LAAHU 2018 - Year In Review
We have had a busy and successful board-year and invite you to read below as we recap what we've been doing since June of 2018.   First we'll highlight our upcoming symposium, the largest broker event in California, and then give you a glance at what we've been working on:  educating and informing our political leaders, providing professional development for agents, supporting our communities, and sharing our strengths as we unite for our clients, consumers, and those we can be of service to. 
2019 Symposium LOGO
LAAHU's 2019 Symposium

April 17, 2019 -  Skirball Center

Exhibitor booths will sell out!  

Exhibit Area Opens at 7:30 and Opening Ceremony is at 9:00 am. 

And Yes - Agents are SuperHeroes!

visit to view tentative agenda, speakers, and more.

2018-2019 Board Year (to date) Review

Legislative Chair: Kerry Wright

PAC Chair: Elizabeth Underhill
Community Outreach Chair: Naama Pozniak

As an association, we have worked hard to be a trusted resource with our political leaders and legislators - and the work has paid off in many ways.  We continue to gain credibility and provide a voice of reason here in California and in Washington DC.  

This past year 24 members of LAAHU met in Sacramento and spent two days
meeting with our elected officials, representatives and their staff, supporting, guiding and educating them on issues, bills, and matters that affect all Californians with regard to healthcare and health insurance.  In all, we met with 26 of our State Legislators and continued to build on the relationships we have.    
In February, we continued our efforts by heading to Washington DC to learn about upcoming efforts and initiatives that affect our industry and consumers - and took our message to the offices of those who represent the citizens of the United States of America.  NAHU, as an Association, is respected and has been a voice that continues to gain credibility and influence.  
In all, we had 21 local LAAHU members in DC this year - breaking records again, with our own chapter being representative.  

In addition, we have increased our HUPAC contributions this past year by 20% - helping to grow our PAC to over $1 million.  The strength of the PAC shows the strength of our committed members and allows us to support those individuals that share in our beliefs and common sense non-partisan goals. 

Kerry Wright, LAAHU's 2018-2019 Legislative Chair,  will take LAAHU's voice and perspective to the upcoming CAHU Bill Review,  to help determine the Association's position on important legislation here in California.


Membership Chair: Stan Israel
Vanguard Council Chair: Nathan Paschal Lacroix
Recruiting & Mentoring Chair:  Michael Lujan
Communications Chair:  Bobbi Kaelin
Media Chair:  Dede Kennedy-Simington

With nearly 400 members, LAAHU is one of the nation's largest Health Underwriting chapters. And we're continuing to grow. LAAHU had a membership campaign going until January 31st, that offered one year of paid membership to the winner of a drawing of new members and their sponsors. 
We have had a membership rive at our Annual Symposium as well as the Medicare Summit's for the past two years as well.

LAAHU has developed an internship program with local colleges.  The first intern was placed into a member agency in in 2016 and we continue to lead the way towards bringing in those that may wish to have a profession in our industry.  LAAHU has developed relationship with CalState Long Beach as well as continued to work with CalState University Northridge.  We've placed more interns during the plan year than previously - and are pleased that one of the interns has been offered and accepted a position with a member of LAAHU.

LAAHU continues to work with other organizations, such as NAIFA, WIFS and EBPA to cross promote events and share knowledge and strengths.  LAAHU worked with EBPA to obtain certification for HRCI credits and collaborated on speakers over the year.  We also participated in a nationwide social media program that resulted in NAHU trending - quite an accomplishment.

LAAHU is active on the CAHU Diversity Task Force - helping to show lawmakers and public policy makers your impact on consumers as advocates.

LAAHU is proud to continue to bring new talent to the association and the profession with  our active Vanguard Council. The LA Vanguard Council Committee has done a wonderful job putting together creative and unique events for our members to network and share ideas. To see more about how to get involved click here . Vanguard is involved in numerous activities that are fun, unique and foster relationships with other organizations to network and expand their efforts as emerging leaders in their respective industries.

