August 2020
Together, We're Water Strong

August is National Water Quality Awareness Month. We, at LADWP, are proud to bring you safe, reliable, high-quality drinking water you can depend on every day, as our
2019 Drinking Water Quality Report shows. We work hard to keep L.A. "water strong," and this has never been more important than right now. Despite the pandemic, you can count on the water delivered to your tap to be of the highest quality and 100% safe to drink. Raise a glass to safe, drinking water!
New Appointments to LADWP Board

Congratulations to Commissioners Cynthia McClain-Hill (right) and Susana Reyes on their election respectively as President and Vice President of the Board of Water & Power Commissioners. And heartfelt appreciation to Commissioner Mel Levine for 7 years of service as Board President. Read more about the new appointments here.
Remembering Former General Manager Ron Deaton

Former LADWP General Manager Ron Deaton died Tuesday, August 4 at age 77. Deaton began and ended his storied career in public service at LADWP. We are proud and honored to have been able to call him our leader. Learn more about his contributions at LADWP and as the City of LA's Chief Legislative Analyst in this Los Angeles Daily News article.
Weathering the Summer Heat Together

This week, California experienced its worst heat wave in 14 years and our power system crews and field staff worked 24/7 to keep the power flowing to our customers. We were even able to help out customers in the rest of the state and the Southwest United States by providing surplus energy that we generated and conserved, to the California Independent System Operator, Imperial Irrigation District and to the Arizona grid, helping them keep their customers powered. 
Some of our customers unfortunately experienced localized outages due to overloaded equipment. If you were affected, thank you for your patience as our crews worked tirelessly in extreme conditions to get your power restored. We've invested billions in infrastructure replacement over the past decade and will continue our efforts to improve reliability for all of our customers.

To stay updated on heat response and power outages, go to or follow @LADWP on Twitter.
Community Meetings: Stormwater Capture Parks Program

An innovative Stormwater capture parks program is coming to nine parks in the East San Fernando Valley. New park features will help capture rain water to increase L.A.’s local water supply, improve water quality in the L.A. River, and reduce local flooding. The program is expected to capture nearly 949 million gallons annually. Join us for online community meetings via Zoom. Registration is required.
Join us for a virtual community meeting via Zoom. Registration required.

David M. Gonzales Recreation Center
Saturday, August 22 - 10:00 a.m.

Fernangeles Park
Thursday, August 27 - 6:00 PM

Valley Village and North Hollywood Parks Saturday, August 29 - 10 a.m.
Essential Work Continues: Power Reliability

When it’s time to replace power poles, our crews leap into action, like they did recently in North Hollywood. It’s part of our ongoing effort to replace infrastructure and improve power service for our customers. Putting safety first, we're getting the job done so we can #PowerOnTogether.
Partnering with Neighborhood Councils
We're the only department in the City of Los Angeles with a formal  Memorandum of Understanding with Neighborhood Councils committing to regular and ongoing communication about our programs and policies. The DWP-NC MOU Oversight and Advocacy Committees meet every first Saturday of the month at 8:45 a.m. In order to keep the public and our employees safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings will be broadcast via webcast . Join us!

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Sept. 5, 2020
8:45 a.m.
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