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2018 LACUE Award Nominations

It's never too early to recognize greatness, and that's what we're asking you to do now! Nomination submissions for the 2018 LACUE awards are being accepted. Below you will find all of the information you need as you prepare the submission you'd like to make.

Use the full nomination form if you know all information that is required for a nomination.

Use the partial nomination form if you cannot complete all questions but you would still like to nominate. After you complete this form, we will contact the nominee to get the rest of the required information.
Area 2 Spotlight
Digital literacy is on the rise in West Baton Rouge Parish! With the state's guidelines, WBR's technology department created lessons for the computer lab that require students to practice grade-appropriate digital literacy skills. The lessons are carefully scaffolded to help computer lab teachers equip students with the skills they need to successfully use tools for word-processing, presentations, internet research, internet safety, and more in their content area classes. As teachers have begun to incorporate these lessons in their computer labs, the response has been tremendous. Lisa Cazes and her students at Lukeville Upper Elementary have absolutely soared with this curriculum. They have created board games with Google drawings, websites about researched content, spreadsheets with formulas, slideshows, videos and so much more. Lisa says that the expression of joy on her students' faces when they complete each of these projects has been priceless. The lessons have been incorporated across the district in all of the elementary computer lab settings. The effects of this experience will have a lasting impact as these students will come to their content area classes with the skills they need to research, design, create, compute, and ultimately compete in the digital world.
Meet the ISTE 2018 Keynotes!

This year, ISTE has assembled a diverse grouping of keynote speakers to highlight at this year's event. Click on the image below to learn about each speaker, and If you haven't yet registered for this event, now's the time. DON'T MISS OUT!

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