July 2019

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Message from the Executive Director
Patric Barbieri

LABBB-Parent Connection

Just a few weeks ago one of the parents from the alumni group wrote a passionate, emotional email to the group. She was telling the group she was taking the next step towards independence with her daughter and she would have never done it if she wasn't part of this group! She wanted to thank them for all the support they provide every meeting. The responses were incredible. This is what our community is about. We all need the support from our community. They become our friends, family, counselors, and coaches; everything wrapped into one!

LABBB facilitates three different types of parent meeting groups that will be offered this year. We have modified this over the years and added a Transition Conference for LABBB families.

I often think of the outcome of every parent meeting. Did parents get something out of it? Are they connecting to the LABBB community? Are we talking about how to improve services? Do parents know what they need to be prepared for post 22? 
But the most important part is working together towards a common outcome. This is the LABBB mission and it has expanded to post 22. Still, the question remains, are we working on the right skills for the outcomes we expect? Are our goals and objectives aligned with the LABBB mission? 

We believe our alumni are the best guides we have. They have seen the past and present of "22." Listen to them and learn from what they would have done differently. Many connected parents spoke about this at our Transition conference. What you heard from them is what you are going to hear from most parents as we keep in touch with so many alumni. 

Our parent alumni group is a dynamic group that provides support to each other. They are taking active steps to improve the lives of their sons or daughters. We are not talking about IEP goals and objectives; we are talking about Action steps for big goals. Housing, Recreation and Career development. 

Grand Opening M & B Deli
By: Tori Dennis
The M & B Deli made it's grand opening out of Woodland House this summer offering an opportunity for staff to order a lunch!  Community Instructors Abby McNulty and James Bowman are spearheading the operation, along with 2-3 student workers each day.  Students receive lunch orders each morning, then head to the supermarket to purchase fresh ingredients for customers each day.  Students participate in the 'full circle' experience, from shopping, to preparation, and delivery!  Place your order today!

Pictured: Tucker and Joey preparing wraps & salads.  Check out those awesome cooler backpacks!

Practicing Health and Wellness this Summer in Room 632
By: Lori Doherty
This summer our classroom theme has been wellness. We have been exploring many ways to practice simple mindfulness in our everyday lives and throughout our community! Last week we had a "flash" mindful moment on the Battlegreen. Along with Ms. Poirier and her group, we met and practiced simple exercises with a parachute, breathing techniques and some stretching! This was a different and fun way for us to share our practice in the school community.

This past week our class also visited the Peabody Essex Museum. We learned about a Korean artist named Kimsooja, who connects nature and mindfulness through artwork. Her exhibit, Archive of The Mind, consists of a large elliptical table with seats all around. The object was to choose a clump of clay (varying textures) take a seat, and as you rolled the clay into a ball, you were breathing, relaxing and reflecting. You could stay as long as you like, leaving your clay on the table to let it harden and form an amazing, peaceful, masterpiece. It was wonderful to see students that were reluctant to participate initially, join in and enjoy this interactive, mindful activity!

Archive of The Mind is at the Peabody Essex Museum through January 2020, check it out!
1st Annual LABBB Talent Show: July 19, 2019
Words can't describe the LABBB talent show last Friday, July 19th! Pure courage, grit, enthusiasm; the emotions are so hard to describe! The performances went on for over two hours and we could have stayed there all afternoon! It was an exhilerating experience seeing each of our students get on stage and perform. LABBB believes in music and the arts, it is part of our core values, and this was the best of the best. 

