Also, my address is contact (at) thepeoplesinitiative (dot) org.  I am writing it out because this domain and address may be on a temporary block, so my newsletters have not been going through.  You can still email me at that address though, I just won't be sending en mass from it.

Hello All LADWP-ers,

LADWP is now offering FREE SMART METER OPT OUTS to it's customers in their experimental area!!  Phenomenal news!!!  I just received this from someone who emailed me about this situation.  He was curious as he is an LADWP customer and will soon be faced with their roll out.  He told me what they told him on the phone and I asked him to get their policy in writing...and HE DID!!!  :)  I have posted it on my new, "not ready for prime time" website.  Pass it on!!! 

(Now all we have to do is get Edison on board with this plan.  Something tells me only a lawsuit will do that ;)