LAAHU 2017 - Year In Review
Upcoming Events

Field Days
 LAAHU's  Annual  Conference 2018 located at the Los Angeles Convention Center TWO DAYS
April 11 & 12, 2018

Marketplace Mixer at Field Days
following day 1 of Conference - 
Product Demos, appetizers, drinks, 
networking and FUN - in the exhibit hall.

LAAHU/Vanguard Council
@ the MarketPl ace Mixer 
Games, Prizes, Hilarious

Are you a team player?  

Working with the Media - March 26, 2018 - 10:00 AM - No Fee
Join LAAHU's Media Relations Chair, Dede Kennedy-Simington as she instructs on NAHU's "Working with the Media!"  Whether you're a pro at speaking or writing, or brand new and would like to learn the what, why and how to best present yourself and LAAHU - you'll get some valuable information that will help you shine!

When: Mar 26, 2018 - 10:00 AM Pacific Time

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Other Events:  

On May 10, 2018, LAAHU and EBPA will have a joint happy hour in downtown Los Angeles.  Stay tuned for location and time.

May Member Meeting for LAAHU
On May 17th, 2018, the Annual Meeting of the Members of the Los Angeles Association of Health Underwriters will consider and act on the Election of Directors for the new Board Year.  

In addition, Steve Cain, CLTC, will be providing education on Changes in Long Term Care.  Save the Date The eatures  Care, presented by Steve Cain, CLTC.  Registration is open.

The meeting will be held at 8:00 a.m., on May 17, 2018, at the  Sportsmen's Lodge, 12825 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604.


Legislative Chair: Elizabeth Underhill

PAC Chair: Naama Pozniak
Community Outreach Chair: Kerry Wright

LAAHU's PAC Chair, Naama Pozniak worked tirelessly this year on communicating with members to continue and/or increase their PAC contributions as well as signing up new PAC contributors this year.  Your PAC contributions are important to the success of our industry - so sign up if you are not contributing.  Every Board Member of LAAHU also contributes to PAC and HUPAC!   

LAAHU members met in Sacramento, along with our sister-California Chapters and represented the Association at the  CAHU Day at the Capitol in May 2017. LAAHU's members participated in meetings with 26 of our legislators.

12 members represented LAAHU in Washington D.C. at NAHU Capitol Conference attending appointments with our legislators in 2018.  
In DC and Sacramento, we lobbied on the role of the Broker and provided legislators with information on bills and issues that affect the industry, our clients, and consumers.

Elizabeth Underhill, Dawn McFarland and Kerry Wright attended the CAHU Bill Review on March 6, 2018 in San Diego to discuss and debate the Association's position on important legislation.

The Adopt-A-Leg Program, led by Dawn McFarland has been regularly meeting and working with District Offices to continue to communicate "The Role of the Broker" throughout the year.  In 2018 we will continue to foster those relationships in District, and in DC/Sacramento. 


Membership Chair: Rebecca Flemming, Retention Chair:  Dave Benson
Vanguard Council Chair: Gus Altuzarra
Recruiting & Mentoring Chair:  Dawn McFarland
Communications Chair:  Juliet Lucero
Media Chair:  Dede Kennedy-Simington

With nearly 400 members, LAAHU is one of the nation's largest Health Underwriting chapters. And we're continuing to grow. LAAHU had a membership campaign going until January 31st, sponsored by Healthnet, that offered one year of paid membership to the winner of a drawing of new members and their sponsors.  Our new member, Pedro Vigil, won the drawing and will receive his second year of membership paid for by Healthnet.

LAAHU has continued to developed a very successful internship program that includes Cal State University of Northridge and Cal State University of Long Beach. The first intern was recently hired by a LAAHU Member, and we are currently accepting applications for new interns for next semester.   LAAHU has also been asked to speak during class to students interested in a profession in healthcare at CSUN.  Read more about it here!

LAAHU continues to host Member Benefit Webinars each month, and has shared this knowledge with other Chapters, and NAHU for their use.  

LAAHU has been collaborating with other Associations to take advantages of our strengths in education and advocacy.  In 2018 we are offering HRCI credits to HR Professionals at our annual conference, which was coordinated with the help of EBPA.  A joint Happy Hour with EBPA is tentatively scheduled for May 10, 2018. Location TBD.  LAAHU and NAIFA co-hosted an event this year, and we expect to do the same next year.

LAAHU is active on the CAHU Diversity Task Force - helping to show lawmakers and public policy makers your impact on consumers as advocates.

LAAHU is proud to continue to bring new talent to the association and the profession with  our active Vanguard Council. The LA Vanguard Council Committee has done a wonderful job putting together creative and unique events for our members to network and share ideas. To see more about how to get involved click here .

LAAHU is developing a relationship as the trusted source of information, in regards to Health Insurance advice, for the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and various Los Angeles County initiatives.

LAAHU has increased it's social media activity and awareness significantly, instigating a CA wide social media campaign in September 2017 that impacted agents/members nationally.  LAAHU continues to expand on social media in 2018, and has implemented tracking and stats to monitor effectiveness.

LAAHU has been actively informing the media, via press releases and interviews with our Media Chair, Dede Kennedy-Simington, about the impact potential changes can have on our clients.  Go to to see frequent updates of press releases we are sending.

PLEASE - if you have a desire to get more involved with opportunities to LEARN, HELP and NETWORK, let us know. We need you!

Secretary: Casey Allen
Member at Large: Don Weiss, May Jung, Joan Bumgarner

We raised cash donations for Ronald McDonald House, Valley Community Health, and the Texas Flood Victims (AHU Members via Go Fund me)

We raised Toy donations and cash donations at our December Holiday Party and donated to both Ronald McDonald House and  Toys for Tots!


CHAPTER AWARDS:  At the 2017 NAHU Convention Awards Ceremony, LAAHU's work was recognized and we took home (7) Awards:

Emerging Leader.......................................Gus Altuzzara
Emerging Leader.......................................Neil Booth
Emerging Leader.......................................Elizabeth Underhill
Media Relations.........................................Dede Kennedy-Simington
Large Chapter Retention Award..............Cindy Jones & Member Team
The Presidential Citation Award..............Dawn McFarland

Pacesetter Award

And LAAHU is only one of five Chapter in the Nation to be Platinum Certified!

CAHU Chapter of the Year and Platinum Certified 2017 and now 2018

CAHU Awards this year:
  • Bruce Benton - Executive Board Member of the Year
  • Chapter of the Year (large)
  • Jessica Moraitis - Top Recruiter

LAAHU's Highest Award:

LAAHU's Paladin Award
Dawn McFarland

2017 LPRT ACHIEVERS and TRIPLE CROWN Winners to be announced at Annual Conference.
Thank You to our ANNUAL SPONSORS
Emerald Sponsors

Pearl Sponsors

Friends of LAAHU

And a huge LAAHU Thank You to the many volunteers who made all of this possible.