy Lieb 598-4509   Liebnancy55@gmail.com



Please note that we are continuing with a quarterly display at our Atrium Gallery. Each member is allowed two pieces of any medium, any size (first come, first served).
Please utilize the rear entrance of the building and since this is a working environment, we need to keep the noise factor to a minimum.
Should a piece sell before the quarter is up, you may take the piece out but replace it with a similar size and new label (which you create).
The next intake/pick-up will be Wednesday, May 1 from 2 to 4.
For further information, please contact Gallery Chair, Maria Blanck at mariablanck@comcast.net


ARTIST OF THE MONTH At Plantation           
Chair:  Cyndi Pollack   cyndipollack82@gmail.com

                 Wall        2019 full                          
 New openings in 2020  
              Case- Openings 2019               
          April, July, August, November

Chair:  Betsy Slocum    bsartista@yahoo.com
No openings, venue availability ends after December of 2019
LANDINGS COMPANYWelcome Center       
 Chair:  Phyllis Tildes   artphyll@comcast.net
First Openings 2020 

                          Contact venue chairs for more information                                                

Click on the links below to download and print all of the informational and registration forms needed.
The rules have changed from last year, so please read everything over carefully.
Should questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact show chairs: Liz McAdams mcadams.liz@me.com - Nancy Lieb liebnancy55@gmail.com - Betsy Slocum bsartista@yahoo.com

Watch for the next Blast to




In 2009,  Suzanne Croci, President, and her Board was having problems finding someone to chair the Spring Show.  A student of Betty Skinner's came forward and volunteered to take the chair.  George Staimer 
immediately called Gail Quinn and asked her to be his helper.  When the publicity came out, he had named her co-chair.  The LAA history contains various emails where he is very generous with his praise as he 
discusses publicity with MaryAnne Westley of other members of the 
Spring Show committee.   After the show, we have 2 pages of hand-written suggestions for the next year's chairman.  He writes as though 
he is talking face-to -face with the person, noting decisions that have to be made, and difficulty in certain situations.  Again he notes the person 
can call on his "people" who are experienced and very capable.

George Staimer has been called very generous, both with his time and 
praise.  He shared his sense of humor with all, and was thought of fondly 
by those who knew him.  Although he had been ill in the past few years
and had been unable to join us at LAA, he will be missed and remembered.