Dear Windsong Residents,

Windsong has been working closely over the past several months with Crystal Lagoons and our consulting engineer Kimley-Horn to identify and implement operational improvements and equipment upgrades to the Lagoon that would mitigate the problems that we have seen the past couple of years. There have been a number of times over the past few years where the Lagoon has had to close due to underwater cleaning cart failure or pump failures, which created an inconvenience for our residents and their guests.


Generally the work will comprise the following:


  1. Replacement of cleaning cart and boats to a more current technology and resulting reduction of maintenance needs.
  2. Add additional piping and pumps for water treatment and circulation that will help during the hottest times of the summer season.
  3. Replace and repair beach entry areas.


All of this work will be paid by parties other than the HOA. The result will be a lower maintenance system that should eliminate or reduce future downtime events.


In order to accomplish this work the Lagoon water level will need to be lowered by over three feet (3’), and some piping and excavation work will need to occur. The amount of equipment and activity will require that we completely close the Lagoon.


The current schedule requires a closure on March 1, 2024 and estimates a re-opening on May 15, 2024. While most of this time frame encompasses the “off-season” where temperatures are colder, we understand that this will become more inconvenient as weather warms and please be assured we are taking all practical measures to accomplish the required work in the shortest possible time. The dates provided are estimates and may be affected by factors beyond our control, but we are using Lagoon-experienced contractors and have already ordered many of the materials required.


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we complete these upgrades.

The Windsong Ranch Management Team

Windsong Ranch Community Association, Inc. |