Winter 2017 

If you followed our blog posts and news this past year, you noticed we had another busy year, traveling the world, speaking globally and striking new publishing deals!

To celebrate our achievements, we created our own rendition of a beloved holiday song classic, alongside our favorite pictures we took in 2017.

"The 12 Days of Christmas," performed on the harpsichord  with LAI's very own David Lakritz, CEO & Founder.

LAI's 2017 Year in Review
LAI's 2017 Year in Review

Who is LAI?

We're  LAI Global Game Services, a 25 year old, full-solution game localization, marketing and publishing firm.

We provide comprehensive solutions for developers and publishers bringing their games to international markets.

Need Help Publishing in China?
At LAI, we have many years of experience and deep and rich connections within the China game industry. We invite you to reach out to us at We'd be delighted to be along on your journey to the East!

(If you're a Chinese game developer, we can also help you bring your games to the West).
LAI Recap of 2017:

We are currently accepting submissions to parties interested in partnerships and sponsorships for our app, the Game Market Analyzer.
  • LAI is excited to announce China's leading mobile analytics company,  TalkingData is our  newest provider of market data
    for GMA!   
  • Mobile data on China's gaming markets provided by TalkingData will supplement our large database of global data provided by DFC Intelligence in our largest update of 2018 (coming soon!).

  • LAI is also pleased to announce a new partnership with 42matters.
  • 42matters provides mobile app intelligence and audience data and will provide unique insights into the mobile market.

These partnerships enable us to provide our clients with even better guidance when entering global markets.

  • LAI became a co-publisher of Gekko Games'  popular mobile strategy game  Rage of Kings .

Voodoo Mambo
  • We launched our exclusive app, the Game Market Analyzer, for iPhone. Data provided by our partner, DFC Intelligence. The app is now fully available for iOS.  For a limited time, we're offering new GMA users a 10% discount on our localization services. Download the app today!
LAI Infographics - Global Game Markets - Asia
    • Did you know Asia Pacific has the highest number of games compared to any other region in the world?
    • Asia has 50 million gamers, compared with North America's 30 million.

OPERATION: "Bring My Games Global"

Check out our OPEN OFFER for game developers and publishers with:

  • Limited financial restrictions or knowledge in localizing or marketing games abroad.
  • Difficulty convincing others at your studio of the viability of international markets.

If your studio matches this criteria, LAI may help:

  • OFFSET localization or marketing costs
  • ABSORB localization or marketing costs
  • PROVIDE FREE localization or marketing (in exchange for a % of revenue)

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NEW LAI Infographics & Market Updates
In Collaboration with DFC Intelligence

We updated our famous Game Industry Statistics pages. 

Check our website throughout 2018 for more updates!


  • Did you know that Asia Pacific has the highest number of games compared to any other region in the world?
  • Asia has 50 million gamers, compared with North America's 30 million.


Includes country-specific pages on Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

  • Did you know that Latin America is 2nd for game market growth, just behind Southeast Asia?
  • Latin America's total games revenue is nearly $3 billion, just $1 billion behind France's nearly $4 billion.
  • In 2016, Latin America's game market saw a 20% increase!
  • Although Mexico is Latin America's 2nd biggest gaming market (behind Brazil), it has the same number of gamers as France, with even greater growth potential!


Includes country specific pages on Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Did you know Southeast Asia is the world's "fastest growing region"?!
  • In Southeast Asia alone, Steam has the 2nd highest regional market share!
  • Indonesia alone is the world's 7th largest mobile gaming market.
  • Did you know that if you already have a game with Chinese cultural content, you don't need to adapt it for countries like Vietnam and Taiwan (which are use to consuming Chinese cultural content)?

Feel free to use LAI's infographics in your presentations and articles! 

We'll retweet and share your presentations if you tweet at us!

Inforgraphics created by LAI, in collaboration with leading game market research firm DFC Intelligence

Visit country and region-specific pages for more infographics
Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoy the holidays!

Please send your comments or suggestions to . We welcome your feedback!

Look for our NEXT SPECIAL EDITION of the LAI Newsletter with a focus on Southeast Asia!


The LAI Global Game Services Team

About_LAIAbout LAI

LAI Global Game Services is a full-solution game localization, marketing and publishing firm providing a range of services to help developers publish their games and achieve success in global markets. 

Established in 1993, LAI has an extensive network of gamers, local market experts and partners in all major gaming markets worldwide. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Beijing and Tokyo.

Please visit for more information.

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exclusive_articlesLAI 2017 Presentations

Casual Connect Asia | "Succeeding in a Global Market"

LAI Global Game Services Casual Connect Global Market Presentation

Our CEO, David Lakritz, speaks about how to succeed with your games, in the global market.

Watch the full presentation.


legal moves podcast taking game global lai

Our CEO, David Lakritz, made an appearance in an episode of Zachary Strebeck's Legal Moves podcast.


Speaker's Night at Google | "Finding the Best Global Markets for Your Game"

LAI speaks at Google_ IGDA

Our CEO spoke to 180 members, as part of an IGDA Silicon Valley event at Google. He presented tools and strategies for bringing games global!

Read LAI's brief description.

See IGDA Silicon Valley's  Meetup link (be sure to click "Read more").

Game Quality Forum | "Panel Discussion: Where in the World?"

LAI Global Game Services - Game Localization Panel

LAI's Director of Global Publishing, Michelle Zhao, discussed the challenges and opportunities for the video game industry, across developing and emerging markets.

Short description at Game Quality Forum.


University of Maryland | "Game Localization Presentation & Workshop"

LAI's Director of Global Publishing, Michelle Zhao, was invited to give a lecture and workshop on game localization for graduate students in the Interpreting & Translation program.

It included many practical tips and insights from Michelle's many years of industry experience.

View LAI's event description.


Looking for a speaker at your next event?

The LAI team is available to travel worldwide, to speak on topics of:

- Game localization
- Game publishing and,
- Bringing games global.
exclusive_articlesLAI Exclusive Articles from 2017

A Unique Offer for Indie Developers & Publishers - "OPERATION: Bring My Games Global"

LAI shares a special offer for developers and publishers looking for a LOW COST (or free) GAME LOCALIZATION or MARKETING solution.

This offer is specifically for studios with:

  • Limited financial capabilities or knowledge in game localization and global game marketing.
  • Difficulty convincing upper management of the viability of markets abroad.

PRESS RELEASE: Game Market Analyzer App for iOS Allows Game Developers & Publishers to Size $100 Billion Global Game Market...


LAI (and our partner, DFC Intelligence) was mentioned in a press release on Gamasutra and Develop Online, for our innovative app - the Game Market Analyzer.


How LAI Adapted Mind Mould for the Asian Market

Our Managing Director of China goes into detail on  adapting LAI's flagship published game for Asia.


LAI's Official GMA Contest - Win FREE Game Localization!

LAI offered FREE localization to developers who sent in feedback on our Game Market Analyzer app!

Read more


Why More Indies Now Pay for Professional Game Localization

We interviewed two indie game studios - Finnish company Stupid Stupid Games and Canadian developers Mega Dwarf about the localization of the games - Johnny Graves and God of War.

Check out the full article to find out if they thought localization was worth it!


LAI's 2017 Summer Trip across China!

LAI met with a host of partners and developers, and we learned more about the Chinese games market along the way!

LAI Podcast
Check out our  podcast , LocaLAIse This!, available on the iTunes Store.

Our latest episode features Stephen Mandiberg, who speaks and write extensively about game localization topics, including thoughts on Kingdom Hearts and sharing culture through games in Never Alone.