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Monthly Newsletter
November 2020
Dear LAC Members,

Welcome to our November LAC Newsletter! In the current academic year as a number of our member schools face the second wave of COVID, it is clear that our schools are now better equipped to face this challenge. LAC is here to help you with any data needs you may have, bringing insights where it matters, and leading the way in cutting edge visualisations. Our LAC community is growing stronger and schools are connecting to learn from each other. 

In order to further grow the collaboration and communication within our LAC community, we will begin sharing specific Case Studies of Learning Analytics Use from our member schools as well as restarting our LAC Blog where we will post and discuss topics on Learning Analytics and beyond! We look forward to sharing more information about these in future newsletters. 

We are also launching LAC Data Literacy Workshops. These are aimed at raising the Data Literacy levels for teachers and other members of the school community. As we design the structure and content of these online workshops, we seek your input on the types of workshops your school would be interested in taking. Please complete this form to share with us the aspects of Data Literacy that you would like us to address through our workshops. 

Over the past month we have carried out a number of data uploads related to the most recent assessment results as well as working with schools on engine enhancements. We would like to hear from you if you’re thinking about any new LAC visualization engine OR an enhancement to an existing engine. Please complete this form by Dec 1st to allow us to consider the request, determine its feasibility, and if feasible, scope the work, and include it in our implementation schedule and roadmap. 

The work on the SEL engine is progressing as planned. As the development nears completion, we’ll schedule a session to demo the engine.

The release of our new interface is scheduled for February 2021. We’ll be in touch with your school’s technical and academic leads when we schedule your school’s transition to the new interface. A full update of the interface is shared below.

I am also delighted to welcome the American International School Vietnam to the LAC family. The school has just joined us and is beginning their journey to implement the platform at their school.

All the best and stay safe!

Piotr Olczak
Director of Learning Analytics
Consilience Education Foundation
Interface Update
Thank you all for your continuing support and your contributions so far to the design of our new interface for the LAC platform. The release date is set for February 2021. As we are focused on delivering the highest quality solutions, we want to make sure the new Interface will meet all needs of our LAC Community. We will launch it in parallel with the current platform for a period of time before switching over to allow a seamless transition. 

Progress report since the last update: 
  • Authentication Module Completed for
  • GSuite
  • Microsoft 365
  • Powerschool
  • Local (In App)
  • School Onboarding Process (WIP)
  • School Information
  • Authentication Settings
  • Demographic Information API Integration (Students, Classes, Teachers) for Veracross, PowerSchool, Managebac, and iSAMS
  • Demographic Information Form Upload (Students, Classes, Teachers)
  • SDP design (WIP)

We are very excited about this journey and look forward to the release!
Engine of the Month - IB Diploma Program
The IB Diploma Program engine visualises key DP metrics from the graduating classes; all data for total scores and all subject groups are included in this single engine. It visualizes number of candidates, total points, distribution of types of diplomas as well as grades predicted vs awarded over time. It’s a great tool to see high level statistics for DP but also lets you see details of component scores for individual subjects as well as details of results at student level.
If you would like to find out more about this engine you can watch the video about the IB engine in the LAC Online Learning Center. If you would like to add it to your school’s LAC site, please contact Piotr.
Data Literacy - Building a Culture of Data Use

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is on the map. There is solid evidence that SEL matters a great deal for important life outcomes including success in school. Yet, amid a wide array of effective programs and approaches to draw upon, challenges still remain. One major area of ongoing concern is that SEL goes by many names, and the terminology can be confusing and misleading, ultimately impeding efforts to achieve meaningful results.

This tool called Explore SEL, created by the EASEL Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is designed to show relationships among different SEL skills, terminology and frameworks. It's a very clever navigator for the field of social and emotional learning.
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