We want to thank Trish Costa for her vision in making this such a success. She was persistent in bringing this to the LABBB community and speaking on behalf of all the staff and students who were there, it was just simply an amazing event! 
Travel Training
By: Dorothea Pappas, SLP
The students from room 309 (Burlington High, LABBB) put their travel and leisure skills to the test last Monday by taking the 76 bus from Lexington to Alewife Station. At Alewife, they boarded the Red Line towards South Station. After picking up lunch in the South Station Food Court, they made their way down breezy Summer Street to D Street in South Boston. What's in Southie for a group of travel-weary 18-22 year olds and their teachers? The Lawn on D -- a free outdoor space for people of all ages. The Lawn on D, funded by Citizens Bank and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, consists of a large grassy lawn scattered with fun outdoor activities. There's also a concession stand, open Thursday through Sunday.
Since it was a warm day, most students chose to eat lunch in the covered eating area. After lunch, students used their self-determination skills to choose leisure activities. As luck would have it, there was a live animal presentation taking place when we arrived, so some students chose to check out the chinchilla, lemur, boa constrictor, and alligator. Other students challenged their peers in a game of ping-pong or corn-hole, while some relaxed on an O-shaped swing or caught some rays on comfy lounge chairs. Those who wanted to hone their engineering skills built towering monoliths with the large Jenga blocks.
This trip provided the students with opportunities to do more than just hang out on a beautiful July day. Students were able to determine how to get to their destination and estimate elapsed time. They also utilized Google maps and/or MBTA maps, schedules and signs, budgeted their money for MBTA fares and snacks/meals, and further developed interpersonal skills with peers and community helpers. And most importantly, fun was had by all!

Career Directions' July Program 2019
By: Frank Jackson
Thus far during the July Extension program, we have enjoyed some nice trips, interesting content and an emphasis on functional academics.   We go out on field trips weekly and get up to Lexington center as much as possible, even if it is just to pick up lunch.

Curriculum highlights include everyday math skills, history, and science. During Math, the students have focused on using percents and fractions. In English, they have read short stories that combine historical content. Students have learned about the history of the automobile and the history of oil and how they are related economically. During Science, we studied the Apollo Space Program and the Mission to the Moon. We have also explored topical science issues, like the increase of sharks on the coast of New England.

Field trip highlights of this summer have been a trip to Hammond Castle in Gloucester (along with Fort Banks Park), a visit to the two Middlesex Community College Campuses both in Lowell and Bedford as well as using the T to get to Harvard Square. We are looking forward to our final trip of the summer where we will increase our knowledge about history during the late 1900's by touring mansions in Newport, RI. We will end the day with lunch at the state park overlooking historical Narragansett Bay.
Picture caption: Hammond Castle overlooking Gloucester Harbor.
Recreation News and Events
By: Paula Rizzo, Integration and Recreation Coordinator
Every Tuesday in July, LABBB offers a carwash at Lexington High School. Students from the following classrooms have helped get us off to a successful start: Mr. Goguen/Mrs. Langone,  Mr. Bernardo, Mrs. Dickson, Burlington High, Mr. Allen and Mr. Asklund. In just two weeks, we've had almost 100 cars. Students from the Best Buddies program have also been involved and the community has been very generous. Great job everybody.

The 2019-2020 Recreation Brochure will be coming out in August!

Woodland Guest House Updates
Dear LABBB Community,

The LABBB-TILL Woodland Guest house has been up and running! We are excited to hear all the wonderful feedback from parents who have sent their son or daughter for an overnight weekend! It is a busy weekend from Friday evening beginning at 5:00 until Sunday evening at 5:00pm!

If you are interested in getting more information about this or signing up for a weekend  click here and it will take you the LABBB website to sign up through TILL. 



A LABBB Podcast

In this episode, I interviewed Kathy Murphy. She talks candidly about her life growing up with dyslexia and her mindset of overcoming an obstacle through determination and grit. She didn't know she had dyslexia until she was 21 years old. You will find her story inspiring. It will also give you a different way to look at obstacles that are thrown at us in life. We also talk about identifying our strengths and focusing our attention on what we are good at rather than trying to spend most of our time trying to fix our weaknesses.

Kathy Murphy's Bio: Market Me Too Founder and CEO/CMO, Kathleen E. Murphy is known for radiating enthusiasm, her strategic outlook and positive attitude and energy. Her entrepreneurial and marketing career has spanned over (20) years and has been focused on technology and start-up companies in a variety of industries. She is well-regarded for her extensive global marketing leadership and partnership marketing acumen and has been sought after for her innovative, collaborative and strategic thinking style by companies such as Barracuda Networks, Constant Contact, Dell/EMC, Hitachi, Staples as well as a number of mid-size companies.

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