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March 2019
From the President's Pen

(Intake, Sunday, April 14 2-4 PM)
Click on the links below to download and print all of the informational and registration forms needed. The rules have changed from last year, so please read everything over carefully.

Should questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact show chairs: Liz McAdams mcadams.liz@me.com - Nancy Lieb liebnancy55@gmail.com - Betsy Slocum bsartista@yahoo.com

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If there are any LAA members (or a non-member artist you know of) who would like to investigate teaching a workshop, please contact our workshop chair, Penny Thompson at ppandjt@comcast.net
We are particularly looking for instructors for beginning watercolor, acrylic, or oil classes.

General Meeting Wednesday, March 20

LAA Welcomes Artist/Teacher 
Michael Reibel 
Wednesday, March 20  (Not our normal Tuesday)

Carol Otto Cole

If you are a painter, you're likely to fall in the 90% category of those who consider themselves "recovering" from a too-literal brushwork style, resulting in overworked paintings that leave your viewing audience underwhelmed. Never fear, help is available.  Michael Reibel, who will be speaking to the LAA on  Wednesday, March 20  (please note: not our regular Tuesday meeting), will grant you that there are no shortcuts to practice ("study, draw, paint, repeat"). But Reibel, a fine artist/teacher who has a  background in a Health Care Management Accounting and Administration, knows how to develop a plan for success that can restructure your thinking from the get-go - yes, even you dyed-in-the-wool habit mongers out there -  before you touch brush to canvas.  

Born in the blue grass country of Kentucky (Louisville) and now living in Beaufort, Reibel has his own tissue-grabbing story to tell about how he came to the low country with his family almost three years ago, to indulge his creative pursuits and "retire" from the data-driven world of accounting. Ever since, it's obvious he has been working tirelessly to elevate his game with emphasis on design being less literal, and more interpretative.  Learning how to "capture a feeling of light and emotion through vivid color and abstract shapes" is a guiding principle Reibel imparts to his students, in his classes offered at The Studio School, Savannah. 

Reibel, a strong painter of oil landscapes, challenges himself in his approach to painting by not painting things per se, but defocusing just enough to see the interaction and balance between shapes, forms and values that once painted, convey to the viewer a thing such as a porch, tree swing, or marsh. When satisfied with his value tones and  "armature" (basically how your eye travels over the painting) he goes to work, adding or subtracting colors, light or shadows to suit his artistic fancy. Coming from a generation of painters where "realism" may as well be a four-letter word, Reibel shines brighter than the evening star in his ability to loosely create and maintain dynamism from stage 1 of a painting's execution, as witnessed by this writer, Reibel student and recovering Exactaholic.  Reibel considers his art to be trending toward Impressionistic Abstraction (don't try googling, it's not there), but examples of this in his work may be seen at local galleries including the I. Pinckney Simons Gallery in Beaufort and Wells Gallery at Sanctuary Hotel Kiawah, SC.   Digital images are offered up on his website, mreibelpaintings.com, Instagram (mreibelpaintings) and what he brings with him  March 20  will further bring the mysterious genre he's introducing into clearer focus.  

You know you want to come!  Join us at the Skidaway Island Presbyterian Church,  Wednesday, March 20 with a Munch-Sip-Meet-Greet that  begins at 6:30  followed by a short business meeting at 7.  Stay to bask in Reibel's artistic descriptions of receding tides, shifting shadows and the mottled light of coastal Carolina.  The Landings Art Association welcomes anyone interested in attending ($3 guest fee).  For information about LAA, visit www.landingsart.com or contact Pam Reynolds, Membership Chair at drpamr@gmail.com

 The LAA/Sound View Wealth Advisors 
at The Plantation Club

INTAKE & PICK-UP THIS MONTH IS ON WEDNESDAY, March 6th FROM 9-11 AM. Please remember to pick up your pieces from February!!!

