LAAHU 2016 - Year In Review

March 16, 2017 2 Hour Ethics CE

LAAHU 2017 Annual Conference
LAAHU 2017 Annual Conference

April 19, 2016 at the Los Angeles Conven tion Center

LAAHU/Vanguard Council Lucky Strike Happy Hour


Legislative Chair: Elizabeth Underhill

PAC Chair: Naama Pozniak
Community Outreach Chair: Kerry Wright

LAAHU has increased member contribution to PAC by 11.5% - this is more than double our increase from last year. 

24 LAAHU members represented our chapter in Sacramento at CAHU Day at the Capitol in May 2016. Our members participated in meetings with 26 of our legislators.

20 members represented LAAHU in Washington D.C. at NAHU Capitol Conference attending appointments with our legislators.  This was a record breaking attendance year!

Elizabeth Underhill will take LAAHU's voice and perspective to the CAHU Bill Review March 9th to help determine the Association's position on important legislation..


Membership Chair: Cindy Jones
Vanguard Council Chair: Nathan Paschal Lacroix
Recruiting & Mentoring Chair:  Sima Reid
Communications Chair:  Juliet Lucero
Media Chair:  Dede Kennedy-Simington

With more than 400 members, LAAHU is one of the nation's largest Health Underwriting chapters. And we're continuing to grow. LAAHU had a membership campaign going until January 31st, sponsored by Healthnet, that offered one year of paid membership to the winner of a drawing of new members and their sponsors.  Our new member, Pedro Vigil, won the drawing and will receive his second year of membership paid for by Healthnet.

LAAHU has developed an internship program with local college's.  The first intern was placed into a member agency in January.  LAAHU has also been asked to speak during class to students interested in a profession in healthcare at CSUN.  Read more about it here!

LAAHU is working with Lytespeed, a provider of pre-licensing training and CE to educate newly licensed agents on the many benefits of LAAHU membership.

LAAHU is active on the CAHU Diversity Task Force - helping to show lawmakers and public policy makers your impact on consumers as advocates.

LAAHU is proud to continue to bring new talent to the association and the profession with  our active Vanguard Council. The LA Vanguard Council Committee has done a wonderful job putting together creative and unique events for our members to network and share ideas. To see more about how to get involved click here .

LAAHU is developing a relationship as the trusted source of information, in regards to Health Insurance advice, for the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and various Los Angeles County initiatives.

LAAHU has increased it's social media activity and awareness significantly, instigating a CA wide social media campaign in September 2016 that impacted agents/members nationally.  

LAAHU has been actively informing the media, via press releases and interviews with our Media Chair, Dede Kennedy-Simington, about the impact potential changes can have on our clients.  Go to to see frequent updates of press releases we are sending.

PLEASE - if you have a desire to get more involved with opportunities to LEARN, HELP and NETWORK, let us know. We need you!

Programs Chair: Neil Booth
Members at Large: Donald Weiss, Barry Sikov, Dave Benson, Dave Style

LAAHU is committed to providing you the information and tools you need to grow your business and support your clients. Meetings featured webinars meant to save you travel time and grow your business with distinguished presenters. Presentations included discussions on marketing, compliance and various solutions for your business growth. LAAHU's unique Broker Solutions Summit in January featured "speed pitching" in which 18 vendors moved from table-to-table presenting their products and services. LAAHU members attending this year's membership events had access to a total of 36 CE credits.  Special thanks to NAHU for bringing the NEW Account Manager Certification and ACA Certification trainings in August .

LAAHU's focus remained on member needs by providing the annual symposium titled "LAAHU - ALL IN to Support Agents"; a Medicare-focused summit, co-hosted with VCAHU, to support a growing segment in our industry, and a "Solutions Summit" to address the needs in addition to traditional medical options.
Broker Solutions Summit
Broker Solutions Summit

LAAHU had a very successful Golf Tournament at the Woodland Hills Country Club, raising money with the popular helicopter golf ball drop for Ronald McDonald House.

LAAHU hosted a free Holiday Party to show members how much we appreciate their continued support and involvement. The event also collected a huge amount of toys for Ronald McDonald House and Toys for Tots.

LAAHU's Annual Convention on April 19th continues our efforts to deliver powerful program mixed with fun. Please visit the LAAHU website for more information.

Secretary: Joan Bumgarner
Member at Large: Don Weiss, Dave Benson, May Jung

We raised cash donations for Ronald McDonald House, and Louisiana Flood Victims (AHU Members via Go Fund me)

We raised Toy donations and cash donations at our December Holiday Party and donated to  Toys for Tots!



CAHU Chapter of the Year and Platinum Certified 2017

Individual Honors:

NAHU's Gordon Memorial Award
Sam Smith

2016 LPRT ACHIEVERS and TRIPLE CROWN Winners to be announced at Annual Conference.
Thank You to our ANNUAL SPONSORS

And a huge LAAHU Thank You to the many volunteers who made all of this possible.