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November 2017 Newsletter | Longmont Artists' Guild
This is the time of year of unpredictable weather. I experienced this first hand when participating in an outdoor art show last week! Wow, wind! Cold! Wind!! I guess I'm a wimp, because I was ready to pack it up and go!

We artists also "weather the storm" when creating our art. We start out with a sunny attitude and the excitement of beginning a new project, picturing in our minds how it will look. A few hours later, the clouds start coming in and the wind picks up...hmmm, this is not what I was going for. I'll keep going and maybe it will turn around. Nope! Getting
worse! So, I'll stop for now, maybe come back to it later. Sometimes taking a break helps...I'll come back with a fresh attitude and different idea. It will either improve or get worse. But the main thing is giving it another try...see what happens.

That's what we artists do. Not all of our creations are successful. In fact, many are not. But keep going and see what happens, even if you stop for awhile, put it aside and come back to it later. That's life, that's how most things work...but what if daVinci or Monet had given up with their first failure - we wouldn't have the beautiful paintings they left us. I actually did pack it up at the outdoor art show after another hour of freezing winds, but will try it again another time. Colorado usually treats us to good weather so I know I will have a good day another time. Just like my next painting, it may just be my "master piece" so I'll keep on trying...that's what we artists do.
Just enjoy the journey!!

Susan Steven
LAG President
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Shows & Events
COMING IN 2017 & 2018

St. Stephens Haiti 
Art & Craft Show 
November  4th & 5th 2017

March 9th - April 7th 2018
Member Show
at the Great Frame Up

June 2018
Member Show
Barn A - Boulder Fairgrounds

July/August 2018
Boulder County Fair
The Longmont Quilt guild has monthly meetings and classes. Visit .
LQG meets the second Tuesday at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church, the corner of Third Avenue and Terry Street
in Longmont, CO. Free to LQG members; there is a $10 guest fee for non-members. 7 pm.
Member News
Laura Lass
Laura Lass will be displaying ten original oil paintings at Danish Furniture, 1448 Nelson Road, Longmont from Nov. 6, 2017 - Jan. 1, 2018.  Her paintings include abstracts, cats, a dog, and landscapes.  Examples include The Gift of Light, Feral Meanderer, Bee and My Shadow, and Willow Creek Ranch.

Maya Heneghan created a shrine for her husband John.  
It is on display at KCP Gallery  364 Main St.  She also made a shrine for her good friend, Harriet Bissell, which is part of an altar at the Dia de los Muertos exhibit at the Longmont Museum.

Pastel Painting Lessons
Lydia Pottoff Pastel's Class

Landscape Painting in Pastels Cost - $200
Sessions - Jan 8th - Feb 12th one session per week.
Monday mornings or Wednesday afternoons.

Class size limited to 3-4 students

Email me at:

Lydia Pottoff
Upcoming  LAG Meetings
December 13 - 

January 10 -
Artist Social, Mini Art Show, & Activities: by Rhonda Crosman, Kumihimo, Japanese Braiding all supplies provided by Rhonda, & Nancy Champion - Origami Box using copier paper. All materials provided. New work, Mini Art Show (1 / person) & Art Swap.

February 14 -
Artist Social, Mini Art Show & Presentation and Activity by Jan Strickler, Design a Mandala (on a round coaster provided, please bring permanent markers , pencils, colored pencils. 303-776- 2052

March 14 -
Tim King - "Sculpture: Tradition through Technology" website:  www.Bronze.Biz

April 11 -
Christine Jarvis - Mixed Media Click here to learn about Christine

May 9 -
Artist Social, Art Swap, Mini Art Show - How to Photograph your art, presentation with Jill
November Member Meeting 

Artist Demonstration by
Rey Ford | Oil Painting

Wednesday, November 8th - 
5:30 pm Meet & Greet
Demonstration begins at 6:00 pm
Great Frame Up 
(430 Main St. Longmont)

November 8, Rey Ford will share an oil painting presentation.  His oil painting subjects include
equine, still life, people and pets.  In 2012 he won the prestigious, "Best Mastery of Medium & Technique" at the Arts Student League of Denver's 2012 Art Market. Rey's paintings have also been included in the Oil Painters of America's Western Regional Show in 2016 and 2017. 

Asked why he paints, Rey says, "When I pick up a brush, I step into the unknown. Every painting is a process of discovery that asks me to trust the mystery of seeing. Wholeness is there, gratefulness is there-- -painting is what feeds my soul.  It teaches me how to live."

Currently he paints, and teaches painting in his Longmont Studio for more information on his
classes view his website.

For more information about Rey see his website:

Art Web Links on Oil Painting

Suggestions for future activities, and raffle prize donations? Please email Nancy.   