LAAHU is developing a relationship as the trusted source of information, in regards to Health Insurance advice and assistance to our elected officials in their field offices and various Los Angeles County initiatives.

LAAHU has increased it's social media activity and awareness significantly, instigating a CA wide social media campaign in 2018 that impacted agents/members nationally.  

LAAHU has been actively informing the media, via press releases and interviews with our Media Chair, Dede Kennedy-Simington, about the impact potential changes can have on our clients.  Go to to see frequent updates of press releases we are sending. A "Working with the Media" presentation is held each year to encourage participation amongst members and as a reminder of how to best speak with one voice. 

PLEASE - if you have a desire to get more involved with opportunities to LEARN, HELP, advocate and NETWORK, let us know. We need you!
Professional Development

Prof Development Chair: Cindy Jones

LAAHU is committed to providing you the information and tools you need to grow your business and support your clients. Meetings featured webinars meant to save you t ravel time and grow your business with distinguished presenters. Presentations included discussions on marketing, compliance and various solutions for your business growth. 
Employee Retirement Income Security Act ERISA and calculator.

LAAHU's Medicare Symposium, co hosted with VCAHU, continued to break records in attendance this year and both new membership, sponsors and CE courses. 

Our 2018 annual symposium was offered over two days, resulting in additional time with our exhibiting-partners and networking  opportunitie s for all attendees.   LAAHU members attending this year's membership events had access to over 25  CE credits from specific meetings and events, as well as co sponsored meetings.

LAAHU hosted it's first ever 5k Fun Run/Walk, on March 16, 2019 at Griffith Park.  With over 100 attendees, a kids play zone, swag bags and fun - we've been able to support the Fit 4 the Cause Organization!  It was a wonderful day, for a great cause, filled with members, friends, and guests from all over Southern California.  We 

LAAHU hosted a Holiday Party to show members how much we appreciate their continued support and involvement, while raising funds to help pay for the transportation costs for Kids attending Camp Ronald McDonald.  The event was well attended, provided an opportunity to give thanks and give back to the communities we live in.  We were able to raise funds to send nearly 2 busloads of kids to and from the camp!

LAAHU's Annual Convention on April 19th continues our efforts to deliver powerful programs mixed with fun, CE credits, and up to the minute updates from DC. Please visit the LAAHU website for more information.
Community Outreach

Chair: Naama Pozniak
Member at Large: Don Weiss, Our dedicated Honorary Member at Large:May Jung

We raised cash donations for those impacted by the CA wildfires, floods, and In addition, our recent 5k Fun Run/Walk was the newest event geared towards assisting those organizations in our communities and those we serve.


National Association of Health Underwriters Awards (NAHU) 

Media Relations Award

Local Website Award


NAHU Platinum Certified 2018

2018 LPRT ACHIEVERS and TRIPLE CROWN Winners to be announced at Annual Conference.  
Naama Pozniak
NAHU Distinguished Service Award 2018
HUPAC Award 

Congratulations to Naama Pozniak who was honored at the NAHU 2018 Convention as the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. 
And another congratulations to Naama Pozniak, who was recognized at the 2019 Capitol Convention for having achieve the highest HUPAC percentage increase.  
Bobbi Kaelin
NAHU Presidential Citation Award 2018
LAAHU Paladin Award

Congratulations to Bobbi Kaelin for receiving the NAHU Presidential Citation Award as well as LAAHU's most prestigious Paladin Award.  
California Association of Health Underwriters Awards (CAHU)

LAAHU tied with our sister-chapter OCAHU, for the Outstanding Chapter Newsletter this year.

And Dawn McFarland was presented with the CAHU Presidential Citation - a prestigious award and well deserved one. 

Dawn McFarland
CAHU Presidential Citation Award 2018

Congratulations to Dawn McFarland for receiving the CAHU Presidential Citation.  As a past president of LAAHU, Dawn continues to bring her skills and expertise to our Chapter and members. 
Thank You to our ANNUAL SPONSORS

And a huge LAAHU Thank You to the many volunteers who made all of this possible.