August 2020
August Newsletter

Happy August! This month most of our scholars are returning to campuses, with some attending online and others a traditional class setting. We wish them good luck in succeeding this new semester! Please read on to learn more about other LAEF news!
2020 LAEF Summer Success Series 
This year we had to redesign our traditional Annual Scholarship Reception because of COVID-19. Instead, we created a virtual
Summer Success Series.

For the past few weekends our students and their parents have connected virtually to gain insightful information about their future experience in college.

This year's student sessions included First-Year Success, Healthy Relationships and Self-Care, Leadership Development and Online Learning Best Practices and Strategies. The parent sessions included Student Support Strategies, Entendiendo la Ayuda Financiera and Estrategias de Apoyo al Estudiante. Additional sessions discussed such topics as Career Prep: Success Strategies, Consumer Finances: Debt and Credit, and Entendiendo las Finanzas. Some sessions were available in English and Spanish.

This year LAEF awarded scholarships to more than 100 students amounting to $200,000. And with our matching partnership agreements with Colorado's colleges and universities, LAEF's scholarship recipients will receive upwards of $400,000 in scholarship support.

We thank all of our students and their parents for joining us at our Summer Success Series!

Denver Broncos Supports LAEF
Special thanks to the Denver Broncos for supporting LAEF! We received a grant from the Broncos Community Grant Program to support our
College Access and Success program.

CSU Partnership: Supports Scholars and Empowers Future Leaders
Colorado State University and the Latin American Educational Foundation have long been partners, but in 2018 CSU became the Exclusive Sponsor of the LAEF Young Professionals Board. Over the years hundreds of LAEF students have attended and graduated from CSU. Both organizations are committed to the advancement of Latinos and Hispanic students. And we share the goal of closing the college degree attainment gap of Latinos and Hispanics compared to their White peers.

CSU and the Young Professionals Board members are continuing to further support and mentor our students on their path to a higher education. 
Exclusive Sponsor of LAEF's Young Professionals Board
LAEF Welcomes
Dr. Shannon Archibeque-Engle
The LAEF Board of Directors is proud to announce Dr. Shannon Archibeque-Engle as a new member of our Board of Directors. Dr. Archibeque-Engle is the Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Assessment at Colorado State University.

Dr. Archibeque-Engle is committed to fostering an inclusive learning environment for students, faculty and staff through education and evidence-based best practices. She has an active research agenda that is integrated into and informs her administrative and academic responsibilities. Dr. Archibeque-Engle utilizes mixed methods to provide evidence for equitable and solution centered higher education practices. Dr. Archiveque-Engle earned a master’s degree of Toxicology and a Doctoral Degree in Higher Education at Colorado State University. We thank Dr. Archibeque-Engle for supporting LAEF and her commitment to education.

William Mundo, Aspiring Physician
William Mundo was born in East Los Angeles, California and raised in rural Leadville, Colorado. He initially attended Colorado Mountain College to become an EMT then moved to Denver to continue his undergraduate studies at the University of Colorado at Denver, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and Bachelor of Arts in Ethnic Studies. Will received the LAEF scholarship for multiple years while completing his undergraduate degrees. Will continued his education earning a Master’s degree of Public Health at the University of Colorado School of Public Health, with a double concentration in Global Health Systems Management and Policy.
While completing his Master’s degree Will started his own business, “Will of the World Consulting,” which provides cultural congruent public health care and research in Latin American. Will established a hypertension control program in Guatemala, and he continued providing primary health care services to another 13 countries. He also presents workshops on leadership, equity and inclusion as well as providing one-on-one mentoring to first-generation students like himself.
Currently, Will is attending the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where he is a working to become a Doctor of Medicine, with a focus on global health. He anticipates graduating in 2022. Will is spending this year at Denver Health, participating in a Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship. This program allows Will to participate in comprehensive care of patients, engage in continuity relationships with instructors, and develop core clinical competencies across multiple disciplines.
In addition to consulting, conducting research and attending medical school, Will is currently writing a book, called “From the Margins to Medicine: Overcoming Adversity with Diversity as a First-Generation Mexican-American Student.” His goal is to use this book to teach in the future.
Will is thankful to LAEF for the scholarship support and proud to be an alumnus. LAEF has made an impact on him and now he is making an even greater impact on our world.