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The Learning Analytics Collaborative
Monthly Newsletter
September 2020
Dear LAC Members,

Welcome to our September LAC Newsletter! July and August have been very busy months for us here at LAC! As schools were getting ready to open their (sometimes virtual) doors to their students, we have been working hard on updating and getting your school sites ready for the new academic year. Students have been rolled over and where schools have shared the latest data, all have been updated. As we continue to support your school, this semester our focus is on the design of a new SEL engine, on the platform’s New Interface, and on working with schools utilising LAC to raise the data literacy among all the stakeholders. We will be reaching out to our members to hear from you, provide an opportunity to give guidance on how to expand use of your school’s LAC site, and engage with all stakeholders. 

We are preparing for our 2nd Virtual Meetup scheduled for September 26th. We will host a range of speakers diving into using assessment data to drive teaching and learning as well as technical aspects of the LAC. More information about the Meetup can be found below!

Work is progressing on the New Interface. Thus far we have completed:
  • Application & Cloud Architecture
  • Security Architecture, including Multitenancy Architecture & School Data Segregation
  • LAC Admin Configuration WIP 

LAC Community - Please complete this form if you would like us to share your name and email ID with other members of the LAC. 

We also want to hear from our member schools if they are interested in a conversation to explore the possibility of providing parents access to their child’s visualized learning data. More information on this is in the section below.

I am also delighted to welcome Nagoya International School and Shanghai Community International School to the LAC family. The schools have just joined us and are starting their journey to implement the LAC at their schools.

All the best and stay safe!

Piotr Olczak
Director of Learning Analytics
Consilience Education Foundation
2nd Virtual Meetup
Last month we announced our 2nd Virtual Meetup on September 26th, 2020. We will cover a range of topics where LAC schools will share their case studies, engine use and implementations. Each session will include time for Q&A at the end where participants can contribute and interact with our presenters. 

The Meetup will start at 8:00 European time (CET)+1hr and will last about 2 hours with four 30-40 minute sessions all via a dedicated virtual conference platform, Nunify. We will share the link here to access all details of this exciting event. Registration information will be shared in a separate message very soon! For now, please mark the date on your calendars.

Recordings of Virtual Meetups are posted on the LAC Online Learning Center.
Curriculum Map Engine
At the end of August, we hosted two information sessions about the Curriculum Map Engine. This engine allows schools to map any curricula (PYP, MYP, DP etc.), visualize the academic year curriculum timeline and combine all elements in one place making it super easy to read and digest. Cutting through all subjects by ATLs, Key Concepts, Assessment Criteria, Contexts and Concepts.

For those who couldn’t attend and would like to find out more about this engine, please see the short video on the LAC Online Learning Center (in the section New Tutorials).

If you would like to implement this engine in your school’s LAC site, please contact the LAC Support team.
Engine of the Month - Literacy Assessment Engine
The Literacy Assessment Engine shows growth and achievement of students on their internal literacy assessments such as DRA or F&P. This engine helps schools identify individual students, track performance of whole cohorts, and compare the results against the benchmarks.
If you would like to implement this engine in your school’s LAC site, please contact Piotr.
SEL Engine
We recognize that SEL data is becoming even more important, especially in these uncertain times. An SEL Engine would allow schools to monitor students' social-emotional learning, specifically around measuring students’ relationships and networks. A working prototype will be ready by mid-October and we would love to partner with a school interested in testing it. We will host a webinar at the end of October to showcase the functionality and potential use cases of this engine.

If you would like to take part in the testing of this engine, please contact Piotr.
Parents and Access to their Child's Learning Data
The Data Quality Campaign (DQC) conducted an online survey in the US in 2015 among 1,093 parents of child(ren) aged 5–17. These were some of the findings that were shared in this summary report - http://bit.ly/DCQparentsurvey

  • Parents use a variety of data for various purposes, including to determine school quality. While most parents receive information from their child’s school about academic progress (93 percent) and when they need extra help (78 percent), the kind of data parents want varies based on what level of information they already receive. 
  • Parents are also interested in different types of data — Over 90% of the parents were at least somewhat interested in receiving information about their child’s social-emotional learning and and more than half (55 percent) are very interested.
  • Parents say they need data, like grades and test scores, to understand their child’s progress so they can help them do their best.
  • 93 percent of parents who receive information from their child’s teachers think it is at least somewhat easy to understand.

“When information about students is provided in a timely, useful manner, every adult working with a child—especially parents—is able to support that student’s learning more effectively. Understanding parent attitudes around data use is the first step... (that schools) can take to ensure that their efforts really meet parents’ needs.”

If you are interested in a conversation to explore the possibility of providing parents access to their child’s visualized learning data, please complete this form.

Data Literacy - Building a Culture of Data Use

This is a great resource from Learning Sciences International for anyone overseeing assessment in schools on what the future may hold for assessment practices.

"If an assessment system is to help improve student learning and document that learning for a variety of stakeholders, it must be both comprehensive and balanced."
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