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COVID-19 Resources & Updates
LACCE COVID-19 Resource Page
Don't forget we have created a COVID-19 resource page on the LACCE website that houses local, state, and federal updates.

One important aspect of the page are the samples that have been provided by your LACCE peers - thanks so much to all of you who have shared links and samples! Here are some of the items that have been shared lately:

  • Link - Broussard Chamber - Shop Local Page
  • Link - Jefferson Chamber - Engage 2020 Video Series, "Please Wash Your Hands" music video, "Bites for Knights" meal donation program
  • Link - New Orleans Chamber - Takeout Bingo and Selfie Scavenger Hunt
  • Link - One Acadiana - Economic Recovery Toolkit
  • Link - West Baton Rouge Chamber - #StoreFrontProject

Be sure to keep sharing your recovery materials as we move through the month!
LABI Updates
President's View:
Trust is a Two-Way Street
Governments don't exist without taxpayers, and taxpayers don't exist with jobs. It's time to start listening to employers on how best to put the pieces of our economy back together .

For the full article, please click here .
LED Updates
Small Business Loan Guaranty Program
Time and again, Louisianans reach out and help their neighbors in times of crisis. The Loan Portfolio Guaranty Program is an example of that service .

For more information on the program, please click here.

LACCE Associate Member Updates
Dashing W Farm
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have put our leadership and team development workshops on hold. During this period, you can follow our Look to the Herd blog entries over the next few weeks as we outline what we can learn from horses in this difficult time about leadership and about what we call the three C’s: communication, cooperation, and collaboration. Our goal is to present these lessons from nature so that, as humans, we can learn the secrets that horses have known for millions of years about survival through teamwork. Check out our blog at .

Should you have any questions regarding your LACCE membership, feel free to contact
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