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Monthly Newsletter
December 2020
Dear LAC Members,

Welcome to our December LAC Newsletter! With the holiday break approaching fast, all LAC Schools are entering a very busy period. Here at LAC, we are also working hard to ensure your school platforms are up to date. Our new projects (Interface Rebuild and SEL Dashboard) are progressing as planned. We are looking forward to 2021! 

In November, we launched the first tier of our LAC Data Literacy Workshops. We had an amazing turnout of over 20 participants for our first two workshops. You can find more information about them below! 

As the work is progressing well on our new SEL Dashboard, we have had a number of schools indicating interest in the dashboard as well as sharing their current SEL data. Please find more information in the section below. 

We put a lot of emphasis on communication with LAC Member schools to ensure we can provide the best service, understand current needs, and provide help where needed. One of the formats that is proving to be very beneficial is having regular, weekly or bi-monthly scheduled calls. If you would like to schedule a regular call, please email Piotr

I am also delighted to welcome Bonn International School to the LAC family. The school has just joined us and is beginning their journey to implement the platform at their school.

All the best and stay safe and best wishes from the LAC family for the forthcoming Holiday season!

Piotr Olczak
Director of Learning Analytics
Consilience Education Foundation
LAC Data Literacy Workshops
These workshops are aimed at raising the Data Literacy levels for teachers and other members of the school community at our LAC Schools. Data literacy is a key enabler to efficiently consume information, have data-informed conversations, and gain valuable insights. The workshops are divided into three tiers: 
  • Introduction to Data Literacy
  • Advancing in Data Literacy
  • Mastering Data Literacy. 

We have launched the workshops in Tier 1. Information about the workshops can be found at this link. Between November and early January we are running the three modules from the first tier, designed to provide an introduction to the basics of Data Analytics - What is Data and How do we Categorize it, What does High Quality Data look like, How do we Collect Data, How do we choose the Right Visualization Method or be able to understand and consume the information being presented. 

Workshops for Tier 2 and 3 will be offered in Spring 2021. If you would like to schedule the Data Literacy workshops for a cohort of teachers at your school, please email lac@consiliencelearning.org with suggested dates and times. 
SEL Dashboard
The first engine under development that will form part of the SEL Dashboard focuses on measuring Student Social Capital and mapping student networks and relationships. It is an important element of social-emotional learning. However, the SEL arena is very wide and diverse. Other areas forming part of SEL such as Self Awareness, Self Management, Responsible Decision Making or Social Awareness combined with a multitude of frameworks (please refer to the article we shared last month from Harvard Graduate School of Education) will lead to expansion of this area at LAC and the creation of multiple engines. 

We invite the LAC schools to share a sample of the different types of SEL/Wellness data already being collected or plans on what they are looking to collect in the future. This will help us make sure our dashboard engines meet your specific needs. Please email me at piotr@consiliencelearning.org
Engine of the Month - Standard Based Grades Explorer
This engine lets the user explore and reveal the equity in grading, distribution of grades and student performance by grade level, subject, gender or teacher. In essence, it allows you to see the proportion of awarded grades to or by particular groups at your school. The centerpiece of this engine is a chord diagram combined with dynamic histograms and bar charts to allow the user full interactivity in exploring the latest set of grade data.
If you would like to find out more about this engine you can watch the video about the IB engine in the LAC Online Learning Center. If you would like to add it to your school’s LAC site, please contact Piotr.
Data Literacy - Building a Culture of Data Use

Please watch this great video posted on Edutopia on how by tracking progress and building on it, a New Orleans preschool creates a culture of improvement for the whole school. It shows how the school is utilizing data by creating a cycle of continuous learning - How and why teachers collect data to assess areas for student growth and how that data, in turn, is being used to support the development of classroom teachers.
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