In Case You Missed It!
October Member's Meeting

October's LAG Members meeting was a fun and playful evening of another great Art Swap, Mini Show and a hands-on activity of Frottage (Rubbings).  We felt like little kids again, running around outside doing the rubbings on different surfaces around the sidewalks, then comparing our results.  Great fun!

Congratulations to Dawn Buckingham Goldsmith for being the winner of the mini show with her beautiful pastel landscape. 

Photo by Susan Steven

Mini Art Show Winner Dawn Buckingham Goldsmith

Photo by Susan Steven

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St. Stephens Call For Artists
LAG is looking for artists to display art at our venue at St. Stephens Episcopal Church on Bross Street here in Longmont.

This is a wonderful venue for any artist who has a number of larger art pieces to display.

We are looking for LAG members to participate in this venue for 2018!  Contact Lynne Lemmer at

2017- 2018 Workshops:

We're changing the way we sponsor workshops this year!

If you are an artist (LAG member or non-member) we can help promote your workshop!

We will announce your workshop at our monthly meeting & pass around a sign up sheet.

Workshops will no longer be held at the Clover Bldg. Artists giving workshops will be holding them at their own studio or other location arranged by the instructor.

If you would like to give a workshop, please contact
Nan Sanford at
LAG Board of Directors

Susan Steven, President

Janis Buck, Vice President

Catharina van Haaren, Secretary
Yvonne Ogg, Treasurer

Publicity - Rhonda Crosman

Hospitality - Janis Buck

Venues & Newsletter -
Jill Rumley
Activity Director - 
Nancy Champion

Workshops - Nan Sanford,
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St. Stephens Episcopal Church

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We would love to share your successes, shows and other wonderful things you may have going on in your art world!

To share your good news, send an email to Jill Rumley, our newsletter editor along with some photos.

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It's time to renew your LAG Membership!

LAG memberships run annually from September to September.  Membership dues are due September 1st and are still $25 for individuals!

If you would like to print out and mail your membership renewal, you can find the form here.  We also have membership forms available at the Great Frame Up (430 Main St.) and at our member meetings.

Memberships are $25 per year for individuals and $35 for families. Mail your check and application to:

Longmont Artists' Guild
PO Box 2242
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If you have any questions about membership, or would like to request a different payment method (credit card) feel free to contact us at

the Optical Center
Good Eats Grill
1114 Francis Street
Longmont, CO 

October - November
Janine Belletere

December - January 2018
Amy Heneghan

February - March 2018
Nancy Champion

April - May 2018
Jill Rumley

June - July 2018
Hazel McCoy

If you would like to show your work at this venue, please Contact: 
Hazel McCoy at 
  or (303) 772-7383

City Cafe
1442 Nelson Rd.
Longmont, CO

November - December
Janis Buck

January - February 2018
Chris Haefele

March - April 2018
Nancy Champion & Jill Rumley

May - June 2018
Diane Wood

July - August 2018
Janis Buck

September - October 2018
Amy Heneghan

If you would like to show your work at this venue, please Contact: 
Hazel McCoy at
or (303) 772-7383

The Optical Center
521 Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501

Currently showing:

Brenda Klatt
Diane Wood
Rita Belz
Linda Schlagenhauf 
Yvonne Ogg

Please stop and view their work and give them your support. 

If you are interested in showing your work at this venue, please contact Yvonne Ogg at:

Boulder Medial Center
Longmont Hospital
2030 Mountain View Ave.
Suite 400
Longmont, CO

Currently showing through 
January 2018

Janine Belletire
Susan Geohegan
Jill Rumley
Darwin Miner
Ben Harris
Jill Musser

Red Frog Coffee
15 Ken Pratt Blvd #200, 
Longmont, CO 80501

Artists may sign up at the coffee shop.
Out of town artists may call  303.772.7209

If you are a LAG member and are showing your art here, send us a couple of photos and the details!

St. Stephens Episcopal Church
1303 S. Bross Ln. Longmont

Currently showing:

November / December
Barb Smith and Vicki Hutchinson
St Stephen's Congregation Members

Need LAG Members!

Contact  Lynne Lemmer at:
for more information:

Sun Rose Cafe
379 Main Street
Longmont CO 80501

November 2017 through January 2018.

Janis Buck, Jill Rumley, Susan Steven, Michel Reynolds, Martin Tobias, Mary Diamond, Jan Kirkpatrick, John Baker-Batsel, Nancy Champion, Amy Sammoury, Joe Sutcliffe, Melvin Birkey, Menja Morris, Hazel McCoy.

If you have any questions, please contact Yvonne Ogg at:
Danish Furniture
1448 Nelson Rd,
Longmont, CO 80501

November - December
Laura Lass
Please call Nan Sanford at  307-421-1255  if you are interested in showing at this new venue!  You will be allowed up to ten pieces, depending on size and they will be displayed for 2 months.

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