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ACA 101: Don't Fear the Forms (CE) 
Presented by Barbara Lewman from Word & Brown
November 17, 2016
9 am - 10 am


Vanguard LAAHU Joint Networking Mixer
There's an After hours joint mixer on November 10th, with a ton of organizations that can help expand your network, and increase your sales pipeline.
November 10, 2016


Holiday Party
December 20, 2016
December 20th, 2016

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October 2016
President's Message

Hello LAAHU,

Fall... I love this season. Remember, even as you are working like crazy - preparing 80% of your renewals, managing enrollment meetings, completing your AHIP and Med-Supp Certifications for Medicare, and fielding a million service calls - take a moment and breathe in the fresh fall air each day. OK, its Southern CA we get 90*, but we still need to take a moment and ' shake it off' every day!  Click the link - it will make you smile.

A couple of quick updates for you on the work we have been doing:

1. CAHU chapters' social media campaign - Thank you to everyone who participated. We definitely had an impact using #BrokersMakingADifference. There were about 200 agents participating nationwide over (3) social media platforms - Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with over 400 posts/shares etc! NAHU even participated and we were able to see a huge jump in the traffic the consumer facing site that leads consumers and employers to OUR members on that day. The next step is to get a NATIONAL campaign going.
Consider this - we have 2500+ members in CA alone. The statistic is that each person has a reach of 400 people in their "circle". If even HALF of us consistently posted that we, AGENTS, are a trusted professional resource to navigate this industry we could have a powerful and positive impact on the ACCURATE education of the general public! This platform is how we can have an honest and educating voice about the negative impact of things like a single payer system etc, but we need all of our members to participate and use ONE VOICE.

2. As a state we had a very successful legislative season in regards to our priority bill list. The majority of the bills we supported were signed by the governor and there were none that we opposed that were signed. Click here to see the final report.

3. Juli Broyles, CAHU's fantastic lobbyist and LAAHU's most recent Paladin winner, put together an informative piece to help us at the polls with the many propositions. It is a pared down analysis of "What it would do, what would it cost, what do supporters say and what does opposition say". Click here to read.

4. We are continuing to forge relationships with local colleges and universities. We are even working on an internship program with CSUN and are looking for agencies that would like to participate in this program - likely to begin mid-January. Please let us know if that is something your agency would benefit in, or if you want to invest in the future agents of our industry.

Seeing the legislative success we have because of the respected voice AHU has developed, locally and nationally, I think it is important - especially at this time, right before elections - that I remind each of you how imperative your participation and support of PAC is. It is not only the dollar amount that you give, but the number of you showing that you give that makes a statement. Los Angeles is one of the largest chapters in the country and we have less than 100 of our 416 members contributing to the PAC. If you can give even $20 right now to show your support of the work we do please click on the links here: CAHU PAC and HUPAC.

As always, thank you for your membership and I encourage you to reach out to any of us on the board with questions, ideas, or if you just want to get involved. You can find our contact information on the website at Hope to see you at the Holiday Party!

Warmest Regards,

Dawn McFarland
LAAHU President

Be sure to vote!  Please make sure you vote in this pivotal election.
Polls are open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and employees are permitted to take time off of work to vote.

Click HERE to find your polling place.

As a courtesy to our members, CAHU's Legislative Advocate Juli Broyles has compiled a non-partisan summary of the SEVENTEEN statewide propositions on this year's ballot, which can be found here.
Digital Sales Tips

 Did you know that a Blog can build credibility with your clients and prospects? A blog can also increase traffic to your website. One way to increase your website ranking on Google is to update your website on regular basis with unique content. This can be done by creating a blog that is attached to your website. You don't have to write new content every day, but it is recommended to post a new blog entry at least once a week. If you work in a niche market, a blog helps educate your niche and become a person of authority in your market. People can subscribe to your blog to get notified of new blog posts and you can post your new entries on your social media accounts too!

Be sure to visit LAAHU's website regularly for upcoming events and updated information at
Bill Robinson's "Heard it on the Net"

Here is just a sample of some of the titles included in the October edition:
  • California Governor Signs Flurry Of Health Laws
  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Your Health Plan (But Were Afraid To Ask)
  • The Unpredictable Individual Health Insurance Market
  • Will Prop. 61 Drive Prescription Drug Prices Up Or Down?
  • Go All the Way with HSA: Everything HDHP/HSA You Need to Know (PDF)