IMPORTANT: If you did not renew your LAA membership for 2019, your piece cannot be displayed, so please make sure your membership is current if you wish to hang a piece in March.

NEW! Oversized artwork (larger than 30"x30" framed) will now be accepted with a prior reservation on a first-come, first-served basis. The maximum size for oversized art is 36" LONG X 36" WIDE. This includes the frame. For all other artwork, the maximum size remains at 30" X 30" framed (with hanging wire) and, as usual, NO reservation is required.

If you have an oversized piece you would like hung, email Marie Tomlinson at inkstresse@gmail.com between the 1 st and 15 th of the month for the following month. Please include the exact measurements including the frame. You will receive an email back indicating whether or not you can be accommodated that month. REMEMBER, due to space constraints, we can only accept a limited number of oversized art each month, to be determined by the size of the art.  Reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis based on when emails are received.  

Each month, Soundview Wealth Advisors, our new gallery partners, will choose a 1
st Place Winner from among the artwork at Plantation. The winning piece will have a ribbon of recognition hung next to it for the month, and will receive a $100 check, as well as widespread publicity, courtesy of the LAA and Soundview Wealth Advisors. An Honorable Mention ribbon will also be awarded. The ribbons will be on display beginning the day after intake at the Thursday evening reception each month.

Congratulations to Jennifer Nolan, the 1st Place winner of the LAA/Soundview Artist's Award for February and Sandee Lomax, Honorable Mention winner!


The LAA MEMBER THEME SHOW will be held during the month of June, 2019 and will encompass the entire Plantation gallery (case and walls). The theme will be "Around the World in 30 Days". 

IMPORTANT NEWS!  Get ready for a one-time event on Wednesday, April 3rd! We are making the showcase available to all of our members, so make your reservations NOW to display in the case next month. Space is limited, so email Cyndi Pollack at  cpollack6695@comcast.net  by March 20th if you would like to take advantage of this special opportunity. 

For further information, please contact our LAA/Soundview Gallery at Plantation Coordinator, Marie Tomlinson, at inkstresse@gmail.com.


March Artists of the Month

Save the Date

SAVE THE DATE and be a STAR at the 

Landings Art Association Spring Art Show:  Monday April 15, 2019

Intake: Sunday afternoon, April 14
Show:  Monday, April 15
We're looking for volunteers to help with this great annual event.  If you are interested, call Nancy Lieb 598-4509   Liebnancy55@gmail.com

Landings Company Event - March and April

Karen Macek
Working in oil and acrylic                                        

"Point of View" is a body of work expressing the artist's interpretation of the ever-changing vistas across the Lowcountry marshes.  Some of the work are layered glazes applied with a rag brush, some are a mixture of oil and cold wax applied with palette knife, and others are sweeping brush strokes.
  Inspired by her environment and her travels, Karen's paintings utilize vivid color and expressive brush and knife technique--
".... shifting skies, from marsh to desert, shadows and reflections of everyday life; contrasts and colors seem more intense as I put paint to canvas. 
 "Everything about the process of painting excites me.  It is a conversation between my brush, my canvas, and my paints that continues to explore the nuances of expression and challenge. Once I get involved in the work, I simply lose track of time. I love it when a piece almost paints itself."
  • Active member of Landings Art Association, Co-chair Spring Art Show 2012, 2013. Chair Spring Art Show 2017
  • Attended workshops by Prof. Linda Warner, SCAD; Jaime Howard; Betsy Cain; Jane Slivka;
  • Julie Hanson; Christine Sajecki; West Fraser; Judy Crane; Deama Tolle Perry; William McCarthy; Larry Moore;    Lori Putnam. 
  • Member of TAG, Telfair Academy Guild.
  • Founder of "Color x Twelve", an annual show of twelve local artists.
  • Contributes annually to various local charities, donating paintings for auction items.
  • Designs posters and collateral printed materials for local charitable fundraisers.
Visit my website!